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Oct 21 2010
1 The Cartoon Network show, I Am Weasel featured an episode in its fourth season entitled "The Baboon's Paw" in which Weasel's sidekick, I.R. Baboon, has the power to make his wishes come true through the use of his own paws, having been told they are lucky after attempting to buy a monkey's paw at China Town 9852
2 In The Sims 2 for consoles, when a player selects Search Couch while sitting on a sofa, he can find a "Mysterious Zombie Monkey Paw". 3320
3 Warren Zevon begins his 2001 song “Genius” singing about a “bitter pot of je ne sais quoi” which he stirs using a monkey’s paw. 2986
4 The Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of the Twisted Claw" is based on the story. 2839
5 Bob Clark's Deathdream is inspired by the short story. 283
6 The Ripping Yarns story "The Curse of the Claw", first broadcast in 1977 and starring Michael Palin, is a spoof in the style of Monty Python, and is loosely inspired by "The Monkey's Paw". 172
7 Michael Scott directed and starred in a short film version, available on [link]. There are noticeable differences from the story, although. The story does not seem to take place in the contemporary era, but it does in the film. The Whites are called The Andrews. Herbert is not the one who dies; Mr. Andrews dies. Mrs. White makes the wish for money, not Mr. White. The wish, also, is for $10,000, not 25,000 pounds. Mrs. Andrews claims she got the paw at a flea market. Herbert is named Martin. 34
8 Bhusan Dahal's 2008 film Kagbeni is based on the story, but with a few changes made to adjust with the locality. 13
9 Treehouse of Horror II - In the 1991 Halloween episode of The Simpsons, one of the stories is about how Homer gets a monkey's paw that grants him four wishes. Each member of the Simpson family (except for Marge) makes a wish, which have terrible consequences. < 5
10 The anime TV series/light novel Bakemonogatari story arc, Suruga Monkey, contains an oddity explicitly (albeit incorrectly) stated to be the monkey's paw, with references to its twisted wish-making powers backfiring at the person wishing. < 5
11 In the manga xxxHolic, a teacher buys the monkey's paw from the character Yuuko, even though she is advised against it. The monkey's paw gives five wishes but all have negative effects. < 5


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