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The Source Engine is Valve Corporation's current game engine, which debuted in Counter-Strike: Source. Since then, it has had many improvements with the release of subsequent games, such as the addition of advanced facial animation in Half-Life 2: Episode One, and better support for cinematic-style animations, shadows, lighting and long rendering distances in Half-Life 2: Episode Two. One notable addition was that of HDR and bloom support with the technology demo Half-Life 2: Lost Coast. Support for soft-particle physics was added with the release of Team Fortress 2.


The Source engine was built on top of GoldSrc, Valve's previous-generation rendering engine, which was itself based on the original Quake Engine, with some changes from the Id Tech 2 engine incorporated. Source also includes a heavily-modified Havok physics engine, and was mainly developed after the original Half-Life was released, and once ready, Valve's internal projects were slowly transitioned to the new engine.


To begin with, open the developer console by pressing tilde ("~"), although this will only work if you've previously enabled the developer console in the game's advanced keyboard preferences. Before any cheats can be used, the command sv_cheats 1 must be entered. This will only work if you're running the server (i.e. you're playing a single player game, or hosting a multiplayer game), so you can't cheat in normal multiplayer!

  • cl_drawhud: Toggle drawing the HUD; useful for taking screenshots.
  • cl_showfps: Toggle showing the current FPS as part of the HUD.
  • cl_leveloverview: Toggle showing an overview of the level (a bird's-eye view).
  • developer: Toggle developer mode.
  • exit: Exit the game.
  • fov angle: Change your FOV to the specified angle in degrees.
  • give item name: Give you the specified item name.
  • god: Toggle God mode.
  • help command name: Give help on the specified command name.
  • hidehud: Hide the HUD.
  • impulse number: Does various things depending on the numeric parameter, but "101" is the most commonly-used value, giving you full health and ammunition, as well as all weapons. For a full list of the available numbers, see the Valve developer wiki.
  • map map name: Load the specified map.
  • maps: List all available maps.
  • noclip: Toggle noclip mode, where you can fly and walk through walls.
  • notarget: Toggle notarget mode, where you are invisible to NPCs.
  • r_drawviewmodel: Toggle drawing of the view model — your weapon.

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