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Listed below are Wikipedia articles pertaining to members of the ruling royal families of the now defunct Kingdom of Hawaiʻi, the House of Kamehameha. Also included are high chief and chieftess who married into the Royal House. All members of this house are said to be extinct since 1884 and the last with any Kamehameha blood died in 1903. Well today we know for certain that claim is not true. The Kamehameha Dynasty still exists in a Direct and Unbroken Line through the biological descendants of Lot Kapuaiwa (Kamehameha V) and his cousin Abigail Maheha when he was a 15 yr. old boarding scholar at the Royal School and Abigail 13 yrs. old. Their daughter Keanolani was born in May of 1846 in Koloa, Kauai after a forced marriage to Abigail's adopted mother's (Miriam Kekauonohi) gardener, Keaupuni. Keanolani then marries John Olupua Kamali and they too have a daughter named Hyacinth Keopuolani Kamali. Hyacinth Keopuolani Kamali then marries John Kali and they decide to move to Waiahukini on the Big Island of Hawaii where they feel they will be able to live in security and raise a family. Knowing that they are being tracked down by foreigners and Hawaiian's alike who want to put an end to the Lineal Branch of the House of Kamehameha, they decide to move to Waianapanapa, Maui where they find protection amongst the family of Hyacinth's great-greatgrandmother, Kalakua and the rest of the Keeaumoku/Namahana clan. The first child, a boy Alexander Liholiho Kali is born in 1903 and at the age of 2 is sent into hiding on the island of Niihau at about the same time that another boy, Robert Kekuiapoiwa is born in 1905. Robert will later be sent into hiding on the Island of Kahoolawe. A sister of Alexander & Robert, Olga Kekauonohi Kali is born in 1906 and she like her two brothers, is raised annonymously by Victoria Ward on her estate in Honolulu. Alexander & Robert are reunited in Dec. of 1917 in the town of Hanapepe, Kauai after the death of Queen Liliuokalani. They are raised by their adopted mother, Maluihi Poki for their parents both died while they were in hiding. Olga Kekauonohi Kali continued to live with Victoria Ward until her death at the age of 17 in 1923 for which she had no issues. Alexander marries Christina Kala Vasconcellas and together they have 15 children of live birth and one still-born child. Robert on the other hand marries Kuulei Young and has 7 children. Today there are over 300 Direct Lineal Descendants of the House of Kamehameha scattered around the world, with about 150 living on Kauai and the bulk in or around the town of Hanapepe. Please do not included claimant descendant of Kamehameha the Great, who have no solid genealogical prove, on this Category.


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