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Top cartographers: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Ptolemy, Ptolemaic Egypt, (circa 85–165), a Greek astronomer, cartographer, geographer 5699
2 Eratosthenes, Ptolemaic Egypt, (276 BC–194 BC) a Greek scientist, mathematician, geographer, and cartographer 2720
3 Anaximander, Greek Anatolia, (610 BC–546 BC), first to attempt making a map of the known world 1269
4 Hipparchus, Greece, (190 BC–120 BC), astronomer, cartographer, geographer 903
5 Isidore of Seville, Hispania (560–636) 863
6 Shen Kuo, China (1031–1095), a polymath scientist and statesman, author of the Dream Pool Essays, which included a large atlas of China and foreign regions, and also made a three-dimensional raised-relief map. 451
7 Su Song, China (1020–1101), horologist and engineer; as a Song Dynasty diplomat, he used his knowledge of cartography and map-making to solve territorial border disputes with the rival Liao Dynasty 219
8 Hecataeus of Miletus, Greek Anatolia (550 BC–476 BC), geographer, cartographer, and early ethnographer 177
9 Dicaearchus, Greece (circa 350 BC–285 BC), philosopher, cartographer, geographer, mathematician, author 80
10 Liu An, China (179 BC–122 BC), geographer, cartographer, author of the Huainanzi 52
11 Marinus of Tyre, Roman Syria (ca. 70–130 A.D.) Greek geographer, cartographer and mathematician, who founded mathematical geography. 44
12 Petrus Vesconte, Genoese cartographer, author of the oldest signed Portolan chart (1311) 18
13 Angelino Dulcetti (14th century) author of the earliest known majorcan portolan charts of the Mediterranean 8
14 Al-Idrisi, Sicily (1100–1166), Arab cartographer, geographer and traveller. < 5


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