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Top female rulers and title holders: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom 29912
2 Elizabeth I of England 25398
3 Anne Boleyn, Marquess of Pembroke [link] 11842
4 Hatshepsut, Pharaoh of Egypt <!--During the 18th Dynasty, Hatshepsut came to power and eventually became King of Upper and Lower Egypt. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful Pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty.--> 4255
5 Isabella I of Castile, Queen of Castile, 1474–1504 4132
6 Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen of the Netherlands, 1980–Present 3434
7 Maria Theresa of Austria (1717–1780), Queen of Croatia, 1743–1780, Queen of Hungary, 1740-1780. 3105
8 Eleanor of Aquitaine, Duchess of Aquitaine, 1137–1204 3008
9 Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, Queen of the Netherlands, 1890–1948 2552
10 Catherine de' Medici, Lady of La Tour & Countess of Auvergne & Boulogne, 1524–1589 2355
11 Juliana of the Netherlands, Queen of the Netherlands, 1948–1980 2086
12 Isabella II of Spain, Queen of Spain, 1833–1868 987
13 Elissa, Phoenician Queen of Carthage and daughter of the King of Tyre, Lebanon 892
14 Valence, Countess of Pallars-Jussa 817
15 Sibylla of Jerusalem, Queen of Jerusalem 555
16 Diane de Poitiers, Duchess of Étampes, 1553-1562. 532
17 Infanta Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain 437
18 Eleanor of Castile (1374–1435), Lady of Alburquerque 375
19 Isabel, widow of Ravano dalle Carceri, Lord of Euboea, 1209–1216; Princess of Euboea, 1216-1220 [link] 370
20 Claude of France, Lady of Houdan & Neaufles, 1514–1524, Countess of Aast, Blois, Coucy, Étampes & Montfort-L’Aumary, & Duchess of Brittany, 1514–1524. 354
21 Mary of Burgundy, also known as Mary the Rich, (1457–1482), Countess of Charolais & Zeeland, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, Duchess of Burgundy & Limburg, 1477–1482 332
22 Jadwiga the Saint, Queen of Poland, 1384-99. 322
23 Anne of Brittany, Countess of Étampes & Montfort-l’Aumary & Duchess of Brittany, 1488-1514. 303
24 Joan of Kent (1328–1385), also known as the Fair Maid of Kent, Lady Joan Plantagenet, 5th Baroness Wake of Liddell & Countess of Kent, 1352-1385. [link] 303
25 Maria I of Portugal (1734–1816), Queen of Portugal, 1777-1816. 262
26 Marguerite de Navarre, Duchess of Berry, 1517–1549, Duchess of Alençon & Countess of Perche, 1525-1549? 246
27 Jeanne III of Navarre (1528-1572), Viscountess of Bearn, Limoges, Lomagne, Maremne & Tartas, 1555-1572, Countess of Armagnac, Dreux, Fezensac, Foix, Gause, Guisnes, l’Isle-Jourdain, Pardiac, Perche, Perigord, Porhoet & Rodez, 1555-1572, Duchess of Albret, 1555-1572 <!--Married (1) in 1541 (annulled 1546) William of Cleves (1516-1592); married (2) in 1548 Antoine of Bourbon (1518-1562), Duke of Vendome.--> 187
28 Blanche of Lancaster (1345–1369), Duchess of Lancaster 176
29 Theodora, Byzantine Empress, 1042, 1055-1056. 163
30 Elisa Bonaparte, Princess of Lucca and Piombino, 1805–1808; Duchess of Massa, 1805–1814; Grand Duchess of Tuscany, 1809–1814 159
31 Isabella of England (1332–1379), Countess of Soissons, 1365 <!--Married Enguerrand VII of Coucy.--> 155
32 Joan I of Navarre, Countess of Champagne, 1274-1305 [link] 147
33 Joan II of Navarre, Queen of Navarre, 1328–1349, Countess of Mortain, 1328–1349 144
34 Constance I of Sicily, Queen of Sicily, 1194–1198 131
35 Joan I of Naples (1326–1381), Lady of Forcalquier, 1373–1381, Countess of Provence, 1373–1381, Princess of Achaea, 1373–1381, Duchess of Calabria, 1373–1381, Queen of Naples 128
36 Philippa Plantagenet, 5th Countess of Ulster, 13th Lady of Clare & 5th Countess of Ulster, 1363-1381/82 [link] 124
37 Louise of Savoy (1476–1531), Countess of Beaumont-en-Anjou, 1515–1516, Countess of Maine, 1515–1531, Countess of Beaufort, Countess of Gien, Duchess of Beaufort, 1515–1518, Duchess of Angoulême, 1515–1531; Duchess of Anjou, 1515–1531, Duchess of Nemours, 1524–1531, Duchess of Bourbob, 1527-1531. <!--Beaumont-en-Anjou was given by her son Francis I of France. In Jan 1516 she ceded Beaufort-en-Anjou to her natural brother René "le Grand B-tard de Savoie" (1468-1525), Count of Villars, Tende, Sommerive and Vintimille, Grand Master of France (since 1519)-->, <!-- In 1528 the Duchy of Nemours was transferred to her brother and she received Auvergne in exchange.--> <!--In 1515, King Francis I of France, bestowed Anjou, Angoulême, Maine and Beaufort his mother Louise of Savoy (+1531), and elevated Angoulême to the rank of Duchy.--> <!--King Francis I of France bestowed Nemours to his mother Louise after the death of Philiberte of Savoy (+1524), the widow of Julian Medici (+1516).--> <!--In May 1518, Louise of Savoy ceded Beaufort-en-Anjou to her natural brother René "le Grand B-tard de Savoie" (+1525), Count of Villars, Tende, Sommerive and Vintimille; Grand Master of France (since 1519) [link].--> <!--King Francis I bestowed the Duchy of Bourbon, which was taken from Charles, Constable of France, to his mother Louise of Savoy.--> 117
38 Melisende of Jerusalem, Queen of Jerusalem, 1131–1153 115
39 Petronila of Aragon, Queen of Aragon, 1137–1162 114
40 Pulcheria, Empress of Rome, 450-453 113
41 Hortense Mancini, Duchess of Mayenne, Mazarin & Rethel, 1661-1669 <!--Married in 1661 (sep. 1666) Armand de la Porte (1632-1713), Duke of la Meilleraye.--> [link] 111
42 Beatrice of Savoy, Countess of Forcalquier and Gap, 1245-1256 [link] 109
43 Beatrix, Lady <!--Succeeded her father Henri II (d.1303) to Scorailles and Saint-Christophe; married in 1295 Bernard (d.1325), Lord of La Tour.--> 101
44 Eleanor of Navarre, Queen of Navarre 97
45 Constance, Duchess of Brittany Countess of Richmond & Duchess of Brittany, 1166-96 <!--Married (1) in 1182 Geoffrey II (1158-1186), jure uxoris Duke of Brittany; (2) in 1187 (div. 1199) Ranulph de Blundeville (1172-1232); and (3) in 1199 Guy de Thouars (1155-1213). Their daughter Alix de Thouars succeeded to Brittany.--> 84
46 Beatrice I, Countess of Burgundy, Countess Palatine of Burgundy 82
47 Beatrice of Provence (1234–1267), Lady of Forcalquier & Countess of Provence, 1245-1267 <!--Married in 1246 Charles I of Anjou (1226-85), King of Naples.--> 80
48 Margaret III, Countess of Flanders 79
49 Constance of Antioch, Princess of Antioch, Lady of Laodicea and Gibel 75
50 Joan II of Naples, Queen of Naples 74
51 Violant of Hungary, Viscountess of Millau [link] 73
52 Blanche I of Navarre (1386–1441), Queen of Navarre 72
53 Catherine Henriette de Balzac d'Entragues, Marquise of Verneuil <!--A mistress of Henry IV of France--> 71
54 Alix of France (1160–1225), Lady of Arques, Countess of Eu & Vexins <!--Daughter of Louis VII of France & Constance of CAstile; Married in 1195 Guillaume II, Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil.--> 69
55 Euphrosyne, heiress of Vendôme [link] 68
56 Lady Anne Clifford [link] 67
57 Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut, Lady of Friesland & Countess of Hainaut, Holland & Zeeland, 1417-1432 <!--"She was the last ruler of an independent Holland and Hainaut. After her death, the estates were incorporated with the Duchy of Burgundy."--> 65
58 Catherine of Navarre (1558–1604), Duchess of Albret, Countess of Armagnac <!--Married 1559 Henri of Lorraine, Duke of Lorraine and Bar. No issue.--> 62
59 Mary I of Jerusalem, Queen of Jerusalem, 1205 62
60 Beatrice of Portugal (d.1374), Lady of Alburquerque 61
61 Anne of Gloucester (1383–1438), Countess of Buckingham <!--Married (1) Thomas Stafford (d.1392), 3rd Earl of Stafford; married (2) Edmund Stafford (1377-1403), 5th Earl of Stafford.--> 61
62 Marguerite of Lorraine (1463–1521), Lady of Mayenne, 1499–1509 60
63 Blanche II of Navarre (1424–1464), Queen of Navarre 60
64 Isabella, Duchess of Lorraine 56
65 Elizabeth de Clare (1295–1360), also known as Elizabeth de Burgh, 11th Lady of Clare, 1314-1360 <!--"...Elizabeth was the eldest of the three daughters, and as such inherited the title of Lady of Clare. Of the three daughters, she had the busiest time, as she was married no less than three times - John de Burgh first, then Theobald Lord Vernon, and finally Roger Damory. After the death of her last husband, Elizabeth used a large portion of her remaining wealth to endow Clare College in Cambridge in 1338; if she had not done so, the College (then known as University Hall) would have closed only twelve years after its foundation. Some sources claim that Elizabeth had a grand daughter from her marriage to John de Burgh, named Elizabeth. This Elizabeth grew up to marry Lionel, the son of Edward III, and their son was to become king Edward IV; surely it would have pleased the earlier de Clares if this was the case, as one of their kin finally became the singularly most powerful man in Britain during his life time - a feat many of the earlier de Clares seem to have devoted a lot of their time attempting!...."--> [link] [link] [link] [link] 50
66 Douce I of Gévaudan (1090–1129), also known as Douce of Rouergue, also known as Douce of Arles, Viscountess of Millau & Gévaudan, 1111-1129 & Countess of Provence, 1115-1130 <!--Daughter of Gilbert of Gevaudan & Gerberge of Provence; Married Ramon Berenguer III of Barcelona who thus became Ramon Berenguer I of Provence. In 1113 she ceded to her husband Provence, the Viscounty of Millau and Gevaudan.--> 47
67 Elizabeth de Burgh, 4th Countess of Ulster, also known as Elizabeth of Ulster, 12th Lady of Clare, 1360–1363; 4th Countess of Ulster, 1333-1363 [link] 46
68 Anne Scott, 1st Duchess of Buccleuch Baroness of Whitchester and Ashdale, Countess of Dalkeith, & Duchess of Buccleuch, 1663-1732 <!--"This was Lady Anne Scott, daughter and sole heir of Francis, Earl of Buccleugh, only son and heir of Walter, Lord Scott, created Earl of Buccleugh in 1619. On their marriage the duke took the surname of Scott, and he and his lady were created Duke and Duchess of Buccleugh, Earl and Countess of Dalkeith, Baron and Baroness of Whitchester and Ashdale, in Scotland, by letters patent, dated April 20th, 1673...."--> [link] 44
69 Adelaide of Auxerre, Countess of Auxerre 44
70 Mary of Sicily, Duchess of Athens, 1377–1388, Queen of Sicily, 1377–1388 43
71 Anne of Burgundy (d.1301), Dauphine of Vienne, Countess of Vienne <!--Married in 1273 Humbert I de La Tour du Pin (d.1307).--> 40
72 Isabella of Spain (1566–1633), Countess of Charolais, 1598–1633, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, 1598–1633 37
73 Charlotte of Albret (1480–1514), Lady of Chalus <!--Married in 1499 Cesare Borgia, 1st Duke of Valentino.--> 36
74 Marie of Brittany (1391–1446), Lady of La Guerche <!-- Married in 1396 Jean I of Valois, Duke of Alencon.--> 32
75 Lucia of Tripoli, Countess of Tripoli, 1287–1289 32
76 Maria of Cleves (1553-?), Duchess of Cleves 31
77 Margaret I, Countess of Burgundy, Lady of Salins, 1361–1382, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, 1361–1382, Countess of Artois, 1361–1382 31
78 Sancha of Castile (1037–1065), Queen of Leon 30
79 Margaret of Austria (1480–1530), Countess of Charolais, 1493–1530, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, 1493–1530, Countess of Artois, 1493–1530 29
80 Valentina Visconti (1366–1408), Countess of Asti, Countess of Vertus, 1373-1408 <!--Married 1389 Louis of Orleans (1372-1407), Duke of Valois.--> 28
81 Adelaide of Susa (1020–1091), Countess of Turin, Lady of Auriate, Bredulo, Asti, Alba, Albenga and Ventimiglia <!--Daughter and heiress of Olderico Manfredi I, Marquess of Susa and Berta d’Este. Married 1stly Hermann III of Swabia, 2ndly Enrico I of Montferrat and 3rdly Oddone I of Savoy (1020-59)--> 28
82 Marie of Montpellier (d.1219), Lady of Montpellier, 1205-1213 <!--Married (1) Barral of Marseilles (d.1194); married (2) Bernard IV of Comminges (div. 1201); married (3) Pedro II of Aragon.--> [link] 27
83 Catherine of Cleves (1548–1633), Countess of Eu, 1564-1633 <!--Married (1) Antoine III of Croy, Prince of Porcien, jure uxoris Count of Eu, 1564-?; (2) Henri I, Duke of Guise, jure uxoris Count of Eu, 1570-88; (3) Charles, Duke of Guise, jure uxoris Count of Eu, 1588-1633.--> 26
84 Joan, Duchess of Brittany (1319–1384), Duchess of Brittany, 1341-1384 <!--Married in 1337 Charles of Chatillon (1319-1364), jure uxoris Duke of Brittany.--> 26
85 Margaret, Countess of Mar, Countess of Mar, 1374–1391 23
86 Adelaide, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, 1248–1279. 21
87 Ermesinde of Carcassonne, Regent Countess of Barcelona, 1018-1023 [link] 20
88 Matilda of Canossa (1046–1115), Lady of Canossa, Duchess of Tuscany, Countess of Reggio Emilia, Duchess of Spoletto, Margravine of Camerino. 20
89 Agnes of Cleves (d.1267), Heiress of Cleves & Heinsberg <!--Eldest daughter & heiress of Dietrich I of Cleves & Isalda of Limburg; married c1233 Henry I of Sponheim (d.1259) who, by his marriage to Agnes became in 1228 Count of Heinsberg, Lord of Lowenberg, Saffenberg, Hulchrath & Blankenburg.--> [link] 20
90 Marie of Harcourt (1398–1476), Lady of Arschot, Brionne, Elbeuf, Forcalquier, L‘Islebonne, & La Saussaye & Countess of Aumale, Harcourt & Mortain, 1452-1476 <!--Married in 1416 Antoine of Vaudemont (1400-58), Count of Vaudemont and Lord of Joinville, 1418-48, jure uxoris Count of Aumale and Lord of Elbeuf, 1452-58. Among their children, Ferry II (1428-70) succeeded his mother as Count of Vaudemont and Lord of Joinville while Jean VIII (d.1473), succeeded his father as Count of Aumale and Lord of Elbeuf.--> <!--"...The heiress, Marie, by her marriage with Anthony of Lorraine, count of Vaudemont, brought the countship of Harcourt into the house of Lorraine...."--> [link] 20
91 Beatrice II, Countess of Burgundy, Countess Palatine of Burgundy, 1205–1231 19
92 Melisende of Arsuf, Lady of Arsuf, ?-1236 19
93 Marguerite of Enghien (1365–1397), Countess of Brienne, 1394–1397 18
94 Jeanne of Luxembourg (d.1430), also known as Demoiselle de Luxemburg, Countess of Ligny & Saint-Pol, 1430, Lady of Roussy 17
95 Joan, Countess of Blois (1258–1292), also known as Jeanne of Ch-tillon, Lady of Avesnes & Countess of Blois, Chartres & Dunois, 1280-1291 <!--She received Chartres from her father during his life and sold it to Philippe IV of France in 1291. Married in 1272 Pierre of France (d.1283), Count of Alencon and Valois--> <!--She ceded the lordship of Avesnes to her cousin, Hugues, before her death--> [link] 17
96 Adelasia of Torres, Judge of Logudoro, 1236–1259 16
97 Isabella de Warenne (1137–1199), Countess of Surrey. 15
98 Mary Scott, 3rd Countess of Buccleuch, Countess of Buccleuch, 1651–1661 15
99 Margaret, Countess of Blois (d.1230) 15
100 Adele of Valois, Counstess of Valois, Countess of Crespy 14
101 Mayor of Castile, Countess of Ribagorza 14
102 Matilda of Hainaut, Princess of Achaea, 1313–1318 [link] 13
103 Marie of Lusignan, Countess of Eu, 1250-1260 <!--Married Alphonse of Brienne, jure uxoris Count of Eu, 1250-60--> 13
104 Agnes of Austria, (+1392), daughter of Leopold I., duchess in Silesia 12
105 Benedetta of Cagliari, Judge of Cagliari, 1214–1233 11
106 Anne, Countess of Auvergne, also known as Anne de la Tour d'Auvergne,, Countess of Auvergne, 1501–1524 11
107 Stephanie of Milly (d.1197), Lady of Oultrejourdain <!--Daughter of Philippe of Milly, Lord of Nablus, and Isabella of Oultrejourdain, who herself was the daughter and heiress of Maurice, Lord of Oultrejourdain.--> 11
108 Elena of Gallura, Judge of Gallura, 1203–1217 10
109 Isabella Pallavicini, Marchioness of Bodonitsa, 1278-1286 [link] 10
110 Isabel Douglas, Countess of Mar, Countess of Mar and Lady of Garioch, 1391-1404 <!----> [link] 10
111 Emma of Provence, Marquise of Provence, 1054-1062 <!--Married in 990 Guillaume III Taillefer (952-1037), Count of Toulouse.--> 10
112 Guglielma Pallavicini (d.1358), Lady of Thermopylae, Marchioness of Bodonitsa, 1311 [link] 10
113 Maria dalle Carceri, Princess of Euboea, 1279-1296 [link] 9
114 Yolande of Burgundy (1248–80), Countess of Nevers, 1262-1280 <!--Married (1) in 1265 Jean Tristan (d.1322), Count of Valois; married (2) in 1272 Robert III de Bethune (d.1322), Count of Flanders. “Yolande received the county of Nevers as her dowry when in 1265 she married Jean Tristan (d.127), son of King Louis IX of France. In 1272, she married Robert of Dampierre, Count of Flanders, and their descendant Marguerite, daughter and heiress of Louis II of Male, Count of Flanders, married successively two dukes of Burgundy, Philippe I of Rouvares and Philippe II the Bold. The 3rd son of Philippe the Bold received the counties of Nevers and Rethel and the barony of Donzy.”--> [link] 9
115 Maria of Hungary(1371–95), Queen of Croatia, 1382–1395, Queen of Hungary, 1382–1395 9
116 Mary, Countess of Blois (1200–1241), also known as Marie of Avesnes, Lady of Romorantin and Millancay & Countess of Dunois & Blois, 1230-1241 <!--Inherited from her mother, Margaret, Countess of Blois--> and Lady of Chateaurenault and Countess of Chartres, 1236-1241 <!--Inherited from her aunt, Mathilde of Amboise.--> [link] 9
117 Maria of Antioch-Armenia, Lady of Toron, 1229–1266 8
118 Marie of Bourbon (1315–1387), Princess of Achaea and Morea, 1364-1370 (Abd) <!--Married (1) in 1330 Guy (d.1343), Prince of Galilee; married (2) Robert III of Constantinople--> 8
119 Agalbursa, Judge of Arborea, c. 1186 8
120 Marie of Lorraine (1615–1688), 8th Duchess of Guise, Duchess of Joyeuse & Princess of Joinville, 1675–1688 8
121 Paola Colonna, Lady of Piombino, 1441–1445 8
122 Sophie of Bar, Countess of Bar, 1033–1092 7
123 Gersende of Bigorre (d.1032/34), Countess of Bigorre <Daughter of Garcia Arnaldo of Bigorre & Ricarda of Astarac; married c1010 Bernard Roger of Foix--> 7
124 Bertha of Rouergue, Countess of Rouergue, 953/954-1064 7
125 Guillermina, Countess of Pallars-Soubira 7
126 Anne de Beauchamp (1443–1449), 15th Countess of Warwick, 1445-1449. 6
127 Margaret of Limburg (d.1479), Heiress of Bedburg & Hakenbroich 6
128 Marie Jeanne Baptiste of Savoy, Duchess of Aumale, 1659-1686 <!--She sold Aumale to Louis Auguste of Bourbon, Duke of Maine, illegitimate son of Louis XIV of France and Madame de Montespan.--> 5
129 Adeline of Meulan (1014–81), Countess of Meulan, ?-1081 5
130 Beatrice of Clermont (d.c1364), Countess of Charolais, 1316-1364 <!--Married in 1327 Jean I of Armagnac.--> 5
131 Juana the Mad, Queen of Castile, 1504–1555 5
132 Ida of Boulogne, Countess of Mortain, 1204–1216 5
133 Marguerite of Soissons (d.1350),, Lady of Chimay and Countess of Soissons, 1307-1315 <!--AKA Marguerite of Nesle; Countess of Soissons & Lady of Chimay (from father, Hugues (d.1306), Count of Soissons & Lord of Chimay) and Lady of Argies & Catheu (from mother Jeanne, daugahter of Renaud, Lord of Argies)--> 5
134 Maud of Huntingdon (1074–1130), Countess of Huntingdon, 1076-1130 <!--Married (1) in 1090, Simon I of St. Liz (d.1109), 1st Earl of Northampton, with issue; married (2) in 1113, David I of Scotland, 4 children. Their son, Henry of Scotland, succeeded to Huntingdon.--> 5
135 Agnes of Montferrat (1180–1208), Latin Empress of Constantinople 5
136 Catherine of Guise, Duchess of Étampes, 1579–1582 < 5
137 Theodora Komnena, Empress of Trebizond, 1284-85. < 5
138 Agnes of Thiern, also known as Alix of Thiern, Lady of Montpensier <!--She married in 1160, as her 2nd husband, Humbert IV of Beaujeau. Their son inherited Beaujeau (as Guichard IV) from his father and Montpensier (as Guichard I) from his mother.--> < 5
139 Jeanne II of Dreux (1309–1355), Countess of Dreux, Countess of Joigny < 5
140 Juana de Panyafiel (1339–1381), Lady of Lara, Lady of Vizcaya <!--Daughter of Juan Manuel of Castile & Blanche de La Cerda; married in 1350 Henry II of Castile--> < 5
141 Barthe, Viscountess of Marsan <!--Married Gaston VII (d.1290), Viscount of Bearn and Count of Bigorre. 5 children.--> < 5
142 Teresa Martins de Menezes (1290?), 5th Lady of Alburquerque < 5
143 Jeanne of Joigny (d.1454), Lady of Grignon, Countess of Joigny <!--Married Jean of Orange (d.1462).--> < 5
144 Jacqueline of Bethune (d.1457), Vidamese of Amiens <!--Married in 1413 Raoul of Ailly (d.1463).--> < 5
145 Margaret of Lorraine-Adamant (d.1477), Lady of Arschot <!--Married 1432 Antoine I the Great of Croy (1390-1475), Count of Porcean and Guisnes.--> < 5
146 Luisa Manrique of Lara, Duchess of Najera, 1558–1585 < 5


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