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Top University of Cincinnati people: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 George Clooney, Academy Award winning actor 18033
2 Neil Armstrong - American astronaut, professor for Aerospace engineering 11664
3 William Howard Taft, US President, Supreme Court Chief Justice (law graduate) 6668
4 Sandy Koufax, hall of fame baseball pitcher 5002
5 Rich Franklin, Professional MMA fighter 4704
6 Urban Meyer, graduate, head football coach of the University of Florida Gators ( Winners of the 2007 and 2009 BCS National Championship) 1016
7 Oscar Robertson, graduate, Hall of fame basketball player 1002
8 Paul Tibbets, Pilot of the B-29 plane that dropped atom bomb over Hiroshima 985
9 Cris Collinsworth, law graduate, Emmy-winning sports commentator, former NFL player 944
10 Randy Harrison, drama graduate, actor on Queer as Folk 848
11 David Canary, A&S graduate, multiple Emmy-winning actor on All My Children since 1983 845
12 Kevin Youkilis, graduate, 2-time All Star, Gold Glove winner, 2-time World Series champion, MLB player for the Boston Red Sox 752
13 Thomas Szasz, psychiatrist and author of The Myth of Mental Illness 720
14 Michael Graves, architecture graduate, Architect 669
15 Kenyon Martin, Basketball player at Denver Nuggets, 1<sup>st</sup> overall pick in the 2000 NBA draft 649
16 Jerry Rubin, activist 579
17 Charles G. Dawes, law graduate, 30th Vice President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize winner 532
18 Nipsey Russell, actor/comedian 523
19 Bruce Edwards Ivins, microbiologist and alleged perpetrator of 2001 anthrax attacks 481
20 James Levine, conductor of the Metropolitan Opera orchestra 450
21 Nick Van Exel, Basketball player 427
22 Dorian Harewood, drama graduate, screen actor, singer 402
23 Kathleen Battle, graduate, opera singer 396
24 Kenesaw Mountain Landis, federal judge and first Commissioner of Major League Baseball 388
25 Charles Keating, American criminal (Keating Five scandal) and virulent anti-pornography activist 347
26 Albert Sabin - Developed the oral live polio vaccine 321
27 Liz Callaway, singer and actress 321
28 Shoshana Bean, musical theater graduate, Broadway actress. 307
29 Al Hirt, graduate, trumpeter and bandleader 299
30 Vinod Dham, graduate, 'father' of the Pentium computer chip (MS Eng, 77) 277
31 Bob Taft, former Ohio governor (law graduate) 274
32 DerMarr Johnson, Basketball player 264
33 Suzanne Farrell, prima ballerina 244
34 Randy Edelman, music graduate, composer of numerous movie scores, received BMI’s Outstanding Career Achievement Award 243
35 Haruki Nakamura, Baltimore Ravens Safety 223
36 Faith Prince, musical theater graduate, Tony-winning Broadway actress ("Guys and Dolls") 212
37 Miller Huggins, Hall of Fame baseball player and manager; managed the great New York Yankees teams of the 1920s 211
38 Brent Celek, NFL Tight End, currently plays for Philadelphia Eagles, selected 5th round (162nd overall) in 2007 NFL Draft 192
39 Stephanie Heinrich, Playboy model 171
40 Ruben Patterson, Basketball player 139
41 Jean Schmidt, Congresswoman from Ohio 130
42 Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops orchestra 124
43 Teddi Siddall, screen actor (drama graduate) 122
44 Thomas Berger, A&S graduate, author of “Little Big Man” 121
45 Michael Gruber, stage actor, singer, and dancer 118
46 Christian Tetzlaff, professional violinist 118
47 Danny Fortson, Basketball player 111
48 Jason Maxiell, education graduate, NBA player for the Detroit Pistons 104
49 Michael Bierut, DAAP graduate, partner at Pentagram New York 100
50 Stephen Flaherty, music graduate, Tony-winning composer (Ragtime and Once on This Island) 93
51 Tony Trabert, graduate, tennis player 87
52 Connor Barwin, NFL Defensive End, currently plays for Houston Texans, selected 2nd round (46th overall) in 2009 NFL Draft 86
53 Bradley M. Kuhn, (M.S. 2001), software freedom activist 83
54 Linda Schele, expert on Mayan inscriptions and hieroglyphics (art and education major) 76
55 Greg Cook, graduate, former National Football League quarterback 75
56 Albert Hague, music graduate, composer of score for “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” won nine Tony's for "Redhead" in 1959 74
57 Frank Brogan, Current Chancellor of the State University System of Florida, and former President of Florida Atlantic University 74
58 Steve Logan, Basketball player 69
59 Carl Blegen - First scientific explorer of Troy 60
60 Kenny Satterfield, Former NBA player 60
61 Kathie Hill, children's music writer and producer 59
62 Juan N. Babauta, graduate, governor of the United States Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. 56
63 John Shaw Billings, M.D. 1860. Perhaps the most famous medical school graduate, as he began the process to organize the world's medical literature, of what now is PubMed. 54
64 Lewis Johnson, graduate, track and field broadcaster 51
65 David Daniels, singer 48
66 Donald Shell - The inventor of Shell sort 46
67 Kevin Huber, NFL punter, currently plays for the Cincinnati Bengals 44
68 Cherien Dabis - filmmaker, screenwriter - The L Word, Amreeka 43
69 Ed Brinkman, All Star baseball player 42
70 David Applebaum, Israeli physician 42
71 Walt Handelsman, A&S graduate, Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist 41
72 Antonio Chatman, NFL Wide Receiver, played for Cincinnati Bengals and Green Bay Packers 39
73 Stanley Rossiter Benedict, inventor of "Benedicts Reagent" 38
74 Beverly Malone, nurse and president of the American Nurses Association 35
75 Sean Lahman, historian and sports writer 34
76 Zach Day, MLB pitcher 34
77 Kristy Cates, Broadway Actress 33
78 Lee Roy Reams, musical theater graduate, Tony-nominated actor, dancer 32
79 Charlie Luken, law graduate, politician and former Mayor of Cincinnati 32
80 Mary Wineberg, 2008 Olympic Gold medalist, 4x400m relay 32
81 David Payne, 110m hurdler, 2008 Olympic Silver medalist 31
82 Marco Marsan, American author 24
83 Kevin McCollum, graduate, Tony-winning Broadway producer (Rent, Avenue Q, The Drowsy Chaperone) 23
84 Harland Whitmore - current professor of economics. 22
85 Tinker Keck, XFL football player 22
86 Hammad Siddiqi - Banker and Author (Graduate 2003) 21
87 Paul Gilger, architecture graduate, Architect, conceived Jerry Herman musical revue Showtune, designed Industrial Light & Magic film studio for George Lucas. 21
88 Charlie Bailey, design graduate, chief special-effects model-maker for Industrial Light and Magic (Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, E.T, Indiana Jones, Poltergeist, Jurassic Park) 21
89 Rodney Van Johnson, education graduate, actor (soap opera “Passions”) 20
90 Tom Rossley, football coach, formerly offensive coordinator for the Green Bay Packers 20
91 Alexander D. Goode, One of the Four Chaplains 19
92 Michael Griffith - American author 18
93 Robert Kistner, gynecologist 17
94 Pamela Myers, musical theater graduate, Tony-nominated stage and screen actor 17
95 Carol Tyler - American cartoonist 17
96 Abraham Lubin, Hazzan 16
97 Eula Bingham, Occupational health scientist, international woman of mystery 15
98 Vernon L. Scarborough - Mesoamerican archaeologist, professor, and anthropology department head 15
99 Sandra Novack, author 14
100 Archimedes Plutonium, (BA Ludwig Hansen, 1972), Atom Totality theory and Fusion Barrier Principle 13
101 Robin T. Cotton, ENT specialist and professor 12
102 George Rieveschl - The inventor of Benadryl 12
103 Jack Manning, actor, stage director, acting teacher </ref> 12
104 Frank P. Austin, celebrity interior designer 11
105 Ronald Howes, inventor of the Easy-Bake Oven. </ref> 10
106 Louise McCarren Herring, engineering graduate, pioneer of the non-profit cooperative credit union movement 8
107 Ali Jarbawi, Palestinian politician and academic 7
108 Jerry Kathman, President and CEO of LPK 7
109 Ronald Allen (Basketball), Player for Anaheim Arsenal in the NBADL. 6
110 Tom Tsuchiya, Sculptor whose works include bronze statues for Great American Ball Park and the National Football League 6
111 Jeff Sherman, political activist 5
112 Benjamin T. Spencer 5
113 Frederick W. Franz, one of Jehovah's Witnesses, president of the Watchtower Society < 5
114 Earl Hamner, graduate, writer, creator of The Waltons < 5
115 Felicia D. Brown, National Television Correspondent, Young Host of Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation FFAWN on Film and Television Journalist at ABC Television Network in New York < 5
116 Abe Bookman, Inventor of the Magic 8-Ball < 5
117 William Lawrence, congressman and first vice-president of the American Red Cross < 5
118 Diana Maria Riva, drama graduate, screen actor < 5
119 Bryan Billhimer - Blessid Union of Souls, Guitar < 5
120 Joseph Heimbrock, graduate, world record holder, most pogo stick hops in one hour. < 5
121 Theodore Berry, Graduate, Former Cincinnati Mayor, member of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity Incorporated. < 5
122 Joseph M. Spahn, graduate, US Navy Intelligence Officer < 5
123 Joseph B. Strauss, engineer who designed the Golden Gate Bridge (engineering graduate) < 5
124 Robert Burck, World Famous Naked Cowboy of Times Square in New York City, and NYC Mayoral Candidate. < 5
125 Michelle Pawk, musical theater graduate, Tony-winning Broadway actress (Hollywood Arms, Cabaret) < 5
126 Eric Tscherne, DAAP graduate, Hot Wheels Designer, Award Winning Toy Inventor-Designer < 5
127 Herman Schnieder - The father of co-operative education < 5


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