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Top Stonyhurst alumni/ae: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 World War II 94935
2 World War I 72889
3 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Author of Sherlock Holmes 5131
4 *Lieutenant Maurice James Dease V.C. (first VC of the Great War) 4476
5 Judge Nicholas Ball, the second Catholic to be elevated to the Irish Bench. 3555
6 Victoria Cross 3455
7 *Second Lieutenant Gabriel George Coury V.C. 1905
8 Chris Morris, satirist and comedian; creator of "Brass Eye" (brother of Tom Morris, Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic) 1545
9 Charles Laughton, actor, director; winner Academy Award "Oscar" for best actor (first British actor to do so) and a Grammy; nominated for 2 further Academy Awards (both best actor) and a Golden Globe 1439
10 General Vernon A. Walters, General US Army; Deputy Director of the CIA; US Ambassador to the United Nations 1408
11 Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC 1088
12 Joseph Mary Plunkett, Irish patriot who helped draft the Irish Proclamation of Independence, which he signed; executed for his role in the Easter Rising of 1916 533
13 Paul Johnson, journalist, editor of the New Statesman, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (USA) 423
14 Vyvyan Holland, son of Oscar Wilde 298
15 Patrick Baladi, actor (Neil in "The Office"). 297
16 *Captain James Joseph Bernard Jackman V.C. 284
17 George Herbert Walker, banker and businessman, grandfather (and namesake) of President George H. W. Bush and great-grandfather of ex-President George W. Bush, golf enthusiast, president of the United States Golf Association, the Walker Cup (the famous biennial golf match) acquired Walker's namessake for his role in the event's creation 224
18 Thomas Francis Meagher, Irish patriot; Member of Parliament (Repeal Party), introduced the tricolour to Ireland; General in the American Civil War; Governor of Montana 217
19 Will Greenwood, English Rugby international, British and Irish Lion and World Cup Winner 185
20 John Desmond Bernal, FRS, scientist known for pioneering X-ray crystallography, Master of Birkbeck College, London, Professor of Physics and Crystallography, Fellow of the Royal Society, Communist, awarded the Lenin Peace Prize, joint inventor of the Mulberry Harbour. 179
21 Henry McGee, British actor 174
22 Bill Cash, Member of Parliament (Conservative), Shadow Attorney General. 127
23 Kyran Bracken, English Rugby International, British and Irish Lion and World Cup Winner. Captained England briefly. Kyran_Bracken">Image:Kyran Bracken.jpg|thumb|115px|right|Kyran Bracken 103
24 Charles Sturridge, TV and film director (most notably for the TV adaptation of Brideshead Revisited) 100
25 Joseph Cyril Bamford, founder of the JCB company. 98
26 Frank Foley, Soldier and British secret agent in World War II, he is primarily remembered as the "British Schindler". As an undercover passport control officer he helped thousands of Jews escape from Nazi Germany. In October 1999 he was accorded the status of a Righteous Among the Nations by Israel's Yad Vashem. 97
27 Malakand Frontier War, India 1897 92
28 Alfred Austin, Poet Laureate. 92
29 John Nolan, campaigner for Irish “Home Rule”, Member of Parliament (Irish Parliamentary Party) 92
30 Iain Balshaw, English Rugby International, British and Irish Lion and World Cup Winner. 90
31 Douglas Wilmer, actor (primarily associated with the role of Sherlock Holmes) 90
32 Charles Gavan Duffy (1855-1932), Australian public servant, Assisted drafting the Commonwealth of Australia’s Constitution; Clerk of the House of Representatives; Clerk of the Senate 79
33 Sir Wilfrid Scawen Blunt (1840 - 1922), Diplomat, Poet and Traveller. Opposed British rule in Egypt and policy in Sudan, Muslim sympathiser and champion of Irish Home Rule. Founder of Crabbet Arabian Stud 74
34 Charles Waterton, Naturalist and creator of the world's first national park 67
35 Christopher Wenner. journalist and television presenter for Blue Peter; war correspondent – his footage that brought the plight of the East Timorese to world attention; winner Rory Peck award for hard news war journalism 58
36 Edward Micklethwaite Curr, Australian pastoralist and squatter 54
37 George Oliver Plunkett, younger brother of Joseph Plunkett, Irish Republican and leading IRA man 1916-40. 51
38 Sir Frederick Weld, New Zealand politician; elected to the first House of Representatives; member of the Stafford Executive; Native Affairs Minister; Prime Minister; Governor of West Australia; Governor of Tasmania; Governor of the Straits Settlements; Knight of the Order of St Pius 50
39 Peter Glenville, film and theatre director and producer and script writer; winner BAFTA (Best British Film - "Becket"); nominated for 4 Tony Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards, 1 Academy Award "Oscar" (Best Director) and 1 Golden Lion. Oliver_St_John_Gogarty">Image:Orpen OSJGogarty.jpg|thumb|115px|right|Oliver St John Gogarty 50
40 Herbert Vaughan, Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster 47
41 John Gage Rokewode, antiquarian, Fellow and later Director of the Society of Antiquaries, Fellow of the Royal Society 45
42 George Archer-Shee, cause célèbre, his case was the inspiration for the play The Winslow Boy by Terence Rattigan. 44
43 Gerald Gallagher, Colonial Administrator Service, noted as the first officer-in-charge of the Phoenix Islands Settlement Scheme, the last colonial expansion of the British Empire 43
44 Bruce Kent, British peace campaigner; Chairman of the CND; laicised priest 39
45 Major Francis Suttill, British special agent who worked for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) inside France; organized and coordinated the Physician network, better known by his own code name Prosper; captured and killed by the Nazis 38
46 Bl. John Woodcock OSF, executed at Lancaster in 1646. 36
47 Donald McDonald, Canadian Member of Parliament, Member of the Legislative Council 36
48 Charles Allston Collins, artist and author, proposed for membership of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood but was rejected 36
49 Enoch Louis Lowe, Governor of Maryland, USA (1851-54) 33
50 Richard Gwyn, Canadian civil servant, journalist and author, awarded the Order of Canada. Vyvyan_Holland">Image:Vyvyanholland.jpg|thumb|right|115px|Vyvyan Holland 33
51 Joe Ansbro, professional rugby union player for Northampton Saints; Scotland A's and Cambridge University 32
52 Lord Brideshead, the Earl of Brideshead, heir to the Marquess of Marchmain; "Bridey" - fictional character from Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited 27
53 Bl. Arthur Bell OSF, executed at Tyburn in 1643. 26
54 Morgan Grace, Member of the Legislative Council (New Zealand), Member of Parliament 26
55 Francis Neale, President of Georgetown University 23
56 Bl. William Ireland SJ, executed at Tyburn in 1679. 23
57 Bl. William Barrow SJ (aka Fr Harcourt), executed at Tyburn in 1679. 21
58 Sir Frank Gavan Duffy, Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia 20
59 Michael O'Donnell, physician, journalist and broadcaster, father of Lucy, a pencil drawing of whom inspired John Lennon to write the song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (see The Times 29 September 2009) 20
60 Sir Colman Treacy, British jurist, Birmingham Crown Court 18
61 St Thomas Garnet SJ, protomartyr of St Omers, one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales, executed at Tyburn in 1608. 18
62 St Philip Evans SJ, executed at Cardiff in 1679. [link], accessed 9 July 2008</ref> Philip_Evans">Image:Philippe Evans (1645-1679).jpg|thumb|115px|right|Philip Evans 18
63 Crispian Hollis, Bishop of Portsmouth 18
64 Richard Lalor Sheil, Member of Parliament (Repeal Party, and later Whig) British plenipotentiary at the Court of Tuscany 18
65 Hugh Wooldridge, theatre and television director and producer 18
66 Sir Thomas Wyse, Member of Parliament (Liberal - second Irish Catholic), advocate of Catholic Emancipation, Junior Lord of the Treasury, Secretary to the Board of Control, British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Greece 17
67 Macdonald Hastings, World War II war correspondent; journalist 17
68 Maurice Gorham, journalist and broadcaster, Controller of BBC Television Service, Director of RTÉ (Ireland) 16
69 Bl. Thomas Holland SJ, executed at Tyburn in 1642. 16
70 Tom Morris, Artistic Director of Bristol Old Vic; Associate Director of popular stage play War Horse (brother of Chris Morris, satirist & comedian) 15
71 Ted Russell, Irish senator, businessman and five times Mayor of Limerick City 14
72 St John Plessington, executed at Chester in 1679. [link], accessed 20 July 2008</ref> 14
73 John Desmond Cronin, Member of Parliament (Labour) 12
74 John Pinasco, President of the University of San Francisco 11
75 Bl. Ralph Corbie, executed at Tyburn in 1644. 11
76 Sir Edward Bulfin KCB CVO, general during World War I, established a reputation as an excellent commander; noted for his actions during the First Battle of Ypres, when he organized impromptu forces to slow down the German assault. 11
77 Leonard Ingrams, founder of the Garsington Opera Festival 11
78 Fr Bernard Vaughan, Jesuit, preacher, ardent social reformer, worked among the poor of Westminster and in the East End. His sermons on "The Sins of Society" attracted large audiences. He preached at Montreal in 1910, traveled in Canada, the United States, and Alaska, and lectured in China, Japan, Italy, and France. In 1915 he became chaplain to Catholic troops of the British expeditionary army on the Continent 10
79 Fr Charles Plowden, Jesuit, Rector of Stonyhurst, writer and orator 10
80 Bl. Thomas Thwing, executed at York in 1680. 10
81 Dermot MacDermot, Prince of Coolavin 9
82 James Waterworth, missionary priest who published “Faith of Catholics”, a translation of the canons and decrees of the Council of Trent and of Veron's "Rule of Faith"; his last book, England and Rome was on the relations of the Popes to post-Reformation England. He was made canon and later provost of Nottingham 9
83 Philip Bell, Member of Parliament (Conservative). 9
84 Valentine O'Hara (1875-1941), noted author and authorty on Russia and The Baltic States 8
85 Sir George Wakeman, physician to Queen Catherine of Braganza, accused by Titus Oates of trying to poison her husband Charles II, subsequently acquitted 8
86 Sir Edgar Unsworth, KC, QC, CMG, KBE, British lawyer and judge; Chief Justice of Gibraltar and Attorney-General for Northern Rhodesia 8
87 John da Cunha, barrister and judge, member of the British delegation to the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal 7
88 Paul Woodroffe, stained glass artist and book illustrator, produced the 15 windows for the Lady Chapel of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York 7
89 Major Leo Bodkin, British military officer and Irish author. 7
90 Miles Gerard Keon, journalist, novelist, colonial secretary and lecturer 6
91 Bl. John Fenwick SJ, executed at Tyburn in 1679. John_Fenwick">Image:John Caldwell alias John Fenwick.jpg|thumb|115px|right|John Fenwick 6
92 Bl. Edward Bamber, executed at Lancaster in 1646. T.E. Muir, Stonyhurst, (St Omers Press, Gloucestershire. Second edition, 2006) ISBN 0-9553592-0-1 p.188</ref> 6
93 Archibald Matthias Dunn - Catholic ecclesiastical architect. 6
94 The Hon. Charles Langdale, one of the foremost Catholic leaders of Emancipation days, Member of Parliament (Whig), wrote the memoirs of Maria Fitzherbert 6
95 Bl. Thomas Whitaker, executed at Lancaster in 1646. 6
96 Giles Hussey, artist, painted a number of portraits, specializing in drawings in profile. Examples of his portraiture in oils include a portrait of Sir John Swinburne and a portrait of William Meredith 6
97 Arthur Turcotte, Quebec lawyer, journalist and politician; Mayor of Trois-Rivières; member of the Legislative Assembly of Quebec (independent Conservative; later Liberal); Speaker of the Assembly; helped found La Concorde, becoming its editor; minister without portfolio and attorney general under Honoré Mercier; appointed protonotary for the Superior Court in Montreal district 6
98 Sir Charles Clifford New Zealand politician, first Speaker of the House of Representatives. Arthur_Conan_Doyle">Image:Conan doyle.jpg|thumb|right|115px|Arthur Conan Doyle 6
99 Sir Christopher Waterlow, 5th Baronet, Senior Cameraman at QVC; Fellow and Executive committee Member of the Institute of Videography 5
100 Bl. Thomas Whitbread SJ, executed at Tyburn in 1679. 5
101 Francis Plowden, barrister, legal and political writer, Professor at the Scots College at Paris 5
102 Sir Cecil Clothier Judge of Appeal of the Isle of Man, Parliamentary Ombudsman 5
103 Sudan Campaign 1898 < 5
104 Oliver St John Gogarty, poet, writer and wit, Senator of the Irish Free State, inspiration for Buck Mulligan in James Joyce's Ulysses < 5
105 Sir Bernard Partridge, Punch cartoonist. < 5
106 Baron Devlin of West Wick, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary; High Steward of the University of Cambridge; Privy Counsellor; legal writer and moral philosopher < 5
107 Anthony Moorhouse, abducted and killed by Egyptians during the Suez Crisis, his case was the inspiration for the play The Hostage by Brendan Behan. < 5
108 Eduardo López de Romaña, President of Peru. < 5
109 Baron Chitnis of Rydale, life peer, chief executive and director of the Liberal Party. < 5
110 Grace Cheung (OS 2003; Miss Asia 2007) < 5
111 Don Manuel Romero de Terreros y Vinent, Marqués de San Francisco, Mexican art historian < 5
112 William Horton, English cricketer; represented Middlesex and the Europeans in India < 5
113 Count Michael de la Bédoyère, author and journalist, editor of the Catholic Herald. < 5
114 1st Baron Herries of Carlaverock < 5


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