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This category and its subcategories contain entries that need some attention for Old English.

  • Category:Old English definitions needed contains entries that lack definitions or translations into English. They are flagged with the {{defn}} template on a # line, which should be replaced.
  • Category:Translations to be checked (Old English) contains entries that have translations into Old English that need to be inserted into the table(s) for the correct sense or senses.
  • Category:Translation requests (Old English) contains English language entries for which someone has requested that a translation to Old English be added to the table(s).
  • Wiktionary:Requested entries:Old English is a list of specific words that need entries.
  • See also About Old English for more information on Old English in the English Wiktionary.

Entries in category “Requests (Old English)”

This category contains only the following page.


  • Wiktionary:Requested entries:Old English


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