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Oct 21 2010
1 In the United States of America: 299170
2 In the United Kingdom: 167590
3 In Canada: 120111
4 In India, the union territory of Puducherry (ex-Pondicherry) comprises four districts: Puducherry and Karaikal in the state of Tamil Nadu, Yanam in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and Mahé in the state of Kerala. The four districts of Pondicherry were French colonies until 1954. Until 1952, France maintained a fifth colony in India, Chandannagar, which also reported to the Governor of Pondicherry, and which was an enclave in Bengal, just upriver from Calcutta. 111253
5 In Australia, the Australian Capital Territory is an enclave of New South Wales. The ACT used to administer the separate coastal enclave of Jervis Bay on the New South Wales south coast. The Jervis Bay Territory is now administered by the Attorney General's Department. The Australian constitution (written before the founding of the ACT) specified that the site for the national capital should be wholly within New South Wales. Beecroft Peninsula is a peninsula located to the north and east of Jervis Bay in south-eastern Australia. The peninsula forms the northern headland of Jervis Bay. The Peninsula is divided between the state of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. The ACT section was transferred to the Commonwealth of Australia in 1915, as part of the Jervis Bay lands transferred by New South Wales to federal control to provide the national capital with access to the sea. While the bulk of this land was established as a separate Jervis Bay Territory when the Australian Capital Territory was granted self-government, the portion on the Beecroft Peninsula remained part of the ACT. The ACT portion of the peninsula consists of a strip of land around the southern edge of the peninsula, which is the northern headland of Jervis Bay. However, the lighthouse (and its grounds) at Point Perpendicular, which is the southern tip of the peninsula and at the northern entrance to Jervis Bay, remains an enclave of New South Wales territory within the ACT's exclave. A large part of the peninsula (both NSW and ACT portions) is under the administration of the Royal Australian Navy for use as a live-firing range; access to this part of the peninsula is restricted at certain times. 107685
6 Germany — Büsingen, Germany () is an exclave in the canton of Schaffhausen, northern Switzerland. Germany also has a group of 5 enclaves created by the Vennbahn railway trackbed between the towns of Roetgen and Monschau (south of Aachen) that was granted Belgian sovereignty. 95641
7 In France, the commune of Ménessaire is an exclave of the department of Côte-d'Or between Nièvre and Saône-et-Loire. 94964
8 England: 79945
9 Russia — In the eastern part of Belarus, the Russian exclave of Sankovo-Medvezhye () is made up of two villages. 78614
10 In Japan, Kitayama Village and Kumanogawa Town of Wakayama prefecture are located in the border between Mie and Nara prefectures. 73813
11 Spain — The town of Llívia (), an exclave in southern France near Font-Romeu, east of Andorra and close to Puigcerda. 64857
12 Italy — The town of Campione () is enclaved in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland, although in practice it is administered as part of Switzerland. It is part of Swiss customs, uses the Swiss franc, its inhabitants have to pay income tax to Italy, though in a reduced measure, and it is under Italian sovereignty. 64419
13 In Brazil: 55766
14 The European section of Turkey is bounded by Greece and Bulgaria. Note that despite the fact that the European section and the Asian sections of Turkey are not geographically contiguous, there are two connecting bridges in Istanbul. 50105
15 In the Netherlands, Amsterdam Zuidoost is cut from other parts of the municipilaty of Amsterdam by land that belongs to the municipilaties of Ouder-Amstel and Diemen. 48778
16 In Mexico: Calica and Xel-Há in the municipality of Cozumel in Quintana Roo State have two poligons of land bounded by the Solidaridad Municipality but with a Coast. 48191
17 In Poland, Sławków commune is an exclave of Będzin county on the border between Małopolskie voivodeship and Śląskie voivodeship, to which it administratively belongs. 47071
18 In California: 44706
19 In Sweden many municipalities have exclaves (most notably the municipalities of Dalarna County). At least eleven of the exclaves are also exclaves of the first subnational, county, level: 43191
20 In New Zealand, the Kawerau District is an enclave within the Whakatane District. 42215
21 In the Philippines: 41530
22 In China: 41392
23 In Hungary: the city of Budapest is an enclave within Pest County, of which it is the capital (although it does not form part of it). 41121
24 Israel — Mount Scopus was an enclave of Israeli territory within East Jerusalem from 1949 to 1967. Since the disputed annexation of East Jerusalem by Israel, it is in Israel's eyes no longer an exclave. 39588
25 In Switzerland: 38851
26 Scotland: There are two parts inaccessible from anywhere else other than travelling through England; these are Edrington Castle and the village of Cawderstanes, which is accessible to the rest of Scotland by footbridge only. Also a small area of land adjacent to a weir on the River Tweed, north of the B6350, due south of Coldstream and due south west of Cornhill on Tweed which can only reach the rest of Scotland directly by crossing the weir. 38667
27 Turkey - The historical Jaber Castle (), within the borders of Syria, is considered a Turkish territory in accordance with Treaty of Ankara. The castle is guarded by a squad of the Turkish Army. 37494
28 In Norway, the municipality of Malvik, Sør-Trøndelag has two small exclaves (the Jøsås farms) in the neighbouring municipality of Stjørdal, Nord-Trøndelag. As the municipalities are also in different counties, this also implies that small parts of Sør-Trøndelag are enclaves in Nord-Trøndelag. The municipality of Sandefjord has one exclave, Himberg, inside the neighbouring municipality of Larvik. 37465
29 In South Africa, the Eastern Cape Province has an exclave which is an enclave in KwaZulu-Natal Province, containing the town of Umzimkulu. 37246
30 In Romania, Bucureşti-Ilfov development region is enclaved by the Sud (South) development region. The municipality of Bucharest is also an enclave of Ilfov County. 35719
31 New York has two exclaves in New Jersey. Liberty Island and the original of Ellis Island not created by landfill are part of New York County (the borough of Manhattan in New York City) are located in the Hudson County municipality of Jersey City. {{Cite book 35089
32 Argentina — Isla Martín García () is surrounded by Uruguayan territorial waters in the Río de la Plata. In addition, the Argentine islands of Apipé () and Entre Ríos are surrounded by Paraguayan territorial waters in the Paraná River, as are some small islets. 34630
33 Washington, D.C. — Theodore Roosevelt Island in the Potomac River is part of Washington, D.C., but only accessible by a footbridge from Virginia. Although the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge from Washington to Virginia passes over the island, one cannot exit from the bridge onto the island. 32416
34 Belgium/Netherlands — The town of Baarle () in the southern Netherlands is made up of the municipality of Baarle-Hertog, a group of 22 Belgian enclaves within the Netherlands; and of the Dutch municipality of Baarle-Nassau, which itself has one enclave in the main body of Belgium and 7 counter-enclaves inside two of the Belgian enclaves. 29742
35 Denmark/Germany: Several farms on the border. 29359
36 In Malaysia: 29290
37 In Indonesia, the province of Yogyakarta is a coastal enclave of Central Java province with access to Indian Ocean in the south. 28272
38 In Finland: In Central Finland, the former municipality of Säynätsalo is now an exclave of Jyväskylä municipality. 26291
39 In South Korea: 26212
40 In Texas: 25848
41 In Austria, the transfer of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol to Italy after World War I left the county of Tyrol in two parts. 25019
42 In Colombia: In the Capital District, La Candelaria municipality is an enclave of SantaFé. 24873
43 In North Korea: In South Pyongan province, Ch'ŏngnam district is an enclave in Mundŏk county. 24605
44 On the San Marino/Italy border, there is Italian land east of the river San Marino that does not join to any other part of 'dry' Italian territory. This area is only a few metres wide, and follows the river's course for around 500 metres, and is close to the Strada del Lavoro. 24266
45 Wales: 23656
46 Croatia: The southern portion of Dubrovnik-Neretva County, including the historic city of Dubrovnik, is bounded by Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and the Adriatic Sea. Territorial waters are contiguous, however. Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina's only sea access, is sandwiched between the two portions of this county. 23632
47 In Portugal, as a consequence of administrative reforms during the 19th century (in the 1830s, then again in the 1850s, and to a much lesser extent in the 1890s), there are no subnational enclaves and only three subnational exclaves persist on the municipal level: 23421
48 In the Czech Republic, Prague is not part of the Central Bohemian Region, although it is the region's capital. 22874
49 In Ukraine: 21846
50 Bangladesh/India — On the India-Bangladesh border in the Indian district of Cooch-Behar, there are 92 Bangladeshi exclaves, with a total area of 47.7 km². Similarly, there are 106 Indian exclaves inside Bangladesh, with a total area of 69.5 km². Twenty-one of the Bangladeshi exclaves are within Indian exclaves, and three of the Indian exclaves are within Bangladeshi exclaves. The largest Indian exclave, Balapara Khagrabari, surrounds a Bangladeshi exclave, Upanchowki Bhajni, which itself surrounds an Indian exclave called Dahala Khagrabari, of less than one hectare. See link to external map [link]. 20724
51 In Florida, the town of Baldwin is an enclave within the city of Jacksonville. The Village of Lazy Lake, Florida is contained entirely within the borders of the city of Wilton Manors. 20646
52 In New Jersey: 20363
53 Oman/United Arab Emirates — Madha () is an Omani territory enclaved in the UAE, which in turn hosts the tiny territory of Nahwa, a UAE enclave within Madha. 20345
54 Dubai, Ajmān, Ras al-Khaimah, and Fujairah Emirates each have one exclave. 20338
55 In Pennsylvania, numerous municipalities in the southeastern part of Delaware County have exclaves. For example, Springfield Township has an exclave separated from the main body of the township by the village of Swarthmore; Darby Township consists of two separate non-contiguous areas; and part of Upper Darby is separated from the main body of the township by Aldan and Lansdowne. 19794
56 In Massachusetts, Norfolk County has two exclaves: Brookline between Middlesex and Suffolk counties, and Cohasset on the coast of Plymouth County. 19247
57 Cyprus — The villages of Ormidhia and Xylotymvou () are surrounded by the British Sovereign Base Area of Dhekelia. Inside this base, the Dhekalia Power Station also belongs to Cyprus, even though the station is surrounded by British land and is also divided in two by a road which is under British sovereignty. 18287
58 In Iceland: 18278
59 In Quebec, the Caniapiscau Regional County Municipality is separated into multiple sections. 18130
60 Armenia/Azerbaijan — In Armenia, there exist three Azerbaijani exclaves. Barxudarlı () and Yuxarı Əskipara () are in north-eastern Armenia. The other one, Karki (), is located north of the region of Nakhchivan (which is a detached fragment of Azerbaijan stuck between Armenia, Iran and Turkey). Reciprocally, there exists one Armenian exclave, a village called Artsvashen in north-western Azerbaijan (). 17957
61 Ireland/United Kingdom: The western-most region of County Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland contains a pene-enclave jutting into County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). There are two inaccessible districts: Drumard in the Republic of Ireland is inaccessible directly by road from any other part of the Republic; the village of Summerhill, County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland is similarly inaccessible from the rest of Northern Ireland. The A3 (Northern Ireland) and N54 (Republic of Ireland) road crosses the border 4 times in a short distance. See N54 here: [link] 17689
62 Northern Ireland is bounded by The Republic of Ireland, The Irish Sea and The Atlantic Ocean 17593
63 In Kazakhstan, the cities of Almaty, Astana, and Baikonur are administratively separate from the provinces in which they are enclaved. 17087
64 In Alaska, the Unorganized Borough is separated into multiple sections. 17030
65 In Ethiopia, the Benishangul-Gumuz Region has two exclaves in the Oromia Region. 16702
66 Berlin is an enclave in Brandenburg. 16661
67 Bosnia and Herzegovina — The town of Sastavci (part of Rudo municipality, Foča Region) is completely surrounded by the Serbian municipality of Priboj, in Zlatibor District. 16495
68 Bolivia: Copacabana and the surrounding promontory are separated from the rest of Bolivia by Lake Titicaca, only joining by land to Peruvian territory. 16347
69 Estonia: Some villages in eastern Estonia, including Lutepää, can only be reached by a road which ventures inside Russian territory. One can drive on the road without any visa, but it is forbidden to stop before coming back to Estonia. 15230
70 In Lithuania, a few city municipalities are enclaved in the district municipalities of the same names, including Šiauliai, Panevėžys, and Alytus. 15139
71 Moscow is an enclave in Moscow Oblast, although it is the administrative centre of Moscow Oblast. Also, some small exclaves of Moscow in Moscow Oblast exist. Also, St. Petersburg is the administrative centre of Leningrad Oblast, being an enclave in it, although this enclave is not true as it has access to Baltic Sea. 15021
72 In Virginia, Fairfax County has an exclave within the City of Fairfax that houses the county courthouse and some other county governmental offices. Prince William County has an exclave within the City of Manassas that houses the county courthouse and some other county governmental offices. Note that in Virginia, communities that are incorporated as cities are completely separate from counties; see Political subdivisions of Virginia. 14959
73 In Minnesota: 14805
74 North Carolina — Knotts Island in Currituck County is only accessible by road through Virginia Beach, Virginia via a narrow strip of land from the west. A 45-minute ferry connects the island to the rest of Currituck. 14720
75 In Illinois, Norridge and Harwood Heights together form an enclave in the city of Chicago. 14663
76 Shanghai - British and American Concessions (later Shanghai International Settlement), and Shanghai French Concession 13999
77 Azerbaijan: Nakhichevan is bounded by Armenia, Iran, and Turkey. 13566
78 In Cambodia, Phnom Penh Municipality is surrounded by Kandal Province. 13549
79 In Panama: 13388
80 In Georgia Bibb County has an exclave within Monroe County. 13366
81 In Latvia, Olaine and Rauna municipalities are divided into two sections apiece. 13073
82 In Ohio: 13066
83 In Zimbabwe, Harare is an enclave in the province of Mashonaland East. 12951
84 In Mongolia, the municipality of Ulan Bator is divided into three parts, two of which are enclaves in Töv Province. 12822
85 Belarus/Lithuania: Adutiškis railway station straddles the Lithuania/Belarus border. Trains pass through Lithuanian territory while travelling to and from Belarus, and platforms are in both Belarus and Lithuania. Nowadays, the station is mainly used for freight. 12821
86 In the Republic of China: 12746
87 In Michigan: 12702
88 Uruguay — The Filomena Islands, which are surrounded by Argentinian territorial waters in the Uruguay River. 12613
89 In Syria, the governorate of Damascus is surrounded by the governorate of Rif Dimashq. 12499
90 In Yemen, Amanat Al Asimah Governorate (Sana'a municipality) is surrounded by San‘a’ Governorate. 12054
91 Honduras: The larger and more westerly of two areas of juridical condominium shared with El Salvador and Nicaragua in the Gulf of Fonseca comprising about 20 sq nm of actually detached internal waters of Honduras abutting on about 160 sq nm of territorial seas of Honduras in the adjacent Pacific Ocean just beyond the closing line of the gulf. 11708
92 In Moldova: 11666
93 In Arizona: 11211
94 Delaware — At least two parcels of land on the east (New Jersey) side of the Delaware River belong to the state of Delaware (the bulk of which is west of the river) and not to New Jersey. This is because within the "Twelve Mile Circle", the entire Delaware River, to the low water mark, is the territory of Delaware and not New Jersey (unlike many other river borders where the border is at some intermediate point in the river itself). As a result, certain areas (including the Killcohook National Wildlife Refuge and a portion of the Salem Nuclear Power Plant) on the New Jersey side of the river that have been expanded by adding fill into areas that were historically below the low water mark are considered part of New Castle County, Delaware, and not Salem County, New Jersey. Both of these areas are accessible by land only by traveling through New Jersey. 11192
95 Vatican City, within the city of Rome, in Italy 10981
96 In Colorado, Arapahoe County has two exclaves within the City and County of Denver, one of which is the city of Glendale. 10739
97 In Oregon, the city of Maywood Park is surrounded by Portland, which annexed the surrounding lands after Maywood Park incorporated. 10579
98 In Wisconsin, the village of Thiensville is an enclave of the city of Mequon in Ozaukee County. 10465
99 In Rhode Island, the city of Warwick has an exclave called Potowomut separated from the main body of the city by Greenwich Bay on the north and the town of East Greenwich on the west. 10389
100 In Indiana, after the creation of Unigov (the merged government of Indianapolis and Marion County) in 1970, three of the four communities that did not fully merge with Indianapolis – Beech Grove, Southport, and Speedway – became enclaves of Indianapolis. 10314
101 In Tennessee, the cities of Red Bank and Ridgeside are enclaves in the city of Chattanooga. 9795
102 Brunei: Temburong District is bounded by Malaysia and Brunei Bay. Territorial waters are contiguous, however. 9753
103 In Louisiana, a portion of St. Martin Parish is separated by Iberia Parish. A portion of West Feliciana Parish is separated by Concordia Parish. A portion of Madison Parish is separated by Warren County, Mississippi. 9750
104 Missouri — St. Joseph Rosecrans Memorial Airport is separated from St. Joseph and Buchanan County by the Missouri River; the airport lies on the west bank of the river, with the remainder of the city and county on the east bank. The only land access to the airport from Missouri is via Kansas Route 238 through Elwood. 9608


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