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Top Jewish American entertainers: 1920s

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Marilyn Monroe (1926–1962), actress, singer and model<sup> [link]</sup> 39642
2 Tony Curtis (born 1925), film star<sup> [link]</sup> 26158
3 Paul Newman (1925–2008) Academy Award-winning actor and film director, philanthropist, founder of "Newman's Own" <sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 7931
4 Mel Brooks (born 1926) director, writer, actor, producer, composer, lyricist, and stand-up comedian, who pioneere comedy style and genre of mixing comedy with real historic events<sup> [link]</sup> 5555
5 Jerry Lewis (born 1926) Comedian, singer, actor, film director, writer, film producer, and humanitarian, known for his slapstick humor and his charity fund-raising telethons, who wrote, directed, produced, and starred in his own classic films such as The Ladies Man (1961), The Errand Boy (1961), The Patsy (1964) and The Nutty Professor (1963), among many others<sup> [link]</sup> 5088
6 Sammy Davis, Jr. (1925–1990) (Converted to Judaism) entertainer, member of the "Rat Pack"<sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 4907
7 Lauren Bacall (born 1924), film and stage actress<sup> [link]</sup> 4430
8 Beatrice Arthur (1925–2009), actress<sup> [link]</sup> 3745
9 Rodney Dangerfield (1921–2004), comedian and actor<sup> [link]</sup> 3485
10 Eddie Fisher (born 1928), singer and father of Carrie Fisher 3185
11 Abe Vigoda (born 1921), film/television actor (The Godfather)<sup>Vigoda</sup> 2888
12 Jerry Stiller (born 1927), comedian and actor<sup> [link]</sup> 2638
13 Lenny Bruce (1925–1966) Stand-up comedian, writer, social critic, satirist<sup> [link]</sup> 2493
14 Walter Matthau (1920–2000), actor<sup> [link]</sup> 2457
15 Peter Falk (born 1927), actor<sup> [link]</sup> 2347
16 Don Rickles (born 1926) Stand-up comedian, actor; pioneer of insult comedy<sup> [link]</sup> 2150
17 Rod Serling (1924–1975), screenwriter and actor (The Twilight Zone)<sup> [link]</sup> 1748
18 Shelley Winters (1920–2006) two-time Academy Award-winning actress<sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 1741
19 Al Lewis (1920–2006), actor best known as Grandpa Munster 1681
20 Vic Morrow (1929–1982), actor<sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 1571
21 Jack Klugman (born 1922), actor 1530
22 Carl Reiner (born 1922), actor, film director, producer, writer and comedian<sup> [link]</sup> 1323
23 Tony Randall (1920–2004), comic actor<sup> [link]</sup> 1271
24 Anne Meara (born 1929), comedienne and actress, partner and wife of Jerry Stiller<sup> [link]</sup> 1119
25 Harvey Korman (1927–2008), actor<sup> [link]</sup> 1010
26 Sid Caesar (born 1922), comic actor and writer<sup> [link]</sup> 1000
27 Tom Bosley (born 1927), film/television actor (Happy Days)<sup> [link]</sup> 992
28 Laurence Harvey (1928–1973) Lithuanian-born actor, achieved fame in British and American films 887
29 Buddy Hackett (1924–2003) Stand-up comedian, writer, actor, and producer, who used a lot of Jewish humor in his act, and who also served with an anti-aircraft unit during World War II, and set up the Singita Animal Sanctuary in the San Fernando Valley, California <sup> [link]</sup> 866
30 Charlotte Rae (born 1926), actress from The Facts of Life 791
31 Lee Grant (born 1927), theater, film and television actress, and film director 787
32 Monty Hall (born 1921) Canadian-born actor, singer and sportscaster (Let's Make a Deal)<sup> [link]</sup> 685
33 Marty Allen (born 1922), stand-up comedian and actor 662
34 Simone Signoret (1921–1985) Academy Award-winning French actress 638
35 Werner Klemperer (1920–2000) comedic actor<sup> [link]</sup> 625
36 Jack Warden (1920–2006) Emmy Award-winning, Oscar-nominated actor<sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 623
37 Steven Hill (born 1922), film and television actor<sup> [link]</sup> 584
38 Judy Holliday (1921–1965), actress, singer<sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 563
39 Ross Martin (1920–1981) [link] Polish-born TV and film actor (Wild Wild West) 481
40 Ed Ames (born 1927), singer and actor<sup> [link]</sup> 451
41 Julian Beck (1925–1985), actor, director, poet, and painter </ref> 412
42 Mort Sahl (born 1927) Stand-up comedian and actor, who is credited with pioneering a style of stand-up comedy that paved the way for Lenny Bruce, Nichols and May, and Dick Gregory among many others, and who also wrote jokes for speeches delivered by President John F. Kennedy. 394
43 Fyvush Finkel (born 1923), actor<sup> [link]</sup> 353
44 Robert Clary (born 1926) French-born actor, published author, and lecturer<sup> [link]</sup> 328
45 Theodore Bikel (born 1924) character actor, folk singer and musician<sup> [link]</sup> 310
46 Shelley Berman (born 1926), comedian, writer, teacher, and actor<sup> [link]</sup> 278
47 Bill Macy (born 1922), actor<sup> [link]</sup> 253
48 Susan Cabot (1927–1986), actress<sup> [link]</sup> 127
49 Herschel Bernardi (1923–1986), film, Broadway and television actor </ref> 127
50 Larry Blyden (1925–1975), actor<sup> [link]</sup> 120
51 Regina Resnik (born 1922), opera singer and actress<sup> [link]</sup> 49
52 Fred Sadoff (1926–1994) Actor in South Pacific <sup> [link]</sup> 40
53 Mel Tormé (1925–1999), actor, musician, widely known as "The Velvet Fog", acclaimed and virtuosic jazz singer and songwriter, and who wrote over 400 songs including the song The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire).<sup> [link]</sup><sup> [link]</sup> 12
54 Ed Asner (born 1929), actor<sup> [link]</sup> < 5


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