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Top doughnut varieties: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 UK - Similar to North American doughnuts, but traditionally topped with granulated sugar rather than powdered sugar or glaze. In some parts of Scotland, ring doughnuts are referred to as Doughrings, with the doughnut moniker being reserved exclusively for the nut-shaped variety. Glazed, twisted rope-shaped doughnuts are known as Yum-yums. It is also possible to buy fudge doughnuts in certain regions of Scotland. In some parts of Northern Ireland, ring doughnuts are referred to as "gravy rings" due to their being cooked in oil, itself colloquially known as "gravy". 167590
2 Canada - Canadian doughnuts are usually similar to those in the United States. Other Canadian variants include the BeaverTail, Crullers, Timbits, Potato flour doughnuts and Newfoundland's Toutin. 120111
3 India - Vadai are savoury rings of dough made from lentils that are popular in Tamil cuisine They are not necessarily fried. Varieties of sweet doughnut-like pastries includes "badushah" or Balushahi. They are made like an old-fashioned doughnut by frying the dough in oil, and are soaked in sugar syrup and sometimes flavored with spices. Badushah does not have the center hole. Another sweet in India is "imarti", known elsewhere as jalebi. Adhirasam‎ are a Tamil sweet doughnut with a long history. 111253
4 Australia - besides traditional ring doughnuts, jam doughnuts are common in most bakeries. Cinnamon or chocolate-topped donuts can be found in almost any cafe. 107685
5 Germany - Bismarck, Berliner (Berliner Pfannkuchen), is a predominantly German and Central European doughnut made from sweet yeast dough fried in fat or oil, without a hole. The doughnuts are filled with jams, such as apricot or rosehip jam. Varieties and other names are Obst Krapfen, Fastnachts, Faschingskrapfen, Nougatkrapfen, Vanillekrapfen, Kreppel, Powidlkrapfen, Apfelkrapfen, Eierkuchen. 95641
6 France - Beignets are sometimes described as a French doughnut, and are popular in New Orleans, Louisiana. 94964
7 Russia - Ponchik, Russian "пончики", ponchiki, and Ukrainian "пампушки", pampushky, are the equivalent designations for the polish Pączki, but could be filled with cream or jam, or neither. 78614
8 Japan - Dango, Sata-andagi (Okinawa), Taiyaki (fish-shaped). In Japan, An-doughnut (あんドーナッツ, lit. "bean jam doughnut") is widely available and is similar to Germany's Berliner, except it contains bean jam. Native to Okinawa is a spheroid pastry similar to a doughnut called Sata Adagi. 73813
9 Spain - Churros, Porras, Chimeneas, Orange Roscos, Wine Roscos, Roscos de anis, Rosquillas de Ledesma, buñuelos, bimuelos, birmuelos, bermuelos, burmuelos, bunyols, Rosquillas listas de san Isidro, rosquito tonto, rosquilla tonta. 64857
10 Italy - Struffoli, Pignolata, Guanti, (Assisi) Bastoncello, (Calabria) Scaddateddi, Zeppole Spignesi, Chiacchiere, Lattughe (this may not be classifiable as doughnut, but it is fried pastry, in a Lettuce" style) Cenci, Donzelle, Frappe, Sfrappole, Bugie, Crostoli, Frittelle, Ciambelli (Cocullo, Abruzzi) and Bomboloni. 64419
11 Brazil - Doughnuts are referred to as Sonho, meaning dream. 55766
12 China - Cantonese cuisine features an oval shaped pastry called Ngàuhleisōu (牛脷酥, lit. "Ox-tongue pastry" due to its tongue-like shape). A similar food is called saa1 jung1 (沙翁), fried round dough balls with sugar sprinkled on top. A Shanghai dessert named 高力豆沙 is a variant of this with oilier dough (originally made with egg white) and filled with red bean paste. Other types are Tikoy, Zha Gao, Jin Doi, Chien Doi, Zhá Miàn Quān. A salty variation are deep-fried doughnut sticks that are often quite oily, hence their name in Mandarin, Yóutiáo (油條, lit. "oil strips"); in Cantonese, this doughnut-style pastry is called Yàuhjagwái (油炸鬼); it is often served with congee, a traditional rice porridge. 51498
13 Europe & N. America - Bagel: 50105
14 Netherlands - Oliebollen is a traditional Dutch food eaten on New Year's Eve and at fairs. They are like a round donut without a hole. 48778
15 Mexico - Buñuelo, Churro, Sopapilla. The Mexican Donas are very similar to donuts including in the name; the dona is a fried-dough pastry-based snack, commonly covered with powdered brown sugar and cinnamon, white sugar or coated in chocolate. 48191
16 Poland - Pączki, round jam-filled doughnuts. Pączki have been known in Poland at least since the Middle Ages. Jędrzej Kitowicz wrote that during the reign of the August III under influence of French cooks who came to Poland at that time, pączki dough baked in Poland has been improved, so that pączki became lighter, spongier, and more resilient. 47071
17 Ireland - Gravy rings. 43978
18 Sweden - Munk (doughnut), klenät, flottyrring. 43191
19 Pakistan - Local doughnuts are called 'Kichori', which are filled with minced meat (beef or chicken) and deep fried. Another variety is the 'mitha' or 'sweet' samosa, which is filled with 'Halwa' (Flour based sweet meat) and deep friend. Local variations on the classic American doughnuts were made available in the early 90s, especially with arrival of Dunkin Doughnuts, but have not over taken the traditional varieties. 43158
20 New Zealand - Cream-filled donut. 42215
21 Philippines - Local varieties of Donuts (donat) are sold by peddlers and street vendors throughout the Philippines. Local varieties are usually made of plain well-mead dough, deep-fried in refined coconut oil and sprinkled with refined sugar. Bitso-bitso (or Bicho-bicho) is donut-like local pastry. The dough is made of one long piece that doubles on itself, and is twisted, deep-fried and coated with coarse-grained sugar. It sometimes may come with a cheese filling. Local donuts have a chewier texture than Western ones. In the Philippines, donuts are a popular merienda or mid-day snack. Some doughnuts here are sprinkled with cocoa powder. 41530
22 Hungary - Fánk, a round doughnut or (Bismarck Doughnuts) (without a hole) and dusted with sugar, and Lángos, a flat fried bread made of yeast dough, served with sour cream and toppings like cheese, ham or chopped onions. 41121
23 Israel - Sufganiyah (סופגניה, plural Sufganyot), like the German Berliner, jelly doughnuts, Boston cream doughnut, the Polish pączki, or the Russian ponchik, are fried, pierced and injected with jelly or custard, and then topped with powdered sugar or frosting. They have become a traditional Hanukkah food in recent decades. Traditionally they are filled with red jelly and topped with sugar icing. However, many other varieties exist, the more expensive ones being filled with dulce de leche. 39588
24 Switzerland - Ringli, Basler Krapfen, Chüechli, Öhrli. 38851
25 Scotland - Doughrings is an alternative term for ring doughnuts. Square fudge doughnuts are also a tradition. 38667
26 Turkey - Hanim Göbeği, Tulumba Tatlisi, Izmir Lokmasi. 37494
27 Norway - Hjorte Bakkels, Futimonbuckles, Fattigmann Bakkels, Smultring. 37465
28 South Africa - Koeksister, Oliebolle met Suurmelk ("Sourmilk doughnuts"). Another variation is the Vetkoek, dough deep fried in oil, served with mince, syrup, honey or jam. 37246
29 Romania - Gogoşi. 35719
30 Argentina - Kreppel, also called "Tortas Fritas" (fried pastries), is a fried pastry or quick bread that was introduced by German immigrants similar to the Berliner. Facturas are a popular baked doughnut found in every corner bakery. 34630
31 Iran - Zooloobiya, a fritter that comes in various shapes and sizes and coated in a sticky-sweet syrup. 31602
32 Peru - Dona. 31267
33 Greece - Svingi, Thiples, Loukoumades, Loukoumathes. A doughnut-like snack called Loukoumas comes in two types, a crispy one shaped like the number 8, and a larger, softer one shaped like the number 0. 29973
34 Belgium - Smoutebollen are similar to Dutch Oliebollen but usually do not contain any fruit, except for apple chunks sometimes. They are typical carnival and fair snacks and are dusted with powdered sugar. 29742
35 Denmark - The "Berliner" without a hole is available in bakeries across the country and are called Basser or Aebleskiver. 29359
36 Malaysia - Kuih Keria, Kuih Gelang, Kuih Tayar. 29290
37 Puerto Rico - Quesitos (filled with sweet cheese). 28389
38 Indonesia - Donat Kentang is known as an Indonesian style fried mashed potato doughnut; a fritter that comes in ring shape and is made from combination of flour and mashed potatoes, coated in powder sugar or icing sugar. 28272
39 Finland - Munkki (without a hole), Berliininmunkki/Piispanmunkki (no hole, sugar coating), Donitsi (with a hole), Munkkirinkilä. 26291
40 South Korea - Many bakeries in South Korea offer doughnuts either filled with or made entirely from the Korean traditional rice dessert Tteok. These come in a variety of different colors, though they are normally in green, pink, or white. They are often filled with a sweet red bean paste or sesame seeds. 26212
41 Austria - The Austrian doughnut equivalents are called Krapfen and resemble the Berliner. Especially popular during Carnival season (Fasching), they are solid and usually filled with apricot jam (traditional) or vanilla cream (called Vanillekrapfen). They are made from sweet yeast dough fried in fat or oil, usually with a marmalade, jam filling, or chocolate, champagne, custard, mocha filling, or with no filling at all. They are usually topped with icing, powdered sugar, or conventional sugar. 25019
42 Colombia - Buñuelos, Roscas 24873
43 Chile - Round fried filled doughnuts without hole are popular in Chile because of the large German community there and is called a Berlin (plural Berlines). It may be filled with jam or with manjar, the Chilean version of dulce de leche. 24481
44 Croatia - Trijesce, Primoštenske fritule, Fritule, Istarski cukarini, Kroštule, Krafne, Krofna, Krafna 23632
45 Hawaii - A popular doughnut in Hawaii is the Malasada and Punahou Malasadas. They were brought to the Hawaiian Islands by early Portuguese settlers and are a variation on Portugal's filhós' They are small eggy balls of yeast dough deep fried and coated in sugar. 23467
46 Portugal - Filhós, Malasadas. 23421
47 Nigeria - Puffpuff. 23088
48 Czech Republic - Koblihy (without a hole) are usually filled with jam and dusted with sugar. Bavorský vdolek or Bavorský koblih ("Bavarian donut") has jam and thick sour cream on top. Cheregi. 22874
49 Bulgaria - Ponichki, Mekitsas. 22360
50 Ukraine - Pampushky (sweet filling or garlic flavored) 21846
51 Morocco - Sfenj 20818
52 Serbia - Doughnuts similar to the Berliner are also prepared in the Northern Balkans, particularly in Croatia (, Ustipci, Krofnepokladnice or Krafne) and Serbia's Vojvodina province. They are called Krofna, a name derived from the Austrian Krapfen. 20463
53 Taiwan - Shuāngbāotāi, (lit. "twins"). 19236
54 Iceland - Kleinuhringir, Kleinur, Berlínarbollur and Asterbollur. Kleinuhringur (pl. "kleinuhringir" and "kleinuhringar") are a type of old Icelandic cuisine pastries which resemble doughnuts. 18278
55 Armenia - Ponchik (similar to Polish Pączki) are a deep-fried piece of dough shaped into a flattened sphere and filled with confiture or other sweet filling. Tukalik are similar to doughnut holes, and Armenian doughnuts are referred to as Chickies. 17957
56 Kazakhstan - Baursaki. 17087
57 Kenya - Mandazi, Mahamri, Mandalas - sweet, triangular shaped breakfast delicacy enjoyed with a coconut side dish (baazi), made out of flour and sugar, originally from Mombasa. 17010
58 Lebanon - Awami. 16552
59 Bolivia - Buñuelos are a round fry bread. 16347
60 Lithuania - Spurgos are a kind of doughnut, existing also in varieties such as cottage cheese doughnuts, Vvarškės spurgos. 15139
61 Georgia - Punchula 14545
62 Madagascar - Mofo Boule. 14479
63 Slovakia - Šišky (pronounced Shishky), Ceregi. 13920
64 Slovenia - Krofi, Fanke. 13567
65 Syria - Zabeh. 12499
66 Yemen - Zalabiya 12054
67 Moldova - Schlitzküchla (from German cuisine) 11666
68 Korea - Garakjibbang. 11380
69 Libya - Sfenz 11159
70 Tunisia - Ftair, Yous-yous, Bambaloni. 10269
71 Sicily - Pignolatti, Sfingi, Cuddureddi. 9121
72 Cameroon - Puffpuff. 8795
73 Paraguay - Chipas. 8386
74 Yugoslavia - Prusurate 8286
75 Siberia - Kalachik. 7376
76 Jersey - (Channel Islands) Jersey Wonders (Mèrvelles). 6544
77 Azores - Filhós, Malasadas. 6475
78 Bohemia - Obyčejné Vdolky 5093
79 Corsica - Fritelli 5062
80 Sardinia - Zippulas. 4661
81 USA - Funnel cake: 755
82 Fried dough foods < 5
83 USA - Fudge puppy: < 5
84 Turkish Cypriot - Lokma. < 5
85 United States of America - Crullers, Vanities, Comfits, Fritters, Long John (doughnut)s, Boston cream doughnuts, Potato doughnuts, Sour cream doughnuts, Simball, Olicook, Olykoecks, Bear claws, Elephant Ears, Yum Yums, Fasnachts, Frying Saucers, Bear sign (cowboy slang for ring doughnuts) Brown Bobby (a significant contingent in the 'doughnut shape debate' because this variety is (uniquely?) a 'triangular toroid'). Native Americans have been known to lay claim to the invention of the donut with Johnnycakes, though many varieties of Johnnycake are neither sweet nor donut-shaped. < 5


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