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Top convicted Australian criminals: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Ned Kelly, bushranger 2800
2 Anu Singh, murdered her boyfriend Joe Cinque 2085
3 Schapelle Corby, serving a 20 year prison sentence in Indonesia. 940
4 Robert 'Dolly' Dunn, homosexual child molester, died in 2009 while serving 20 year sentence 881
5 Bali Nine, 836
6 Martin Bryant, convicted of 35 murders in the Port Arthur massacre 811
7 Carl Williams,, murdered in 2010 792
8 David Hicks, convicted terrorism supporter. {{ cite news 674
9 Gregory Roberts (born 1952), a former heroin addict and convicted bank robber who escaped and fled to India. Author of Shantaram. 552
10 Jason Moran, killed by rival gangster Carl Williams in a gang war 544
11 Van Tuong Nguyen, executed in Singapore. 489
12 Christopher Dale Flannery, known as "Mr-Rent-A-Kill", rapist and armed robber who shot an undercover policeman 477
13 Alphonse Gangitano, associate of Jason Moran, murdered. 475
14 Katherine Knight, murdered John Charles Thomas Price on 29 February 2000. The first Australian woman to be sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. 423
15 Sydney gang rapes 397
16 Bradley John Murdoch, convicted for the murder of Peter Falconio 381
17 John Bunting, convicted killer involved in the Snowtown murders [link],, May 7, 2007</ref> 358
18 Robert Trimbole, International felon and drug lord 353
19 Alan Bond, jailed for three years in 1996 for fraud 318
20 Andrew "Benji" Veniamin, murdered in 2004 316
21 Bevan Spencer von Einem, homosexual rapist and murderer 315
22 Dennis Allen, nicknamed Mr. Death, member of the Pettingill family 313
23 Eric Edgar Cooke, The Nedlands monster 304
24 Michael Kanaan, multiple murderer and gang member 281
25 Tony Mokbel, serving a 12 year sentence, awaiting further charges 279
26 Ronald Ryan, last person executed in Australia 259
27 John Wayne Glover, the Sydney North Shore granny murderer 257
28 Peter Foster, one of Australia's most famous conmen, jailed for fraud 250
29 Moran family 247
30 Peter Dupas, Melbourne based serial killer who killed several times upon release from prison. [link], Supreme Court of Victoria Decisions, 12 September 2000, (accessed 10 May 2008)</ref> 246
31 Jim Krakouer, star AFL footballer imprisoned for 16 years on amphetamine trafficking charges. 241
32 Mark Moran, killed by rival gangster Carl Williams in a gang war 234
33 Lindsay Beckett and Leslie Camilleri, convicted of the Bega schoolgirl murders 233
34 Pettingill family 215
35 Ashfield gang rapes 211
36 Paul Denyer, Melbourne based serial killer during early 1990s dubbed the 'Frankston Serial Killer'. 198
37 Victor Peirce, member of the Pettingill family, murdered in 2001. 179
38 Neddy Smith, convicted of the murder of Sydney brothel owner, Harvey Jones 172
39 Sef Gonzales, murdered his mother, father and sister 165
40 Keith Faure, convicted Melbourne underworld killings murderer 162
41 Brian Burke, former W.A. premier imprisoned for rorting travel expenses 160
42 Lewis Moran, killed by rival gangster Carl Williams in a gang war 159
43 Kath Pettingill, former brothel worker and owner, and criminal matriarch of the Pettingill family. [link],, 3 May 2002, (accessed 8 May 2008)</ref> 157
44 Roger Rogerson, corrupt former police officer. 155
45 Warren Fellows, 147
46 Rene Rivkin, stockmarket guru imprisoned on insider trading charges 144
47 Julian Knight, Hoddle Street Massacre 143
48 Geoffrey Edelsten, high profile doctor convicted of soliciting a hit man and perverting the course of justice.}} 139
49 John Sharpe, spear gun murderer of his wife and child 130
50 Brenden Abbott, (born 1962), known as the Postcard Bandit 126
51 John Travers, convicted ringleader of the Anita Cobby murder 112
52 Christopher Skase, failed businessman and fugitive who escaped to Majorca 111
53 Dante Arthurs, murdered Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu 101
54 Eddie Leonski, American serial killer known as the Brownout Strangler 101
55 Nola Blake, sentenced to death in Thailand in 1988. Sentence later commuted to life. 89
56 Rodney Adler, Sydney based fraudster who was imprisoned for his role in transactions to hide the true financial status of FAI Insurance. 88
57 Marcus Einfeld, former judge and convicted perjurer. 85
58 Darcy Dugan, (1920 – 1991), bank robber and New South Wales' most notorious prison escape artist. 79
59 Holly Deane-Johns, serving a 31 year prison sentence in Thailand.Transferred back to Perth in 2007. 70
60 James Ryan O'Neill, a Victorian convicted of murder in Tasmania 63
61 Glenn Wheatley, jailed for tax evasion 57
62 Craig Minogue, Russell Street bombing 55
63 Ray O'Connor, former W.A. premier imprisoned for stealing 53
64 Milton Orkopoulos, NSW state MP and child sex offender 51
65 Brian Keith Jones, aka Mr Baldy 46
66 Stephen John Sutton, imprisoned in Argentina on drug charges 41
67 Joseph Schwab, murdered five tourists across the Northern Territory and Western Australia in 1987. 39
68 Francesco Mangione, the Mr Whippy ice cream turf war murderer 30
69 Michael Cobb, former politician convicted of fraud after rorting travel expenses 29
70 Simon Hannes, insider trading ahead of takeover of TNT in 1996 29
71 Barry Morris, politician who was jailed for making bomb and death threats. 27
72 Patrick Power, Crown prosecutor convicted of possessing child pornography 27
73 Laurie Connell, jailed for conspiring to pervert the course of justice 27
74 Henry Keogh, convicted of strangling his fiancée 26
75 Kenneth Brown, explorer and pastoralist hanged for murdering his wife 26
76 Martin Leach: bound, gagged and stabbed Charmaine Ariet and bound, gagged, stabbed, raped and slit the throat of her cousin Janice Carnegie before burying their bodies in a gully at Berry Springs. 23
77 Maddison Hall, murdered a hitchhiker, had a sex change operation in prison 21
78 Ray Williams, fraud related to the collapse of HIH Insurance 21
79 James Beauregard-Smith, convicted triple murderer and rapist 16
80 Andrew Theophanous, bribery and fraud offences relating to assisting in visa applications as a Member of Parliament 15
81 Geoffrey Robert Dobbs, labeled Australia's worst pedophile, pleaded gulity to 116 child sex offences against 62 girls over a 28 year period, sentenced to two consecutive terms of indefinite imprisonment 12
82 David Shane Whitby, convicted of 120 child sex offences against eight children over a ten year period, sentenced to 32 years imprisonment with a non-parole period of 26 years 9
83 Wendy Lange: Dubbed the Black Widow, murdered her husband, sentenced to life imprisonment, changed name to Julie Sage 8
84 Stewart John Regan, A well known member of the Australian underworld during the 60's and 70's 8
85 Patricia Margaret Byers, Dubbed the Black Widow, convicted of murder and attempted murder of separate spouses 6
86 Murray Walter Hearne, killed Constable Peter Forsyth and maliciously wounded Constables Semple & Neville. 5
87 Wayne Butler, convicted of murdering Celia Douty 5
88 Brian Chambers, executed in Malaysia. < 5
89 Kevin Barlow, executed in Malaysia. [link],, 7 July 1986 . Retrieved 25 April 2008.</ref> < 5
90 William Harold Matheson, convicted of murdering ex-girlfriend Lyndsay Van Blanken in 2003 < 5
91 Valmae Beck, sentenced to life for the murder of Sian Kingi < 5
92 Nikolai Radev, killed in gang war < 5
93 Michael Murphy, convicted of the Anita Cobby murder < 5
94 Catherine Birnie, rape and murder of four women in Perth in 1986 < 5
95 Andrew Garforth, convicted killer of 9 year old Ebony Simpson in Bargo, New South Wales < 5
96 Michael McAuliffe, executed in Malaysia. < 5
97 Steven Bradley Wood, Convicted of the murder of Bruno Furina. [link], (accessed 15/01/2010)</ref> < 5
98 Ivan Milat, Backpacker murders < 5
99 Damien Peter Willis, Co-accused in the murder of Bruno Furina. < 5
100 David Birnie, rape and murder of four women in Perth in 1986 [link],, 7 October 2005, (accessed 16 May 2008)</ref> < 5
101 Abraham Saffron, King of kings Cross, sydney gangster. < 5

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