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Top U.S. place names of Spanish origin: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 California (from the name of an imaginary island in "Las sergas de Esplandián", a popular Spanish chivalric romance of the time) 44706
2 Puerto Rico (means "Rich Port" in the Spanish language) 28389
3 Florida ("In bloom") 20646
4 Las Vegas, Nevada ("The Meadows") 11865
5 Arizona (from <<Arida zona>> "Arid zone") 11211
6 Colorado (red color) 10739
7 Guam (also Guaján) 9218
8 New Mexico (Calqued from Nuevo México) 8306
9 Nevada (Snow capped mountain range) 8262
10 Montana (from Montaña: "Mountain") 8210
11 Sacramento, California ("Sacrament") 6584
12 San Jose, California ("Saint Joseph") 6165
13 Albuquerque, New Mexico (after Alburquerque, Badajoz) 5032
14 Los Angeles County, California (Spanish for, "the Angels"; also when the Spanish galleons spotted the coastline, the coeastline was covered in morning fog to be reminiscent of entering heaven) 4231
15 El Paso, Texas ("The Pass") 4191
16 Sierra Nevada ("Snowcapped mountain range" (literally, sierra means "saw")) 3716
17 Northern Mariana Islands (Named after Mariana of Austria; once a queen consort of Spain) 3657
18 Palo Alto, California ("Tall Tree") 3467
19 Fresno, California ("Ash Tree") 3443
20 Santa Barbara, California ("Saint Barbara") 2870
21 Santa Fe, New Mexico (Holy Faith) 2825
22 Toledo, Ohio (named after the Spanish city) 2431
23 Amarillo, Texas ("Yellow") 2170
24 Laredo, Texas (Spanish town) 2027
25 Boca Raton, Florida (from Boca Ratón: derives from the Spanish word boca [link] was often used to describe an inlet/mouth of a river, while ratón (literally mouse) was used by Spanish sailors to describe rocks that gnawed at a ship's cable, or mouse was a term for a cowardly thief) 1875
26 San Bernardino, California ("Saint Bernardine") 1690
27 Galveston, Texas (named after governor Bernardo de Gálvez) 1590
28 San Diego County, California (Named for San Diego Bay, itself named for Saint Didacus of Alcalá, or San Diego de Alcalá in Spanish.) 1573
29 Modesto, California ("Modest") 1514
30 Plano, Texas ("Flat") 1440
31 San Bernardino County, California (Named for Saint Bernardino of Siena.) 1396
32 San Luis Obispo, California ("Saint Louis bishop") 1391
33 Santa Ana, California ("Saint Anne") 1370
34 Salinas, California ("salt ponds") 1354
35 Santa Rosa, California ("Saint Rose") 1319
36 Mariana Islands (also Las Marianas and Islas de los Ladrones) 1275
37 Vallejo, California (Spanish family name) 1190
38 Ventura County, California (Abbreviation of San Buenaventura, Spanish for St. Bonaventure) 1180
39 Santa Clara, California ("Saint Claire") 1163
40 Mesa, Arizona ("Table") 1114
41 Pueblo, Colorado ("Village") 1078
42 Chico, California ("Small". Derived from "Rancho del Arroyo Chico," meaning "Small Stream Ranch") 1077
43 Corona, California ("crown") 1046
44 Alameda County, California ("Cottonwood Grove" in the Spanish language) 1043
45 Santa Clara County, California (Spanish for Saint Clare, for the Santa Clara Valley and the Mission town of Santa Clara.) 1011
46 Zapata, Texas (Spanish family name) 1009
47 Key West (Anglicized from Cayo Hueso: "Bone Cay") 997
48 Mendocino County, California (from Cape Mendocino, named probably for either Antonio de Mendoza or Lorenzo Suárez de Mendoza; viceroys of New Spain) 971
49 Santa Clarita, California ("Saint Claire") 965
50 Ventura, California ("venture", "luck", "fortune", or "happiness". Common name of San Buenaventura, California; Saint Bonaventure) 906
51 San Mateo County, California (Spanish for Saint Matthew) 851
52 Contra Costa County, California ("opposite coast" in Spanish; in reference to its location in the San Francisco Bay Area) 772
53 Cape Canaveral (Anglicized from Cabo Cañaveral) 765
54 Costa Mesa, California ("Mesa Coast") 745
55 Chula Vista, California ("beautiful view") 741
56 San Marcos, Texas 735
57 Los Gatos, California ("The Cats," referring to the to the cougars that are indigenous to the foothills in which the town is located. 710
58 Merced, California ("Mercy") 678
59 Santa Barbara County, California (Spanish for Saint Barbara.) 674
60 Escondido, California ("hidden") 667
61 Farallon Islands (from: Farallones "High Cliffs") 642
62 Indio, California ("Indian") 614
63 Victoria, Texas (Spanish name, meaning victory) 585
64 Llano Estacado ("Staked Plain") 580
65 Fresno County, California (From Fresno Creek. In Spanish, fresno means, "ash tree") 558
66 Murrieta, California (Spanish family name) 557
67 El Centro, California ("the center") 556
68 Sausalito, California (derived from Spanish word "sauzalito", meaning "small willow grove") 552
69 El Camino Real ("The Royal Road" or "The King's Highway") 550
70 Pinellas County, Florida (named after "La Punta de Piñal de Jimenez", which means "Jimenez's Point of Pines", after the entrance to Tampa Bay by Spanish explorers in 1757) 541
71 Monterey County, California (from Monterey Bay -- the name itself is composed of the Spanish words: Monte, "Hill" and Rey, "King") 535
72 San Luis Obispo County, California (Spanish for St. Louis, the Bishop) 516
73 Nogales, Arizona ("Walnuts") 503
74 Zapata County, Texas (Spanish family name) 466
75 Valparaiso, Indiana 461
76 Sacramento County, California (From the Sacramento River, itself named for the Santisimo Sacramento (Spanish for Most Holy Sacrament) a reference to the Eucharist) 442
77 El Cajon, California ("drawer") 437
78 Santa Cruz County, California (Spanish for "Holy/Sacred Cross") 422
79 El Monte, California ("the mountain" or "the meadow") 420
80 Paso Robles, California (shortened version of El Paso de Robles, which means "pass of the oaks"; named for the abundance of oak trees in the area) 418
81 Lake Buena Vista, Florida ("good view") 409
82 Miramar, Florida (named after a town in Granma Province, Cuba, it means "sea view" or "sea-sight") 406
83 San Marcos, California ("Saint Mark") 394
84 Sierra Vista, Arizona ("Mountain view") 385
85 Cerritos, California ("little hills") 384
86 El Dorado County, California (From the mythical El Dorado, The Gilded One, in relation to El Dorado County's importance in the California Gold Rush) 375
87 Calaveras County, California (named after the Calaveras River; "skulls" in Spanish) 366
88 San Joaquin County, California (Spanish for Saint Joachim) 363
89 Valdez, Alaska (Spanish family name) 357
90 Key Largo ("Long Key") 355
91 Morro Bay, California (Morro Rock was named in 1542 by Portuguese navigator Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, who explored the Pacific Coast for Spain. Cabrillo called the rock El Moro because it resembled the head of a Moor, the people from North Africa known for the turbans they wore. However, the dictionary definition for the Spanish word "morro" ("pebble") is also consistent with the butte-like shape of the rock, and so the term morro is frequently used wherever such a distinctive rock-like mountain is found within the Spanish speaking world.) 354
92 La Quinta, California ("the farm") 346
93 Casa Grande, Arizona ("big house") 344
94 Manteca, California ("Lard") 339
95 El Dorado, Arkansas ("the golden one") 337
96 El Cerrito, California ("little hill") 296
97 Madera County, California (Spanish for, "Wood" or "Timber") 292
98 Plumas County, California (For the Feather River, "Plumas" meaning "feathers" in Spanish.) 287
99 Punta Gorda, Florida ("fat point" or "fat tip") 287
100 Aventura, Florida ("adventure") 284
101 Nevada County, California ("snowfall") 279
102 Del Norte County, California ("northern" in Spanish, also the northernmost county in California) 272
103 Escambia County, Florida (named for the Escambia River, whose name comes from a Spanish word for "barter" or "exchange") 269
104 La Mesa, California ("the table") 245
105 Alamosa, Colorado ("of cottonwood") 245
106 Leon County, Florida (named for Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León, it is his surname which means lion) 234
107 El Dorado, Kansas 229
108 San Benito County, California (in honor of San Benedicto (Saint Benedict), Benito is the diminuative of Benedicto.) 223
109 Amador County, California (named for Jose Maria Amador, amador also means "lover" in Spanish) 222
110 Altamonte Springs, Florida ("high mountain" springs) 222
111 Oviedo, Florida (named after the Spanish city) 222
112 Merced County, California (from the Merced River, a shortened version of the original name El Río de Nuestra Señora de la Merced (River of Our Lady of Mercy); named in 1806 by an expedition headed by Gabriel Moraga) 220
113 Cordova, Alaska (named after the Spanish city, Córdoba) 214
114 Santa Rosa County, Florida (named after Santa Rosa Island, which means "Saint Rose") 202
115 Bonita Springs, Florida 201
116 Hernando County, Florida (named after Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto) 192
117 Bandera, Texas ("Flag") 185
118 Mariposa County, California (Spanish for, "butterfly") 181
119 Atascadero, California (Spanish for "mudhole") 176
120 Refugio, Texas ("shelter") 174
121 Corte Madera, California ("Cut Wood") 171
122 San Jacinto, California ("Saint Jacinto") 169
123 Colusa County, California (from two Mexican land grants; Coluses (1844) and Colus (1845)) 166
124 Valparaiso, Florida ("Paradise Valley") 161
125 Cape Canaveral, Florida (the name "Cañaveral" in Spanish means canebrake and was given to the area by Spanish explorers for the cane vegetation, or canebrake on the cape. The name translates as "Cape of Canes", or "Cabo Cañaveral") 160
126 San Juan County, Utah (named after the San Juan River, meaning "St. John") 153
127 New Madrid, Missouri 147
128 Marana, Arizona (maraña means "thicket") 138
129 Esmeralda County, Nevada (Emerald) 136
130 Mexico, Missouri 136
131 La Plata County, Colorado ("The Silver Country") 132
132 Nueces County, Texas (named after Nueces River, derived from the pecan nuts, meaning "nuts") 129
133 Las Animas County, Colorado (named after the Animas River, derived from Río de las Ánimas Perdidas, which means, "River of the Lost Souls") 126
134 Atascosa County, Texas (Boggy) 125
135 Conejos County, Colorado (named after the Conejos River meaning "rabbits") 122
136 Valencia County, New Mexico (Spanish city of Valencia) 120
137 Sierra County, California ("Mountain range" in Spanish.) 119
138 De Soto Parish, Louisiana (named after the Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto) 119
139 Rio Arriba County, New Mexico ("upstream", referring to the stream of a river) 119
140 Bonita, California (feminine form of "beautiful" or "pretty") 119
141 Andalusia, Alabama (named after the Spanish region of Andalucía) 113
142 La Paz County, Arizona ("The Peace Country") 110
143 Angelina County, Texas (Spanish given name) 108
144 San Luis, Arizona ("Saint Louis") 103
145 Costilla County, Colorado (named after the Costilla River, meaning "little coast") 103
146 Brazos County, Texas (Arms) 103
147 Naranja, Florida ("orange") 98
148 Anna Maria, Florida (Juan Ponce de León was said to have named the island for the queen of Charles II of Spain) 91
149 Bandera County, Texas (Flag) 91
150 Cadiz, Ohio 90
151 Dolores County, Colorado (derived from "Nuestra Señora de los Dolores", Spanish name for Our Lady of Sorrows) 87
152 Alamosa County, Colorado ("Shaded with Elms") 86
153 Alameda ("Poplar Grove") 85
154 Bosque County, Texas (Forest) 83
155 Matamoras, Pennsylvania, also Matamoras, Indiana and Matamoras, Ohio (named after the Mexican town of Matamoros, which was the first to be occupied by U.S. troops during the Mexican-American War.) 80
156 Archuleta County, Colorado (Spanish surname) 74
157 Victoria County, Texas (Spanish family name, meaning "victory") 74
158 Montevallo, Alabama 72
159 Palacios, Texas (The Palace) 71
160 San Jacinto County, Texas ("Saint Jacinto") 70
161 San Patricio County, Texas ("Saint Patrick") 70
162 Santa Fe, Texas 67
163 San Gregorio, California 66
164 Cuba, Missouri 65
165 Eldorado, Illinois 65
166 El Portal, Florida ("the wooden gate", also can mean "the portal") 64
167 Cadiz, Kentucky (named after the Spanish city; Cadiz, Spain) 63
168 El Dorado, California 60
169 Ponce de Leon, Florida (named after Spanish explorer, Juan Ponce de León) 56
170 Ponce Inlet, Florida 56


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