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See the deletion log for all deleted pages.

This category contains pages tagged with speedy deletion templates. Before speedily deleting a page, take the time to ensure that it meets the criteria for speedy deletion, check the links, the history, and for images the file links. If there is any doubt at all, switch the article to a process like Wikipedia:Proposed deletion that allows time for others to review the proposal.

Attack pages: When deleting attack pages, it is important that you don't quote any of the content in your deletion summary. In some cases, MediaWiki will offer a prefilled deletion summary that includes some of the content being deleted; make sure you replace the summary with something more appropriate (such as "[[WP:CSD#G10]] - Attack page") before clicking the delete button. Once added to the log, only an oversighter or a developer can remove the log from public view.

Quick reference (Please note that each criterion is described in greater detail at WP:CSD: Numerous simple-looking criteria have detailed requirements that must be met)

G1: Nonsense – G2: Test pages – G3: Vandalism – G4: Previously deleted by AfD – G5: Banned user – G6: Housekeeping – G7: Author's request – G8: Dependant page – G10: Attack pages/libel – G11:Spam – G12: Copyright infringement

A1: No context – A2: Foreign language (transwikied) – A3: No content or contact attempt – A5: Transwikied – A7: No claim of importance/significance (people, animals, organizations, clubs, bands, web content) – A9: No claim of importance/significance of musical recordings – A10: Recently-created article that duplicates an existing topic

R2: To several namespaces from main one – R3: Unlikely typo/misnomers

F1: Redundant – F2: Corrupt – F3: Bad license — F4: No License – F5: Copyrighted, unused – F6: Missing fair use rationale – F7: Invalid fair use claim – F8: Identical on Commons – F9: Blatant copyright infringement – F10: Non-media file – F11: Unverified permission

C1: Empty – C2: Renamed

U1: Owner's request – U2: Nonexistent user – U3: Fair use galleries

T2: Misrepresentations of policy – T3: Duplicates

P1: Portal Topic Meets CSD for an Article – P2: Underpopulated Portal


Contested - Attack - Broken redirects - Spam - Non-notable - Copyvio - Empty - Nonsense - Author request - Non-commercial files - Redundant images - Missing/Corrupt files - History merges - Rescaled Fairuse Images - Deprecated templates - Files on Commons (same name) - Unspecified (no specific criterion)

Dated deletion categories

Backlogs larger than 10 days will not appear below due to limitations in the template. Please clear older backlogs before newer ones and check the "master category" once in a while if a category suddenly changes from "huge backlog" to "no backlog" overnight.

Pages detected by the edit filter

The edit filter can detect certain pages that may meet criteria for speedy deletion and tag those edits in recent changes:

  • Removal of speedy deletion templates - detected by filter 29 (abuse log)
  • New article with no mention of title - detected by filter 96 (abuse log)
  • Very short new article - detected by filter 98 (abuse log)
  • Possible autobiography or COI - detected by filter 148 and 188 (abuse log)
  • Large unwikified new article - detected by filter 180 (abuse log)
  • New interrogative pages - detected by filter 289 (abuse log)

Pages in which the speedy-deletion tag may have been improperly removed

Pages which have a recent history of improper removal of speedy-deletion tags can be put here so they are not forgotten about. Remove them from this list if the speedy is removed by a responsible editor or if they are stale.

  • none as of 04:40, 27 November 2009 (UTC)

Administrators: You may wish to use this tool or this tool to find a list of nominations sorted by age, oldest first, or this tool to sort them by size.

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  • FXDB Daytona
  • Wikipedia:Featured article nominations/September 11 attacks/archive1

F cont.









N cont.






  • User:UAB Wiki/Underwater Archaeology Branch, Naval History & Heritage Command


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Up to date as of January 14, 2010

From Wikiquote


The following pages are candidates for deletion. You may view the discussion on why these articles have been placed here, by visiting the Speedy deletions page.

Articles tagged with {{Delete}} or {{Db}} ("delete because") are automatically listed in this category.

See also

Look up Category:Candidates for speedy deletion in Wiktionary, the free dictionary
Wikisource has original text related to:

Pages in category "Candidates for speedy deletion"

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Study guide

Up to date as of January 14, 2010

From Wikiversity

Shortcut: CAT:CSD These pages should be deleted as soon as possible if they have been legitimately labelled for speedy deletion. Valid reasons for speedy deletion include:

  1. obvious vandalism,
  2. leftover/unused redirects (it is your job to make sure that they are unused) and
  3. pages that are causing problems for Wikiversity such as copyright/license violating textdumps
  4. empty pages.

Do not delete pages which:

  1. might be an honest attempt by a new contributor. Sometimes new editors create new pages and then discover that they cannot make a useful contribution. In this case, Assume Good Faith and use {{Main welcome}} or another welcome template.

Pages incorrectly marked for speedy deletion will normally need to have the speedy delete tag replaced with a slow delete tag.

See also: {{Administering Wikiversity horizontal}}

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Up to date as of January 15, 2010

Definition from Wiktionary, a free dictionary

Icono aviso borrar.png

You can add pages to this category by using {{delete}}. Sysops, please remember to check whatlinkshere and the page's history before deleting pages.

Entries in category “Candidates for speedy deletion”

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Up to date as of January 23, 2010

From Wikibooks, the open-content textbooks collection


These pages are candidates for speedy deletion because someone used {{delete}} or {{Impending Doom}}, or more than 7 days ago used {{copyvio}}, {{query}} or {{subst:nld}}.

Purge the server cache

Books or Pages

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Up to date as of January 23, 2010

From Wikispecies

These pages should be speedily deleted if they meet the Criteria for speedy deletion.



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Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From Familypedia

See the Talk page for opinions about the merits of deletion.

Pages in category "Candidates for speedy deletion"

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  • Forum:How to indicate a page to be erased?

This article uses material from the "Category:Candidates for speedy deletion" article on the Genealogy wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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