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Top Old Mancunians: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Victoria Cross recipient William Thomas Forshaw was a teacher at the School. 3455
2 Historian Michael Wood 1522
3 Chris Addison, comic, wit and raconteur 1062
4 Master of University College, Oxford, Sir Ivor Martin Crewe 536
5 Thomas de Quincey (1785-1859) Author and intellectual. 524
6 Sir Michael Francis Atiyah (1929-) is a prolific geometer who studied at the school for two years as preparation for Cambridge. He went on to attain a Fields Medal, the Abel Prize and the Order of Merit, as well as the positions of President of the Royal Society and Master of Trinity, his former college. 488
7 Chemist John Charles Polanyi (1929-) won the 1986 Nobel Prize for Chemistry. 336
8 Alan Garner (1934-) Children's author after whom the school's Junior Library is named. He was the first member of his family to go to a secondary school and received a full scholarship. Whilst there he was a keen sprinter. 315
9 Robert Bolt (1924–1995) Playwright; mostly remembered for A Man for All Seasons, for which he received one of his two Academy Awards. 252
10 Clifford Cocks and Malcolm J. Williamson were peers at the school and also Maths students at Cambridge. They achieved silver and gold medals respectively at the 1968 IMO in Moscow while studying at MGS. They both went on to become cryptographers at GCHQ, a British intelligence agency, dealing with security of communications. While both made their own contributions to cryptography in the mid 70s, their results were considered national secrets and when they were discovered independently (about four years later in both cases) they received no credit for their work. It was only in 1997 that GCHQ chose to reveal their achievements. Clifford Cocks had developed RSA encryption, used in all online commerce, but named after the three men who first published the work; likewise, Malcolm J. Williamson had developed what is now known as Diffie-Hellman key exchange, a cryptographic key-agreement protocol, named after the original publishers of the work. 195
11 William Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882) Author of popular historical romances. 94
12 John Ogdon, pianist 84
13 Stephen Leather, thriller writer. 80
14 Harold Brighouse (1882-1958) Author of Hobson's Choice. 64
15 Gilbert Cannan (1884-1955) Novelist and translator. 60
16 Jonathan Mestel (1957-) is an applied mathematician at Imperial College who works on magnetohydrodynamics and biological fluid dynamics. He was the first person to be awarded chess International Grandmaster titles by FIDE in both over-the-board play and problem solving. 52
17 John Crawley (Lancashire & Hampshire) 39
18 Lance Parkin (1971-) Author and scriptwriter 39
19 Matt Fullerty (1976-) Author. 38
20 Gary Yates is the Second Team coach for Lancashire 30
21 John Leech MP for Manchester Withington from 2005 28
22 Den Dover MEP for the North West Region 26
23 Martin Sixsmith (1954-) Author, journalist and radio/television presenter. 25
24 Economist Paul Ormerod 25
25 Tom Normanton was MP for Cheadle from 1970 to 1987 24
26 Frank Allaun was MP for Salford East from 1955 to 1983 23
27 Poet Samuel Bamford 21
28 Mark Chilton is a current player for and a former captain of Lancashire 19
29 Derek Senior, planning correspondent of the Manchester Guardian 18
30 Neil Gerrard MP for Walthamstow from 1992 to 2010 16
31 Comedian Laurence Howarth 16
32 Guy Thorne pseud. of Cyril Arthur Edward Justice Waggoner Ranger Gull (1876 -1923) Journalist and novelist. 15
33 Scott Richardson (Yorkshire). 13
34 Graham Clark, improvising violinist 13
35 Teacher Dr. Rod Martin < 5
36 Michael Winstanley was MP for Cheadle from 1966-70 and for Hazel Grove in 1974 < 5
37 Michael Atherton captained the English cricket team a record 54 times in the mid nineties, which then included fellow Old Mancunian John Crawley. < 5
38 Daniel Moult, freelance organist < 5
39 Edmund Taylor Whittaker (1873-1956) also went on to study at Trinity settling at Edinburgh to make significant contributions to Mathematical Physics. < 5
40 Actors Sir Ben Kingsley, George Coulouris, and Robert Powell < 5
41 Greg Morris, assistant organist at Temple Church and conductor < 5
42 Harold Lever (1914-95) was a Labour Party politician and Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster as well as Paymaster General. He received the Order of Merit < 5
43 Jim Poyser, BBC comedy writer and producer < 5


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