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Top Roman legions: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 BRIT Britannia (England/Wales) 3810
2 CAP Cappadocia (Central/Eastern Turkey) 2423
3 DC Dacia (Romania/Serbia) 1598
4 Legio IX Hispana Triumphalis (Triumphant): 59–48 BC, Julius Caesar, disbanded and re-enlisted by Augustus as Legio IX Hispana 991
5 PAN Pannonia (W Hungary/Slovenia) 771
6 GAL Galatia (Ankara province Turkey) 735
7 MS Moesia Superior (Serbia) 627
8 MAUR Mauretania (Algeria/Morocco) 564
9 SYR Syria (Syria/Lebanon) 409
10 JUD Judaea (Israel) 389
11 NR Noricum (Austria) 374
12 RT Raetia (Switzerland/Ger S of Danube) 373
13 Legio XIII Gemina: 57–45 BC: Julius Caesar, later (41 BC) reconstituted as Legio XIII Gemina by Augustus 322
14 AQ Aquitania (Aquitaine, France) 313
15 MCD Macedonia (Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia) 307
16 Notitia Dignitatum reports the military units and their locations at the beginning of the 5th century. 266
17 GS Germania Superior (Alsace-Lorraine/S Rhineland) 232
18 DLM Dalmatia (Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia) 216
19 AR Arabia Petraea (Jordan/Sinai) 193
20 GI Germania Inferior (S Netherlands/NW Rhineland) 192
21 HISP Hispania Tarraconensis (most of Spain) 179
22 Legio X Equestris, also known as X Equestris (Mounted): before 58–45 BC, Julius Caesar, disbanded, reconstituted by Lepidus, incorporated into the Legio X Gemina by Augustus. 137
23 AEG Aegyptus (Egypt) 125
24 Legio II Sabina (Sabine): 43 BC to circa 9 AD, early name of the Legio II Augusta 122
25 Oxford Classical Dictionary 121
26 Legio X Fretensis (of the sea strait) levied by Augustus in 41/40 BC 120
27 Legio I Germanica (Germanic): 48 BC–70 (Batavian rebellion), Julius Caesar 92
28 Legio III Gallica (from Gallia): around 49 BC to at least early 4th century, Julius Caesar (emblem: bull) 64
29 Legio III Cyrenaica (from Cyrenaica): probably around 36 BC to (at least) 5th century, Mark Antony 61
30 Legio VI Ferrata (Ironclad): 52 BC to after 250, Julius Caesar (emblem: bull, wolf and Romulus and Remus); twin legion of Legio VI Victrix 57
31 Legio V Alaudae (Larks): 52 BC–70 (destroyed in the Batavian rebellion), Julius Caesar (emblem: elephant) 54
32 Legio VII Claudia Pia Fidelis: 51–44 BC, Julius Caesar; disbanded and re-formed by Vespasian as Legio VII Gemina 54
33 Legio VIII Augusta: 59–48 BC, Julius Caesar, disbanded and re-enlisted by Augustus as Legio VIII Augusta 39
34 Legio IV Macedonica (Macedonian): 48 BC–70 (disbanded by Vespasian), Julius Caesar (emblem: bull, capricorn) 36
35 Legio IV Scythica (from Scythia): around 42 BC to at least early 5th century, Mark Antony (emblem: capricorn) 25
36 I Maximiana Thaebanorum (the Thebans of Maximianus): comitatensis unit stationed near Thebes, Egypt, and probably fighting in the battle of Adrianople 20
37 III Isaura 18
38 V Iovia (maybe the Jovians) 16
39 Legio XI: 58–45 BC, Julius Caesar (emblem: Neptune), disbanded, reconstituted by Augustus 16
40 II Herculia (devoted to Hercules): levied by Diocletian, stationed in Scythia Minor 13
41 II Isaura 13
42 II Flavia Virtutis: comitatensis under the command of the Magister Peditum 12
43 II Flavia Constantia: comitatensis under the command of the Magister Peditum 10
44 VI Herculia (maybe the Herculians) 8
45 I Isaura Sagittaria (archers from Isauria): pseudocomitatensis under the command of the Magister militum per Orientis 7
46 Legio XII Victrix (Victorious): 57 BC–45, Julius Caesar 7
47 I Iovia (devoted to Jupiter): levied by Diocletian, stationed in Scythia Minor 6
48 Legio XXX Classica (Naval): 48–41 BC, Julius Caesar 6
49 III Diocletiana 6
50 Legio XVIII Libyca (from Libya): disbanded 31 BC, Mark Antony 5
51 Legio XII Antiqua (Ancient): reconstituted by Lepidus in 43 BC, named by Mark Antony, included in Augustus army as Legio XII Fulminata < 5
52 IT Italia (Italy) < 5
53 AFR Africa (Tunisia/Tripolitania) < 5
54 I Flavia Pacis (Flavian legion of peace): comitatensis under the command of the Magister Peditum < 5
55 III Flavia Salutis: comitatensis under the command of the Magister Peditum < 5
56 Legio X Veneria (devoted to the goddess Venus): another name of X Equestris. < 5


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