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The Legend of Zelda (often simply called Zelda or LoZ) is one of Nintendo's most famous titles, and one of the longest running series. A Zelda game has appeared on every Nintendo console, an accomplishment shared only with Mario. The games are adventure games that focus primarily on puzzle soving and exploration. The only game to radically break from the normal style was Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, which was a sidescrolling game with RPG elements.

The games generally revolve around a young adventurer, Link, and his quest to save the land from an evil force (usually Gannon). Traditionally Link would fight his nemesis Gannon at the end, and have to save Princess Zelda at some point. In modern games, Zelda has become less of a damsel in distress and has taken a more active role in fighting evil.

Zelda games

Two games were only available in Japan for download through Nintendo's short lived satilite broadcast system. BS Zelda is a remake of the original series so it falls into the timeline at the same spot as the original game. Kodai no Sekiban[1] (Stone Tablets of Antiquity) takes place in the same world as, and is a direct sequel to, A Link to the Past.

Main series

CD-i games

These three games were created by Phillips for their CD-i system. They are not part of the official chronology, and their existence is often unacknowledged by Nintendo and gamers alike.


See The Legend of Zelda Timeline and the Timeline Theory page at the Zelda Wiki for more information on the chronology.

The actual chronology of Zelda is rather confusing. While it may seem like a straight forward chronology at first, the games have been divided into clusters of games taking place separated by centuries ("generations"). As a result games that used to be sequential are now practically unrelated. For example, A Link to the Past used to be a direct prequel to The Legend of Zelda, but now takes place in a different generation, with a completely different Link, Zelda, and Gannon.


  • Generation 5 could come after Generation 6 and possibly 7.
  • Link's Awakening and Kodai no Sekiban may take place at the same time

It has also be suggested within the fan community that each "generation" is actually the same thing - the legends have just changed over geography and time. In effect, each generation is the same story, just told by a different person. The creators of the series maintain that there is in fact a timeline and each game is a unique story.

Generation 1

  1. The Minish Cap

Generation 2

  1. Four Swords
  2. Four Swords Adventures

Generation 3

  1. Ocarina of Time
  2. Majora's Mask

Generation 4

  1. Twilight Princess

Generation 5

  1. The Wind Waker
  2. Phantom Hourglass

Generation 6

  1. A Link to the Past
  2. Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages
  3. Link's Awakening
  4. BS Zelda: Kodai no Sekiban

Generation 7

  1. The Legend of Zelda
  2. The Adventure of Link


editThe Legend of Zelda series

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Spin-offs: Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland · Tingle's Balloon Fight DS · Link's Crossbow Training · Color Changing Tingle's Love Balloon Trip

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