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Top actors who have played multiple roles in the same film: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Arnold Schwarzenegger as Jack Slater and himself in Last Action Hero (1993) 45815
2 Elvis Presley as Josh Morgan and Jodie Tatum in Kissin' Cousins (1964) 25952
3 Leonardo DiCaprio as King Louis XIV and Philippe in The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) 24602
4 Jackie Chan as Ma Yau (John Ma) and Die Hard (Boomer) in The Twin Dragons (1992) 23981
5 Lindsay Lohan as Aubrey Fleming and Dakota Moss in I Know Who Killed Me (2007) 18671
6 Charlie Chaplin as Adenoid Hynkel and a Jewish barber in The Great Dictator (1940) 17185
7 Keanu Reeves plays Ted Logan and Evil Ted in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) 16492
8 Nicolas Cage as Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman in Adaptation. (2002) 15976
9 Ben Affleck as Holden McNeil and Ben Affleck in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) </ref>. 15174
10 Jean-Claude Van Damme as Alex Wagner and Chad Wagner in Double Impact (1991) 13172
11 William Shatner as Johnny Moon and Notah in White Commanche (1968) 12176
12 Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly, Marty McFly, Jr. and Marlene McFly in Back to the Future Part II (1989) 12129
13 Eddie Murphy as Maximillian, Preacher Pauly, and Guido in Vampire in Brooklyn (1995) 11691
14 Jack Nicholson played U.S. President James Dale and Art Land in Mars Attacks! (1996) 11361
15 Ben Stiller as Sam Sweet and Stan Sweet in The Cable Guy (1996) 8786
16 Ewan McGregor as Lincoln Six Echo and Tom Lincoln in The Island (2005) 8203
17 Ralph Fiennes as Ignatz Sonnenschein, Adam Sors, and Ivan Sors in Sunshine (1999) 7631
18 John Cleese as Sir Lancelot the Brave, The Black Knight, Tim the Enchanter, Second Swallow-Savvy Guard, Peasant #3 and Taunting French Guard in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) </ref> 6670
19 Meg Ryan - Plays DeDe, Angelica Graynamore, and Patricia Graynamore in Joe Versus the Volcano (1990) 6653
20 Tyler Perry as Daddy Charles and Mable "Madea" Simmons in Diary of a Mad Black Woman 6586
21 Bette Davis as Kate Bosworth and Patricia Bosworth in A Stolen Life (1946) 6464
22 Mike Myers as Charlie Mackenzie and Stuart Mackenzie in So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993) 6261
23 Brendan Fraser as DJ Drake and Himself in Looney Tunes: Back In Action (2003) 6197
24 Richard Pryor as Leroy Jones, Rufus Jones, and Reverend Lenox Thomas in Which Way Is Up? (1977) 6131
25 David Carradine as The Blind Man, Monkeyman, Death, and Changsha in Circle of Iron (1978) 5956
26 Mel Brooks as Gov. William J. LePetomaine and a Yiddish Indian chief in Blazing Saddles (1974) 5555
27 Jason Lee as Dennis Pepper and Steve in A Better Place (1997) 5299
28 Gene Wilder as Claude and Philippe in Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) 5277
29 Jerry Lewis as Professor Julius Kelp and Buddy Love and Baby Kelp in The Nutty Professor (1963) 5088
30 Dick Van Dyke as Bert and Mr. Dawes Sr. in Mary Poppins (film) (1964) 5052
31 Peter Sellers played multiple roles in at least ten films, most notably: 4996
32 Bob Hope as Peanuts White and Eric Augustine in My Favorite Spy (1951) 4469
33 Sally Field as both Forrest Gump's mother and a reporter who asks him a question while running in Forrest Gump (1994) 4020
34 Jack Lemmon as Professor Fate and Prince Hapnik in The Great Race (1965) 4009
35 Kevin Kline as Dave Kovic and President Bill Mitchell in Dave (1993) 3980
36 Bette Midler as Sadie Shelton and Sadie Ratliff in Big Business (1988) 3949
37 Sean Young as Ellen Carlsson and Dorothy Carlsson in A Kiss Before Dying (1991) 3927
38 Buster Keaton played virtually every role, including a stagehand, a dance troupe, a full band and every member in the audience in The Playhouse (1921) 3883
39 Jeremy Irons as Beverly Mantle and Elliot Mantle in Dead Ringers (1988) 3757
40 Donald Sutherland as Charles and Pierre in Start the Revolution Without Me (1970) 3614
41 Cheech Marin as a Border Guard, Chet Pussy, and Carlos in From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) 3313
42 Mary Steenburgen as Julie Rose, Katie McGovern, and Evelyn in Dead of Winter (1987) 3240
43 Lee Marvin as Tim Strawn and Kid Shelleen in Cat Ballou (1965) 3201
44 James Spader as John Westford and Rick Westford in Jack's Back (1988) 3107
45 Tommy Chong as Chong and Prince Habib in Things Are Tough All Over (1982) 2991
46 Alec Guinness as John Barratt, Jacques De Gue in The Scapegoat (film) (1959) 2968
47 Lea Thompson as Maggie McFly and Lorraine McFly in Back to the Future Part III (1990) 2868
48 Lily Tomlin as Pat Kramer, Judith Beasley and Ernestine in The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981) 2713
49 Michael Palin as Sir Galahad the Pure, First Swallow-Savvy Guard, Dennis, Peasant #2, the King of Swamp Castle, Brother Maynard's Brother, and the Leader of The Knights who say NI! in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) 2688
50 R. Madhavan as Sakthi and Kannan in Rendu (2006). 2490
51 Warwick Davis as Professor Flitwick and the Goblin Bank Teller Harry Potter and the sorcerer's Stone 2390
52 Kim Novak played Madeline Elster and Judy Barton in Vertigo (1958) 2342
53 Graham Chapman as Brian, Biggus Dickus, and Wise Man #2 in Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979) </ref> 2301
54 George Burns as God and Harry O. Tophet (Satan) in Oh, God! You Devil (1984) 2220
55 Danny Kaye as Edwin Dingle and Buzzy Bellew in Wonderman (1945) 2193
56 Hayley Mills as Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers in The Parent Trap (1961) 2162
57 Eric Idle as Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Launcelot, the Corpse Collector, Roger the Shrubber, Peasant #1, the First Swamp Castle Guard, Concorde, and Brother Maynard in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) 2132
58 Arsenio Hall as Semmi, Extremely Ugly Girl, Morris, and Reverend Brown in Coming to America (1989) 2058
59 Stan Laurel as Himself and Alf Laurel in Our Relations (1935) 1933
60 Beau Bridges as Louis XIV and Philip in The Fifth Musketeer (1979) 1869
61 Terry Jones as Sir Bedevere, Dennis's Mother, and Prince Herbert in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) 1851
62 Richard Chamberlain as Louis XIV and Phillipe in The Man in the Iron Mask (1977) 1791
63 Fredric March as Kenneth Wayne and Jeremy Wayne in Smilin' Through (1932) </ref> 1711
64 Norma Shearer as Kathleen and Moonyeen in Smilin' Through (1932) 1686
65 George Hamilton as Don Diego Vega and Bunny Wigglesworth in Zorro, the Gay Blade (1981) 1674
66 Thomas F. Wilson as Biff Tannen and Griff Tannen in Back to the Future Part II (1989) 1601
67 Lon Chaney played dual roles in several films, using the elaborate makeup that became his trademark. 1564
68 Oliver Hardy as Himself and Bert Hardy in Our Relations (1936) 1557
69 Alex Winter plays Bill S. Preston, Granny Preston, and Evil Robot Bill in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991) 1542
70 Tony Randall plays seven sideshow characters in 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964) 1271
71 Red Skelton as Rusty Cammeron, Pop Cammeron and Grandpop Cammeron in Watch the Birdie (1950) 1189
72 Bud Abbott as Mr. Dinkel and Mr. Dinklepuss in Jack and the Beanstalk (1952) 933
73 Frank Morgan as Professor Marvel, The Gatekeeper, The Carriage Driver, The Guard, and The Wizard of Oz in The Wizard of Oz (1939) 837
74 Ted Raimi plays Cowardly Warrior, Second Supportive Villager, and S-Mart Clerk in Army of Darkness (1992) 732
75 Alan Young as David Filby and James Filby in The Time Machine (1960) 720
76 Elsa Lanchester as Mary Shelly and The Monster's Mate in The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) 677
77 Jack Warden as Roy L. Fuchs and Luke Fuchs in Used Cars (1980) 623
78 Scott Mosier as William Black and Good Will Hunting 2 Assistant Director in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (2001) 521
79 Buster Crabbe played dual roles in several films, most often as the lookalike villain in his string of "Billy Carson" westerns. 454
80 Walter Flanagan as Woolen Cap Smoker, Egg Man, Offended Customer, and Cat Admiring Bitter Customer in Clerks (1994) 370
81 Moira Shearer as Sylvia, Daphne, Olga and Colette in The Man Who Loved Redheads (1955) 241
82 Louis Hayward as Louis XIV and Philippe of Gascony in The Man in the Iron Mask (1939) 135
83 Buddy Baer as Sgt. Riley and The Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk (1952) 113
84 Peter Bull as Caspar Femm and Jasper Femm in The Old Dark House (1963) 110
85 Rusty Jacobs as Max Bercovicz and David Bailey in Once Upon a Time in America (1984) 60
86 William Bakewell as Louis XIV and his twin brother in The Iron Mask (1929) 50
87 Adolf Dymsza as passenger of sleeping-car, taxi driver, speaker, waiter, clerk, shop-assistant, "bikiniarz" (beatnik) and boxer in Sprawa do za?atwienia (1953) 20
88 Harry Crocker played Rex (a tightrope walker), a disgruntled property man and a clown in The Circus (1928) 16
89 Christopher Wynnw as Needle's Gang Member #1, and Buford's Gang Member #1 Back to the Future Part III (1990) < 5
90 Kamal Hassan as Rangaraja Nambi (Hindu Priest), Govindarajan Ramaswamy (Bioweapon Scientist), George Bush (US Preseident), Avtaar Singh (Pop Singer), Christian Fletcher (Ex-CIA operative), Shinghen Narahasi (Japanese Martial Art Instructor), Krishnaveni (95 year old Indian woman), Vincent Poovaraagan (Dalit Environmental Activist), Kalifullah Mukhtaar [link] and Balram Naidu (CBI/RAW COP) in Dasavathaaram (2008) < 5
91 Rose Mcgowan as Cherry Darling and Pam in Grindhouse (2007) < 5


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