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Top Catholic authors: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 William Shakespeare - although disputed, there is a growing number of biographers and critics who hold that William Shakespeare's religion was Catholic 45781
2 Ernest Hemingway – Although raised Protestant, Hemingway would later convert to Catholicism. 14967
3 Oscar Wilde – late 19th century playwright and poet, was fascinated by Catholicism as a young man and much of his early poetry shows this heavy influence. As is well known, he embraced a homosexual lifestyle later on, but converted to Catholicism on his deathbed (receiving a conditional baptism as there is some evidence, including his own vague recollection, that his mother had him baptised in the Catholic Church as a child) 13911
4 Joseph Sobran – writes for The Wanderer, an orthodox Roman Catholic journal. 9755
5 J. R. R. Tolkien – He worked on a translation of the Book of Job in the Catholic Jerusalem Bible, and saw The Lord of the Rings as deeply informed by his Catholicism. 9357
6 Dante Alighieri – his Divine Comedy is often considered the greatest Christian poem. Pope Benedict XV praised him in an encyclical, writing that of all Catholic literary geniuses "highest stands the name of Dante". [link] 7959
7 Blaise Pascal – Polymath (physicist, mathematician, and philosopher) who made significant contributions to various fields including probability and mathematics. Most famous work is Pensées 6999
8 James Joyce - Irish novelist from a middle-class Catholic family; Jesuit-educated. One of the leading modernist writers of the 20th century, author of Ulysses and Finnegans Wake, Joyce may have rejected the Church as an adult (some critics/biographers opine that he never really left or later reconciled in some regard); nonetheless, his novels are permeated by Catholic themes and concepts. 6640
9 Geoffrey Chaucer - the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages and author of The Canterbury Tales, he mocks corrupt clergy, but also presents an ideal priest who teaches sound Catholic doctrine in "The Parson's Tale" 6269
10 Jack Kerouac - Beat author of On the Road; son of French Canadian immigrants; born and reared a Catholic, experimented with Buddhism and later returned to Catholicism 6235
11 F. Scott Fitzgerald – Raised Catholic, married in a Catholic church, and categorised as Catholic, though he was not a practicing one for most of his life. 6172
12 Victor Hugo - French novelist and poet 4893
13 Jules Verne - science fiction author 4828
14 Alexander Pope – great English poet who was a Roman Catholic in a period when that was potentially unsafe in England (the early 18th century). 4642
15 Anne Rice – American writer. After a long separation from her Catholic faith during which she described her self as atheist, she returned to the Church in 1998 and has pledged to use her talents to glorify God. 3669
16 Seamus Heaney, Irish poet (see [link], [link]): translated Beowulf and pre-Christian aspects are important in his work too. 3321
17 Charles Baudelaire - 19th century decadent poet. There has long been debate as to what extent Baudelaire was a believing Catholic; but his work is certainly dominated by an obsession with the Devil and original sin, and often utilises Catholic imagery and theology. 2969
18 Graham Greene – the English novelist, a convert who wrote The Power and the Glory and focussed on themes of human sin and divine mercy. Other of his books in which Catholicism plays a central role are Brighton Rock, The Heart of the Matter and The End of the Affair. 2966
19 G. K. Chesterton – English convert, wrote apologetics such as Orthodoxy (book), novels such as The Man Who Was Thursday, poetry, biographies and literary studies, and lighter works like the "Father Brown" detective stories. 2759
20 John Henry Newman – convert; became a Catholic priest and later a Cardinal; master of English prose, e.g. his Apologia Pro Vita Sua, he also wrote poetry, e.g. Lead, Kindly Light and The Dream of Gerontius. 2738
21 Flannery O'Connor – her writing is deeply informed by the sacramental, and the Thomist notion that the created world is charged with God; like Graham Greene and Francois Mauriac she often focuses on sin and human evil. 2631
22 William F. Buckley, Jr. – Conservative, Anglophile founder of National Review; author of God and Man at Yale. 2605
23 Marshall McLuhan - Canadian philosopher and communications theorist, a convert to Catholicism 2568
24 Arthur Rimbaud - 19th century poet and confessional writing pioneer. Author of "A Season in Hell", and self-professed "voyant", or seer. 2190
25 Laura Ingraham - conservative commentator, author and radio show host, often appearing on FOX News and EWTN. 2050
26 Dean Koontz - American popular novelist best known for moralistic thrillers, who converted to Catholicism while in college. 1983
27 Evelyn Waugh – the novelist. In 1930 he converted to Roman Catholicism, and his religious ideas are manifest, either explicitly or implicitly, in all of his later work; strongly orthodox and conservative Roman Catholic. 1660
28 Anthony Burgess - English novelist, critic and composer. 1578
29 George Santayana – the Spanish-American philosopher and novelist, was a baptised Catholic. Despite taking a sceptical stance in his philosophy to belief in the existence of God, he identified himself with Catholic culture, referring to himself as an "aesthetic Catholic". 1516
30 St. Catherine of Siena - Doctor of the Church, author of the Dialogue of Divine Providence 1497
31 Frank McCourt and Malachy McCourt – American Catholic brothers; Irish Catholic identities/cultures; writers/novelists. 1316
32 Thomas Merton - American monk and writer. 1303
33 John Dryden – the leading poet of Restoration England, who converted to Catholicism in his fifties. His long poem The Hind and the Panther, written in 1687, explains the reasons for his conversion to the Church from Anglicanism. 1302
34 David E. Kelley – Sometimes assumed to be a Catholic because of his surname, Kelley is actually a Protestant.(His Wiki article) 1282
35 Erich Maria Remarque 1245
36 Dorothy Day – American convert, co-founder of the Catholic Worker Movement. 1203
37 Gerard Manley Hopkins – 19th century convert who became a Jesuit priest and a great poet, famous for poems such as "The Wreck of the Deutschland", "God's Grandeur", etc. 1153
38 Elmore Leonard – Jesuit education. 1116
39 St. John of the Cross – this great mystic, Carmelite priest and Doctor of the Church also wrote some of the most famous Christian poetry in any language. 1048
40 Baldassare Castiglione – In 1521, Pope Leo X conceded him the tonsura (first sacerdotal ceremony). 970
41 Thomas Moore, popular Irish poet of the 19th century (see [link], [link]) 946
42 Julian of Norwich - Late 14th Century/Early 15th Century English Mystic and anchoress. She either wrote or dictated her mystical experiences consciously to instruct others. Both the original version and the revised version are known as either A Revelation of Divine Love or simply Showings. 827
43 Lope de Vega – the great playwright of Spain's Golden Age, he was a priest and wrote more than four hundred short plays (autos sacramentales) on religious themes. 801
44 William Peter Blatty -- screenwriter and novelist. Best known for the novel The Exorcist and Oscar winning screenplay adapting same. 775
45 St. Francis de Sales – Bishop of Geneva 1602–1622, a Doctor of the Church, famous as the author of classic devotional works, e.g. Introduction à la vie dévote ("Introduction to the Devout Life") and Traité de l' Amour de Dieu ("Treatise on the Love of God"). Pope Pius XI proclaimed him patron saint of writers and journalists. 718
46 Maureen Dowd – Graduate of The Catholic University of America and practicing, but holds positions at variance with the Church. [link] 671
47 Lord Acton – a 19th-century British historian from a Catholic Recusant family; disagreed with ultramontanism and had Old Catholic Church sympathies, but never left the Church; known best for the aphorism that "power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". 668
48 Miguel de Unamuno - Poet, novelist, essayist and philosopher. 628
49 Gene Wolfe – Convert, a recent story of his in Asimov's concerned a Catholic holy card 610
50 Hilaire Belloc – strongly-held, orthodox Catholic views; wrote apologetics, famous comic verse, historical, political and economic works and well-known account of a pilgrimage he took on foot, "The Path to Rome"; French-born but became a British subject and politician. 604
51 Joyce Kilmer – convert, poetry titles include: The Robe of Christ, and The Rosary. 595
52 Margery Kempe - 15th Century English lay woman and self-proclaimed mystic. Kempe wrote one of the first, if not the first, autobiographies in the English language. 572
53 Henryk Sienkiewicz - novelist, won the Nobel Prize in 1905. His famous novel Quo Vadis deals with the rise and persecution of Christianity in Rome. 564
54 Robert Bresson – Adapted Diary of a Country Priest to film. The Pontifical Council for Culture's Robert Bresson Prize in film is named for him. [link] (Influenced by Jansenism however. [link]) 527
55 Henri Nouwen 510
56 John Patrick Shanley – educated by the Irish Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Charity; screenwriter and playwright. 471
57 Pierre Corneille - the founder of French tragedy, he was Jesuit-educated and also translated Thomas à Kempis's "The Imitation of Christ" into French verse. 462
58 Pope Pius II – In his younger days he had been a Poet laureate and had written an erotic novel called Eurialus and Lucretia. Later he wrote histories and epistles. 461
59 Malachi Martin - Irish-American novelist. 456
60 Tim Powers – Self avowed in interviews. [link] [link] 456
61 Walker Percy – American convert and novelist. 455
62 Tony Hillerman – author of mystery novels set among the Navajo of the American Southwest. 454
63 Lady Antonia Fraser – A Roman Catholic (converted with her parents as a child), Lady Antonia caused a public scandal in 1977 by leaving her Catholic husband for Harold Pinter. 452
64 Malcolm Muggeridge – journalist, broadcaster and writer; his conversion was linked to Mother Teresa. 451
65 Katherine Anne Porter – on again and then off again convert. 435
66 Dame Muriel Spark – a Scottish novelist, she decided to join the Roman Catholic Church in 1954, which she considered crucial in her development towards becoming a novel writer' in the tradition of Evelyn Waugh and Graham Greene, her novels often focus on human evil and sin. 424
67 Paul Johnson – historian and journalist – wrote A History of Christianity, Pope John Paul II And The Catholic Restoration, and others books. 423
68 Donald E. Westlake - an American writer; three-time Edgar Award winner. 382
69 David Lodge – a contemporary British novelist who often deals with the turmoil of the post-Vatican II Church in his work; mother of Irish descent. 378
70 Brian Friel – Some pre-Christian Celtic elements are in his writing too though. 370
71 Sigrid Undset, convert whose Medieval trilogy Kristin Lavransdatter has received high praise in Catholic circles. [link]. Won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1928. 359
72 Dame Edith Sitwell – the English poet, a convert. 348
73 Jacques Maritain – A convert and a leading Catholic philosophical writer. 346
74 Alessandro Manzoni – The author of the most beloved Italian novel, "I Promessi Sposi" ("The Betrothed"), which reflects his Catholic faith. In his youth "he imbibed the anti-Catholic creed of Voltairianism", but after his marriage, under the influence of his wife, he "exchanged it for a fervent Catholicism". 337
75 Maggie Gallagher – socially conservative writer and commentator who has campaigned against abortion and gay marriage. 324
76 Torquato Tasso – One day before being crowned by pope Clement VIII as Poet laureate, Tasso died 323
77 Joris-Karl Huysmans – originally a decadent novelist, his later novels, En Route (1895), La Cathédrale (1898) and L'Oblat (1903), trace his conversion to Roman Catholicism. 319
78 Ludovico Ariosto – Some of these attracted the notice of the cardinal Ippolito d'Este, who took the young poet under his patronage 316
79 Robert Spencer – writer and commentator on Islam and jihad. 305
80 Joseph de Maistre - late 18th/early 19th century writer and philosopher from Savoy, one of the most influential intellectual opponents of the French Revolution and a firm defender of the authority of the Papacy 305
81 Hans Urs von Balthasar, influential theologian who also wrote literary criticism and lives of the saints 288
82 Bernadette Devlin McAliskey – Northern Irish Catholic nationalist politician who became a writer. 286
83 Gabriel Marcel - convert, philosopher and playwright 281
84 Les Murray, a leading contemporary Australian poet and a convert to Catholicism. 274
85 Shusaku Endo – "His Roman Catholic faith can be seen at some level in all of his books, and it is often a central feature." He received the Akutagawa prize in 1955, the most important Japanese literature prize. 265
86 Grazia Deledda - Italian novelist and Nobel Laureate 264
87 Alfred Noyes – English poet, best known for "The Highwayman"; he wrote about his conversion to Catholicism in The Unknown God (1934). 264
88 Russell Kirk - American conservative political theorist and man of letters 264
89 Michael Novak – contemporary politically conservative American political writer. 262
90 Joseph Freiherr von Eichendorff, 19th century poet and novelist 258
91 Fred Saberhagen [link] 231
92 Joseph Roth, convert 228
93 Rumer Godden – After her conversion she wrote about the mystical aspects of the faith. 210
94 Piers Paul Read – contemporary but orthodox Catholic British novelist; V.P. of Catholic Writers Guild. 209
95 Auberon Waugh – son of Evelyn Waugh, comic novelist/columnist. 200
96 Leo McCarey – He wrote The Bells of St. Mary's and directed Going My Way. 199
97 Denis of Portugal – Dinis signed a favouring agreement with the pope and swore to protect the Church's interests 198
98 St. Louis de Montfort – priest who wrote The True Devotion to Mary and is a Catholic saint. 197
99 Paul Claudel, the devout Catholic poet, a leading figure in French poetry of the early 20th century, and author of verse dramas focussing on religious themes. 195
100 Pierre Boulle, author of "The Bridge Over the River Kwai" and "Planet of the Apes". 191
101 Tony Hendra – Father Joe: The Man Who Saved My Soul. 187
102 Brother Lawrence - 17th century Carmelite lay brother, known for the spiritual classic "The Practice of the Presence of God" 184
103 Ronald Knox – convert who became a Roman Catholic priest. He wrote six detective novels, as well as witty essays. 175
104 Giannina Braschi, 21st century vanguard poet and novelist from Puerto Rico; author of Yo-Yo Boing! and Empire of Dreams. 169
105 E. J. Dionne – noted for coverage of Vatican City. 162
106 Frank Cottrell Boyce – Millions being perhaps the most "Catholic" film he's written. [link] 161
107 Hugo von Hofmannsthal – a leading Austrian poet and playwright, late 19th/early 20th century. "His later plays revealed a growing interest in religious, and particularly Roman Catholic themes." 150
108 Andrew Greeley – Irish-American Roman Catholic priest and novelist. 149
109 Ernest Dowson - decadent poet who converted to Catholicism 144
110 Orestes Brownson - 19th century American writer and convert. 142
111 Allen Tate – convert; poet and essayist. 138
112 Murray Leinster – Dean of Science Fiction 136
113 Francis Thompson – 19th century poet; author of the famous devotional poem "The Hound of Heaven". 136
114 Jon Hassler, American novelist 131
115 Henri de Lubac - priest (later cardinal) and leading theologian 128
116 John Lukacs – Hungarian/American historian whose view of history is deeply influenced by Catholicism. 127
117 Dietrich von Hildebrand, convert, philosopher and theologian (wrote in both German and English) 123
118 Ignacy Krasicki – A Polish Bishop. 121
119 Georges Bernanos, the novelist, a devout Catholic and author of The Diary of a Country Priest. 120
120 David Jones – an important British modernist poet, much of whose work shows the influence of his conversion to Catholicism. 115
121 Coventry Patmore - 19th century poet, convert 114
122 Frederick Rolfe, alias Baron Corvo - late 19th century/early 20th century novelist, a failed aspirant to the priesthood. 112
123 Ramesh Ponnuru – American conservative political writer who wrote The Party of Death, attacking the pro-choice lobby in the United States. 111
124 Zofia Kossak-Szczucka- writer of historical novels, she helped save Jews in occupied Poland during the Second World War 111
125 Eugenio Espejo, satirical, polemical and theological writer in colonial Ecuador 110
126 Joost van den Vondel, leading dramatist and poet of the Dutch Golden Age; he converted to Catholicism from a Mennonite background in 1640-1. His masterpieces are his dramas on religious and biblical themes, e.g. Lucifer, Noah and his short poems. 110
127 Morris West, Australian novelist. Several of his novels are set in the Vatican. 109
128 Clemens Brentano, German poet and novelist of Italian origins, a leading figure in the Romantic movement; later withdrew to a monastery and acted as secretary to the visionary nun Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich 109
129 Saunders Lewis - poet, dramatist, historian and leading figure in modern Welsh nationalism, a convert to Catholicism 108
130 R. A. Lafferty – By all accounts a devout and conservative Catholic. [link] [link] [link] [link] [link] 104
131 Roy Campbell – convert, South African poet. 104
132 Barry Lopez - American short story writer and essayist. 99
133 Anthony Boucher – Wrote Quest for St. Aquin. Although it's science fiction it showed his strong commitment to the religion. 97
134 Boris Pahor - Writer and Christian humanist. 96
135 Pierre Reverdy - French 20th century poet 93
136 George Kelly – Pulitzer Prize winning playwright; uncle of Grace Kelly 93
137 John C. Wright - Convert, Nebula Award Finalist who wrote The Golden Age series and the Orphans of Chaos series. 92
138 Heywood Broun - convert 92
139 Christopher Dawson – British historian and convert who proposed that the medieval Catholic Church was an essential factor in the rise of European civilisation. 92
140 Josef Pieper, German Thomist philosopher 91
141 John L. Allen, Jr. – Journalist who has written on Opus Dei and Pope Benedict XVI. 91
142 Morley Callaghan - Canadian novelist and short story writer 90


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