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Top fictional hares and rabbits: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Bugs Bunny in cartoon world 4791
2 The band AFI is known to use rabbits in various forms of posters, album covers, and music videos. The use of rabbits by the band is said to be explained through the fact that lead singer Davey Havok is a rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac, and according to that mythology, rabbits will not be reincarnated, and are on their last life on earth. A theme in the band's music, specifically their 2003 album, Sing the Sorrow, is the life cycle of death and rebirth. 4327
3 Jackalope 4025
4 Matt Groening, the author of Life in Hell. Sometimes portrays himself and his two sons, Will and Abe, as rabbits. 3718
5 In The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Link is transformed into a rabbit-like creature when he first crosses into the Dark World. 1832
6 Oswald the Lucky Rabbit 1757
7 The White Rabbit and the March Hare in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1178
8 Br'er Rabbit, in Disney's Song of the South. 1125
9 The Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail - a killer rabbit (instantly adopted as the Vorpal Bunny into many Dungeons & Dragons scenarios) 1050
10 Lola Bunny, from Space Jam 866
11 MIPS the Rabbit in Super Mario 64, the armless rabbit in the basement. 839
12 The Easter Bunny 809
13 The Velveteen Rabbit 794
14 Bunnicula in the book of the same name by Deborah and James Howe 732
15 The Trix rabbit 661
16 Wolpertinger 543
17 Nesquik bunny 509
18 Miffy, in children's storybooks created by Dick Bruna 495
19 Energizer Bunny 456
20 Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, the Flopsy Bunnies, the Fierce Bad Rabbit, Cecily Parsley, etc. in the stories of Beatrix Potter 433
21 Greg the Bunny 414
22 Thumper, in Disney's Bambi 371
23 Amber the Rabbit from Camp Lazlo 362
24 Howard "Bunny" Colvin of the TV series The Wire 353
25 Bucky O'Hare in the TV series of the same name, based on the graphic novel of the same name 349
26 Cabbit 333
27 Jive Bunny, the face of the UK chart-topping novelty pop music act Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers. 317
28 Duracell Bunny 307
29 Reader Rabbit, the main character in the children's computer game series of the same name. 269
30 Skvader 205
31 Crusader Rabbit 201
32 Stampy in Beast Wars Neo transforms into a rabbit. 180
33 Nanabhozo or Mahnabohzo, rabbit god of many Amerindian tribes 173
34 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, a web series on featuring cartoon bunnies reenacting famous movies in approximately 30 seconds. 162
35 Uncle Wiggily, in the stories of Howard R. Garis 154
36 Schnuffel, an animated cartoon rabbit created by Jamba! appearing in ringtones and songs, notably "Kuschel Song". 146
37 The Cadbury's Caramel Bunny 144
38 Buster Baxter, his family, and assorted background characters in the Arthur series of children's books by Marc Brown 143
39 Miyamoto Usagi from Usagi Yojimbo 122
40 Captain Carrot, leader of the "funny-animal" superhero group the Zoo Crew 119
41 Untalkative Bunny 106
42 It's Happy Bunny, an antisocial rabbit once-commonly found on girls' shirts, stickers, and other merchandise. 106
43 Bionic Bunny, protagonist of the Marc Brown children's book The Bionic Bunny Show, also appears in various Arthur series books 101
44 Runny Babbit, title character of the book of the same name, by Shel Silverstein 85
45 Hoppy the Marvel Bunny, a member of the Marvel Family 82
46 Peter Cottontail, in the stories of Thornton Burgess 61
47 Bean Bunny, in various Muppet series and specials 53
48 Muse (magazine) has a tradition of replacing any letters about dogs or cats with cartoons of hot pink bunnies. This eventually escalated into a letter war played out in the columns of the magazine. 48
49 Sam in Zebra Girl, both a cartoon character and a real person in the comic. 45
50 Hodge-Podge, from Bloom County 44
51 Mr. Bunny Rabbit from Captain Kangaroo 37
52 Cutey Bunny from Army Surplus Komikz 33
53 Skippy Bunny, Sis Bunny, Tagalong Bunny, and their siblings and mother in the Disney animated film Robin Hood. 5
54 Plusle and Minun in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire and newer Pokémon games. < 5
55 Alice in Bloody Roar < 5
56 Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (originally in the novel Who Censored Roger Rabbit by Gary K. Wolf) < 5
57 Lille Skutt (given the name "Little Frisky" in English), from the Swedish children comic book Bamse by Rune Andréasson, also appeared in a few television short films < 5
58 Mr. Bun, Susie's stuffed rabbit from Calvin & Hobbes < 5
59 Ricochet Rabbit the Cartoon Cowboy Gunslinging rabbit. < 5
60 Usagi Tsukino, also known as Serena "Bunny" Tsukino, in Sailor Moon < 5
61 Vanilla the Rabbit, Cream's mother in various Sonic the Hedgehog games and Sonic X. < 5
62 Mr. Herriman from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends < 5
63 Babs Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures < 5
64 In the Erma Felna: EDF feature in the comic book Albedo Anthropomorphics, the Independent Lepanian Republic is a political entity of rabbits which is a ruthless enemy motivated by a brutal sense of species supremacy. < 5
65 Assoud, an aggressively anti-Semitic rabbit from the Hamas-funded TV series, Tomorrow's Pioneers < 5
66 Yin and Yang from Yin Yang Yo, crimefighting rabbits trained by a panda named Master Yo < 5
67 Cuddles from the internet series Happy Tree Friends < 5
68 Rabbids from Rayman Raving Rabbids. < 5
69 Jazz Jackrabbit in Jazz Jackrabbit < 5
70 Bianca in Spyro the Dragon < 5
71 The Easter Bunny, later The Mecha Easter Bunny from said Sluggy Freelance. Also his host of Easter Rabbits. < 5
72 The Gamestop Bunny mascot < 5
73 Vibri, the female rabbit in the Vib-Ribbon video game < 5
74 Mokona Modoki, a magical rabbit-like being who is the mascot of the manga artist team CLAMP and appears in Magic Knight Rayearth, xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicle. < 5
75 Buneary, Lopunny in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl < 5
76 Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures < 5
77 Nailbunny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez < 5
78 Rabite in Seiken Densetsu series < 5
79 Rabbit, in the Disney animated version of A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh stories < 5
80 Frank, the apocalyptic rabbit in Donnie Darko < 5
81 Hazel, eventually Hazel-rah (-rah is an honorific suffix), Fiver (also known as Hrair-roo), Bigwig (aka Thlayli), Blackberry, Dandelion, Pipkin (aka Hlao-roo), Silver, Holly, Bluebell, Speedwell, Hawkbit, Buckthorn, Acorn and many others from Richard Adams' Watership Down and sequel. El-Ahrairah and the Black Rabbit of Inlé are mentioned as mythical rabbits or rabbit like entities. Frith the sun deity may or may not take the form of a rabbit. < 5
82 Azumarill, Buneary and Lopunny from Pokemon all resemble rabbits. < 5
83 Dr. Rabbit, a dentist character created by Colgate < 5
84 Jack and various other characters in the same comic. < 5
85 Jessica Rabbit, wife of Roger Rabbit < 5
86 Benny Rabbit from Sesame Street < 5
87 Bunnie Rabbot from Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) based on the same character from the Sonic the Hedgehog (SatAM) cartoon series. < 5
88 Peppy Hare in the Star Fox series < 5
89 My Melody and Kuromi, Sanrio's bunny mascots from < 5
90 Cream the Rabbit in Sonic Advance 2 and other Sonic games < 5
91 Antylamon, a Rabbit-like Digimon and the Rabbit Digimon Deva in Digimon Tamers < 5
92 Kockásfülű nyúl, the hero of the Hungarian animation series < 5
93 Ickis, a rabbit-like monster from the Nickelodeon cartoon Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. < 5
94 Bun Rab in Pogo < 5


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