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Top extended-range guitar players: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 John Mayer (born 1977) is an American musician. He generally plays Fender Stratocasters but has recently been sighted with an eight string guitar. 13474
2 Steve Vai (born 1960) is a virtuoso guitarist who has worked with artist such as Frank Zappa, and codesigned the seven stringed Universe electric guitar with Ibanez. 4838
3 Wes Borland (born 1975) is the guitarist of Limp Bizkit and Black Light Burns used a seven-stringed Ibanez during his early days with Limp Bizkit. 2807
4 Brian Welch (born 1970) is the former guitarist for KoRn, with Korn Welch played various Ibanez seven-string guitar including his and Munky's signature model the K7, after leaving Korn Welch now plays custombuilt baritone guitars. 2709
5 John Petrucci (born 1967) is best known for his work as lead guitarist of the Progressive Metal band Dream Theater. He has used a seven stringed guitar in standard tuning on almost all of the band's releases since 1994's Awake. Currently, he exclusively uses his signature series Ernie Ball Music Man guitars with DiMarzio humbuckers. In the past he endorsed Ibanez guitars. 2493
6 Kerry King (born 1964) used a seven string BC Rich during the recording of God Hates Us All. 2044
7 Tosin Abasi (born 1983) is a virtuoso guitarist formerly of Reflux, who has since started his own solo project known as Animals as Leaders. He is noted for often incorporating elements of metal and shred while also having clean passages in his songs, making much use of his 8-string guitar's range to cover both the bass and guitar tracks for his compositions simultaneously on one guitar. 1209
8 James Shaffer (aka Munky born 1970) is the guitarist for nu-metal band KoRn as well as for his side project Fear and the Nervous System. Shaffer was one of the pioneers in using extended range guitars in metal and currently has his own signature model: the Ibanez Apex. 988
9 Misha "Bulb" Mansoor is the lead guitarist for Progressive metalcore band Periphery, who has gained notoriety on the internet as a songwriter, guitarist and producer. He most often plays a 7-string guitar and is well recognized for his very rhythm based riffs and leads in his musical compositions, as well as for his very tight, high mid guitar tone on his home recordings. 957
10 Chris Broderick (Born 1970) is the current lead guitarist for the band Megadeth. Previously he was in Jag Panzer and toured with Nevermore to have dueling solos with Jeff Loomis. 907
11 Jeff Loomis (born 1971) is the lead guitarist for progressive metal band Nevermore and currently plays various Schecter guitars, including his own C7 FR signature model. 765
12 Dino Cazares (born 1967) is the former guitarist for Fear Factory and current guitarist for Divine Heresy and Asesino. Cazares mainly uses Ibanez guitars with a seven stringed model with Fear Factory and currently an eight stringed version with Asesino. 560
13 Ihsahn (born Vegard Sverre Tveitan 1975) is the guitarist and vocalist of the black metal band Emperor and uses both seven and eight stringed Ibanez guitars. 558
14 Stephen Carpenter (born 1970) is the guitarist for the metalband Deftones and plays both seven and eight stringed guitars from his endorseer ESP. 515
15 Fredrik Thordendal (born 1970) is the lead guitarist and founding member of the Swedish technical metal band Meshuggah and uses various custom seven and eight stringed guitars made by Ibanez and Nevborn. 443
16 Rusty Cooley is the guitarist of Outworld and uses both seven and eight stringed guitars from Dean. 307
17 Charlie Hunter (born 1967) is a jazz guitarist and composer. Hunter's instrument of choice is a custom built eight stringed built by luthier Ralph Novak., his instruments wide range allows him to play both lead and bass guitar simultaneously. 272
18 Christian Olde Wolbers (born 1973) is the former Fear Factory and current Arkaea guitarist uses almost exclusively seven stringed Jackson guitars. 231
19 Lenny Breau (1941–1984) was a Canadian jazz guitarist known for his fingerstyle technique. Late in his career played a custom seven-string guitar which used an additional .008 gauge high A string rather than the usual low bass string. 230
20 Bucky Pizzarelli (born 1926) is an American jazz guitarist most known for his work with John Pizzarelli who plays a seven stringed archtop guitar. [link] Retriced:2009-0 157
21 Ed Sloan (born 1973) is the guitarist Crossfade and uses Schecter C-7 Blackjack seven stringed guitar. 143
22 Shane Gibson is currently the back up guitarist for Munky in Korn as well as in Jonathan Davis and the SFA and plays various seven-string models from Carvin and Nil Guitars. 103
23 Howard Alden (born 1958) is an American jazz guitarist who plays a seven string guitar and has been described as the most impressive and creative member of a new generation of jazz guitarists. 71
24 Jonas Kjellgren of Scar Symmetry uses 7 string guitars exclusively with the band. 69
25 George Van Eps (1913 to 1998) was an American swing and jazz guitarist played and sevenstring Epiphone from the late 1930s. 66
26 Paul Galbraith (born 1964) is a Scottish classical guitarist plays an eight-string guitar with an additional high and low string in a cello like maner. 53
27 Dino 7 Cordas (1918–2007) was a Brazilian guitar player renowned as the greatest influence in seven-string guitar. 17
28 Matthew Heafy shares roles as lead guitarist and vocals of metal band Trivium. Heafy used various seven stringed guitars for Trivium's fourth album entitled Shogun. < 5
29 Matt Bellamy (born 1978) is the lead vocalist and guitarist of English rockband Muse uses a custom built sevenstring guitar tuned to AADDGBE for the song "Citizen Erazed". < 5
30 Juan Hernandez and Ben Daniel play 7-string guitar in American Metallic Hardcore band Colombian Necktie. They are noted to play monster riffs. Gained notoriety for keeping it DIY. < 5
31 Laura-Mary Carter is the guitarist of Blood Red Shoes and plays a custom made three way output 7-string electric guitar built by Yuri Landman < 5
32 Mårten Hagström is most known for his use of seven and eight stringed guitars to create his complex rhythm guitar playing with the Swedish metal band Meshuggah. < 5


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