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Many scholars advocate use of the term Hebrew Bible as a neutral substitute in English to be preferred in academic writing over Old Testament, which alludes to the Christian doctrine of supersessionism, and Tanakh, the common Hebrew acronym which may be unfamiliar in other languages.

For this reason, there is a full series of categories including the term Hebrew Bible for articles relating to matters in those books of the Bible which both Judaism and Christianity recognise as canonical. For the purposes of Wikipedia categories, Hebrew Bible refers only to those books in the Jewish Tanakh, which is the same as the Protestant Old Testament.

This super-category, however, is one of a number of Old Testament categories, holding articles which either:

  1. also cover matters in the deuterocanonical books, which Catholic and Orthodox churches include in the Bible; or
  2. are primarily of relevance only to Christianity rather than Judaism.

Note that there are additional sub-categories including the term Old Testament Apocrypha for people and places in deuterocanonical books and apocryphal writings.


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