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Top Hannah Montana characters: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 Barack Obama (Reggie Brown), the President of the United States of America, appears in "Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office". President Obama comes to the Stewart's Ranch, after Miley makes a call to him to get her registered at her high school. He appears to be aware of Miley's double-life, as well as other secrets about Lilly and Robby. 59441
2 Arnold Schwarzenegger (Lyndall Grant), the Governor of California, appears in "Ready, Set, Don't Drive." Schwarzenegger is in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles just in front of Miley and Lilly. He is denied his appointment by arriving two minutes late, and this helps Miley realize how strict the DMV is. Just before leaving, Schwarzenegger utters the famous line "I'll be back!", referencing his role in the film The Terminator. 45815
3 Queen Elizabeth II (Helen Duffy), the Queen of England, visits California and Hannah and Robby perform for her. Because the Queen is late, Hannah speeds the tempo of the song and abbreviates the lyrics so that she can still attend Jackson's championship volleyball game. The Queen is attended by her humorless servant Simon Tisdale (Patrick Kerr) who briefs Hannah on Royal etiquette. The Queen is later seen, possibly in an apocryphal throwaway joke, visiting the Stewarts' home and playing a dancing video game (similar to Dance Dance Revolution) with Mamaw. In "Test of My Love," Trey's parents invite Miley to a gala with Queen Elizabeth and Miley admits that she has already met the Queen, almost blowing her Hannah secret. 29912
4 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson comes to town for his new film in "Don't Stop Till You Get the Phone." Johnson falls victim to Miley's plot to get an embarrassing picture of him – something Miley does to keep a picture of Hannah being published that could reveal her secret. Miley and Lilly masquerade as complimentary hotel beauticians, visiting Johnson at his room and tricking him into getting a makeover. The plan works perfectly, although Miley immediately feels guilty about the plan and offers the picture back to Johnson. The girls wind up befriending him and he helps Miley get the Hannah picture back from the publisher. 23563
5 The Jonas Brothers (Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas) appear in "Me and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas and Mr. Jonas." Hannah and Robbie Ray first meet the Jonas Brothers at the recording studios. Robby develops a friendship with the boys and writes the song "We Got the Party" for them. Robby seems to have so much fun hanging out with the Jonas Brothers, that Miley becomes jealous and tries to discredit his songwriting in front of the Jonas Brothers. Hannah later collaborates with the band in a rendition of "We Got the Party." 13177
6 Rob Reiner, one of the top film directors in Hollywood, directs the feature film Indiana Joannie and the Curse of the Golden Cobra which stars Chace Crawford and Hannah Montana. Hannah at first desperately wants the part, but later tries to lose the job in order to impress Oliver. Hannah acts like a diva in front of Riener who assumes that she is trying to impress him with her acting skills. Hannah proves that she is not acting by dumping a cup of ice water down Reiner's shirt. 10208
7 Jesse McCartney attends a Hannah Montana concert in "When You Wish You Were the Star." He later invites Hannah to come with him and some friends to "The Dragon Room" (a reference to "The Viper Room"), but Hannah is unable to go because Miley is too busy. This leads her to make the wish that she was Hannah all the time, thinking that life would be much easier. After making her wish, Jesse McCartney is her hopelessly infatuated boyfriend. He even buys her a private island called "Papoey." 9899
8 David Archuleta comes to California in "Promma Mia" in order to do some recording. He asks Hannah to record a duet with him ("I Wanna Know You") and she accepts, while at the same time going back on her promise to attend prom with her schoolmate Aaron. While recording the song, Archuleta gives Hannah a rose which reminds her of Aaron. She then decides not to break her promise, says a quick goodbye to Archuleta, and leaves the studio before finishing the song. 9676
9 Orlando Bloom is seen briefly in "Test of My Love," running away from Lola at a Putt-putt golf charity event. Bloom is often mentioned in the series as Lilly's long-time celebrity crush. 7531
10 Iyaz appears as himself in the fourth season episode "Hannah's Gonna Get This" and sings a duet with Hannah called "Gonna Get This" after her failure to make her fans like her new song. 6503
11 Larry David was the first celebrity to guest star as himself. He appeared in "My Best Friend's Boyfriend" along with his daughters Cazzie and Romy David. The Davids wait over an hour to be seated at a restaurant. In order to get seated faster, Larry tells the maître d' (Jorge Luis Abreu) it is Romy's birthday, and then Cazzie's birthday. When Hannah arrives at the restaurant she is seated immediately, prompting Romy to say "face it dad, she's bigger than you." This scene is a reference to the popular Seinfeld episode "The Chinese Restaurant." 5713
12 Sheryl Crow appears as herself in the fourth season and sings a duet with Hannah called "Need a Little Love" 4372
13 Ray Romano, the star of the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, appears in "We're All On This Date Together." A round of golf with Romano is being offered at a charity auction which is eventually sold to Oliver for $11. Oliver winds up going with Lilly instead because Romano is too embarrassed that nobody knows who he is and that he only went for $11 (out of pity). 3948
14 Donny Osmond appears at a charity auction for beach conservation in "We're All On This Date Together." Osmond serves as the auctioneer, credited as himself. 2477
15 Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is the central character, also called Hannah Montana when appearing as a popstar. (Season 1-Present) 1627
16 London Tipton (Brenda Song) is bitter at Hannah that she will not record the theme song for Yay Me Starring London Tipton. She finds Hannah's anklet and accidentally drops it overboard in disgust after learning the diamonds are fake. Hannah apparently performed at one of London's birthday parties, though was never paid, and is still owed. 1482
17 Cody Martin (Cole Sprouse) and Bailey Pickett (Debby Ryan) appear as a couple in "Super(stitious) Girl." Hannah gives them tickets to her concert in Hawaii, as well as to the afterparty. Hannah has met Cody earlier in That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana, but was only able to recognize Cody in Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana when he had cake on his shirt (because the only other time she saw him and Zack was after their mother's disastrous birthday party, where Zack was accidentally pushed into the cake). 947
18 Zack Martin (Dylan Sprouse) spots Hannah on the Tipton and tries to impress her by getting dessert for her. 873
19 Maddie Fitzpatrick (Ashley Tisdale), a character originating in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, is an employee of Boston's Tipton Hotel and a big fan of Hannah Montana. Maddie appears in "On the Road Again?" in which she meets Hannah and Robby while they visit the Tipton on tour. Hannah says that Maddie is a friend of hers, presumably from when they met in the Suite Life episode "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana." Hannah gave Maddie tickets to her concert. Maddie's mother, Margie Fitzpatrick, is a fan of Robbie Ray. Maddie is starstruck when she meets him. She later appears in San Diego to see Robbie Ray's comeback performance, but arrives too late to see the show. She is nonetheless excited to see that they have not left yet. 624
20 Nancy O'Dell appears as herself in "Cheat It." She interviews Hannah and Austin Rain on the red carpet at the 15th annual Teen Scene Awards. 432
21 Marion Moseby from The Suite Life on Deck appears in the episode "Super(stitious) Girl" as part of the Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana crossover event. Mr. Moseby spends most of the time trying to make Hannah's stay on the SS Tipton comfortable by keeping her away from crazed fans. 345
22 Robby Stewart (Billy Ray Cyrus) is Miley's father. (Season 1-Present) 239
23 Don Sundquist, the Governor of Tennessee was at the October 1999 County Fair to award six-year-old Miley Ray Stewart the prize for winning the raspberry pie eating competition. Miley recalls throwing up on the governor, ruining his suit. Ever since Miley has been disgusted by raspberries. 80
24 Sophie Martinez (Madison Pettis) is President Martinez's seven year old daughter, also originating in Cory in the House. Sophie is an enthusiastic Hannah Montana fan and is excited when she gets to meet her. She later dresses up like Hannah, and Lilly dresses up like Hannah in order to cover for Miley while she goes to look for Roxy. Sophie is unconvinced that Lilly is Hannah because she has no talent. 31
25 President Richard Martinez (John D'Aquino) is the President of the United States. Hannah performs a concert for him and his family. The character originated in Cory in the House. The president embarrasses his daughter by trying to act cool in front of Hannah Montana. Roxy saves him from contaminated sushi and he immediately asks her to work for the Secret Service. 7


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