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Top United States criminals: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 O. J. Simpson 11382
2 Ed Gein – two known victims, one suspected victim, four missing persons; elements of Gein's life and crimes have inspired, at least in part, the films Psycho and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and the novel/movie The Silence of the Lambs. 8284
3 Albert Fish – aka the "Werewolf of Wisteria"; sadist and pedophile who cannibalized several children; convicted of one murder, confessed to two others <!-- Strictly speaking, not a convicted serial killer but I'll leave it in because he confessed to three. --> 7067
4 Martha Stewart 5542
5 Keith Hunter Jesperson – Canadian serial killer convicted in the United States. 4923
6 Dr. Jack Kevorkian - Dr. Kevorkian became famous in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a supporter of assisted suicide, and was lucky enough to have three acquittals and a mistrial before being convicted of the second-degree murder of Thomas Youk in 1999. 4754
7 Dennis Rader – aka the "BTK Killer"; killed ten people between 1974 and 1991. 3791
8 Michael Milken 3136
9 Henry Lee Lucas – convicted of 11 murders and confessed to approximately 3000 others, although most of his confessions are considered outlandish; a task force set up to investigate his claims suggested that the true number of his murders may be as high as 213. 2156
10 John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo – aka "Beltway Snipers"; Muhammad is convicted of seven murders so far and awaiting prosecution for nine others; Malvo was convicted of, plead guilty to, or confessed to at least nine murders. 2097
11 Jeffrey Skilling 1965
12 Ivan Boesky 1331
13 Andrew Cunanan – murdered five people, including fashion designer Gianni Versace, in a cross-country journey during a three-month period in 1997, ending with Cunanan's suicide, at the age of 27. 1050
14 Wayne Williams – convicted of two murders; police claim his arrest solved 23 others in a string of 29. 857
15 Donald Henry Gaskins – aka "Meanest Man in America"; convicted of nine murders; confessed to more than 200; executed on September 6, 1991. 748
16 Leonard Lake and Charles Ng – ex-Marines and survivalists; killed at least 11 people and suspected of 25; collected and murdered female sex slaves. 694
17 Carl Panzram – murderer, rapist and arsonist; convicted of two murders; confessed to 19 others; executed in 1930. 642
18 Arthur Shawcross – aka "The Genesee River Killer"; convicted of 12 murders; confessed to one more. 550
19 Michael Swango – physician and surgeon who poisoned over 30 of his patients and colleagues. 539
20 Joseph Paul Franklin – racist serial killer who targeted interracial couples and attempted to assassinate Larry Flynt and Vernon Jordan; convicted of 11 murders and confessed to nine others. 416
21 William Heirens – aka "The Lipstick Killer"; confessed to three murders spanning from June 1945 to January 1946. 413
22 Tommy Lynn Sells – convicted of only one murder; admitted to murdering dozens of people across the United States, possibly in excess of 70 although only six are confirmed. 409
23 Nannie Doss – aka "The Giggling Granny" and "The Jolly Black Widow"; serial poisoner who killed 11 family members. 398
24 Donald Harvey – aka "Angel of Death"; hospital orderly; confessed to more than 80 "mercy killings" with 37 confirmed killings. 371
25 Gerald Stano – convicted murderer of 41 women; executed in 1998. 365
26 Randall Woodfield – aka "The I-5 Killer" and "The I-5 Bandit"; convicted of four murders; believed responsible for 14 others. 257
27 Kristen Gilbert – aka the "Angel of Death"; nurse convicted of killing four by epinephrine injection. 255
28 Alton Coleman – multi-state killer whose killings took place during two months in 1984 aided by Debra Denise Brown; was convicted of murder in three states. 239
29 Carroll Cole – killed 16 people between 1948 and 1980; executed in 1985. 220
30 Earle Nelson – aka "Gorilla Man"; necrophiliac convicted and hanged for one murder; implicated in about 20 others. 207
31 Dennis Levine 192
32 Marie Noe – murdered eight of her children between 1949 and 1968. 182
33 Paul Dennis Reid – killed seven people during armed robberies between February and April 1997. 143
34 Samuel D. Waksal 128
35 Efren Saldivar – respiratory therapist who killed six patients, possibly as many as 120. 116
36 Lemuel Smith – confessed to the murders of five people, including an on-duty female prison guard. 108
37 Wayne Adam Ford – aka "Wayward Wayne"; confessed to murdering four women; believed to have killed others. 89
38 Robert Shulman – convicted of murdering five prostitutes between 1991 and 1996. 72
39 Joseph Nacchio 62
40 Eugene Plotkin 37
41 Troy Eid 36
42 Roger Blackwell 30
43 Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood 7
44 Gerald Gallego Jr. and Charlene Williams – aka the "Gallego Sex Slaves Killers"; kidnapped, raped and killed victims in the late 1970s; most of them were teenagers. < 5
45 Julio González - convicted of arson and murder of 87 people in the Happy Land Fire. < 5


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