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Top fictional pirates: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Rhine River Pirates - infesting this and other European rivers in the post-nuclear war world of Poul Anderson's story "Marius". 6339
2 Monkey D. Luffy - is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and the protagonist in the world of One Piece, an anime and manga series. His crew includes: 3525
3 Conan the Barbarian - Robert E. Howard's most well-known character, had several times taken up the career of a pirate (sometimes among white fellow-pirates, sometimes among black ones) before finally becoming a king (see also Bêlit). He took up piracy one extra time after that, when being dethroned and exiled - though soon returning from the sea and regaining his throne. 3397
4 The Berserkers are Viking pirates in the ThunderCats TV show. 2276
5 Captain Teague - is a Pirate Lord of Madagascar and keeper of the Pirata Codex, captain of the Misty Lady, in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. 2014
6 Captain Morgan - is the pirate character for the rum of the same name. 1824
7 Captain Hector Barbossa - former first mate of Captain Jack Sparrow, after he mutinied, he became Captain of the Black Pearl. Sailed the seas for 10 years, cursed until the curse was finally removed and he was shot by Captain Jack Sparrow. He was resurrected, but didn't reappear until the end of the second Pirates movie. And now the both Captains are constantly battling against each other above the captaincy of the Black Pearl in Walt Disney Pictures' Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl / Dead Man's Chest / At World's End/On Stranger Tides. 1796
8 Captain Hook - is from the play Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie. He leads a band of pirates in his ship, the Jolly Roger, which haunts Kidd's Creek in Neverland. 1657
9 Davy Jones - is the captain of the legendary Flying Dutchman in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, the sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He is charged by Calypso, the sea goddess, with the task to ferry the souls of those who died at sea to the resting realm. As Captain of the Flying Dutchman he's granted one day ashore every tenth year to see the one he loved, Calypso herself. But she wasn't there, so he neglected the task angry about her betrayal and since that day he became more and more a threat to those sailing the seas. 1551
10 Steve the Pirate - is a dodgeball player who believes himself to be a pirate, in the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. He is played by Alan Tudyk. 1543
11 Tetra - is a female captain of a band of pirates in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass video games. 1386
12 Captain Nemo - Indian Raja driven by his hatred of the British Empire to become an underwater pirate, destroy ships with his submarine the Nautilus and help Greek insurgents in Crete - in Jules Verne's Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. 1373
13 Red Sonja. A female pirate in the works of Robert E. Howard. 1192
14 Douglas "Dawg" Brown - the villainous pirate uncle of Morgan Adams and captain of the Reaper. He appears in Cutthroat Island. Like Morgan, he wants to recover the three portions of the treasure map before she does. Dawg is portrayed by Frank Langella. 1146
15 Captain Pugwash - is a character from a series of children's comic strips, books, and animated films created by John Ryan. 1109
16 Vyse - is the main character of the video game Skies of Arcadia. 1057
17 While Cap'n Crunch - is not a pirate, Jean LaFoote - his commercial nemesis of bygone days, was not only a pirate, but a barefoot one to boot. 1054
18 Seth Balmore - a sea pirate and immortal in the video game Lost Odyssey. 1025
19 Elizabeth Swann - (played by Keira Knightley) is a protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. She succeeded Sao Feng as Captain of the Empress after he dies. He gives the Captaincy to her, believing she is the sea goddess Calypso. 1006
20 Long John Silver - is one of several pirates who appear in the Robert Louis Stevenson, novel Treasure Island, which weaves together many pirate myths and motifs including maps of hidden treasure, villany among pirates, marooning, parrots, missing limbs, and eye patches. 989
21 William Turner. A protagonist in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Succeeded Davy Jones as Captain of the Flying Dutchman after the tragic turn of events in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. He's married to Elizabeth Swann, who is herself now Captain of the Empress, former Sao Feng's ship. 909
22 Captain Harlock - is the titular space pirate of his own anime series. 555
23 The Dread Pirate Roberts - is a fearsome pirate dressed all in black (including a black mask and headrag) who is reputed to "leave no survivors," and captains the pirate ship Revenge in the novel The Princess Bride by William Goldman. 466
24 Guybrush Threepwood - is the bumbling hero of Ron Gilbert's Monkey Island series of adventure games by LucasArts. His antagonist is the evil zombie ghost pirate LeChuck. 464
25 Sandokan - or "The Tiger of Malaya", is the scourge of the British in the South China Sea by Italian author Emilio Salgari. He was portrayed onscreen, in a 1976 Italian TV series, by Indian actor Kabir Bedi. 431
26 Captain Whisker - is a robot look-alike of Doctor Eggman as seen in Sonic Rush Adventure. 276
27 Captain Flint, in Treasure Island 232
28 Starjammers, heroic space pirates in the Marvel Universe, who became pirates for eminently justified reasons. 222
29 Captain Blood - is the alias of Peter Blood, an Irish doctor turned slave, then pirate, and is the title character of a series of novels by Rafael Sabatini. The novel was also adapted into a film starring Errol Flynn and directed by Casablanca director Michael Curtiz. Captain Blood also appears in Martin Mystery animated television series episode Pirates of Doom where he is depicted as supernatural pirate. 197
30 Elaine Marley - is the governor of several pirate islands in the Monkey Island series of video games. 174
31 Lt. John Merrick was a Royal Navy lieutenant, was now a pirate captain and his crews were now pirates in the 1850s,from the book by O. V. Falck-Ytter called "Haakon Haakonsen. En norsk Robinson" (Haakon Haakonsen. A Norwegian Robinson), an action-adventure story aimed at youths, it was inspired by Daniel Defoe's "Robinson Crusoe" and published in 1873. And it made into a film called Shipwrecked (1990 film). 174
32 The Crimson Pirate - a.k.a. Captain Vallo - played by Burt Lancaster, is an acrobatic rogue who became a hero in the namesake 1952 movie. Lancaster's former circus partner Nick Cravat also appears as Vallo's mute sidekick, Ojo. 157
33 Space pirates - various groups, distinct from each other, use this name (see separate article) 152
34 Red Rackham - is a pirate in the Tintin adventure The Secret of the Unicorn by Hergé. He was killed by Sir Francis Haddock after Rackham attempted to take over Haddock's ship, the Unicorn. 141
35 Billy Bones, in Treasure Island 126
36 "The Master of Ballantrae" (James Durie), in Robert Louis Stevenson's well known novel of that name, has become a ruthless and bloodthirsty pirate after being forced into exile following his involvement in the failed Jacobite Rising of 1745. 124
37 The Black Corsair - is an Italian nobleman turned pirate to avenge the death of his brothers. One of Emilio Salgari's most legendary creations. Portrayed in "El Corsario Negro" (1944) by actor Pedro Armendáriz. There was also an Italian film made in 1937, directed by Amleto Palermi. 108
38 Captain Stingaree was the first supervillain pirate in the Batman comic books! 103
39 Charlotte de Berry - is the name of a female pirate captain who stars in an 1836 book by Edward Lloyd. 82
40 The Black Pirate - DC Comics character, no connection to the 1926 Douglas Fairbanks film. This Black Pirate was a masked hero. 78
41 Captain Sabertooth - (Norwegian: Kaptein Sabeltann) is the pirate and the main character in some Norwegian theatre plays created by Norwegian singer and actor Terje Formoe. He is the skipper of his bands of pirates who sailed together in their ship, the Black Lady in search of mystical treasures arounds in his voyages. 77
42 Redbeard - (Barbe Rouge) is a comic book series since 1961, created by Jean-Michel Charlier & Victor Hubinon. 67
43 Captain Clegg - is the alias assumed by clergyman Doctor Syn when he turned to piracy in the novel Doctor Syn on the High Seas by Russell Thorndike. Other notable pirates in the book include Captain Satan, a black pirate leader whom Syn kills and whose ship and crew he then takes over; Mr. Mipps, a former Royal Navy carpenter and Syn/Clegg's loyal lieutenant; and Yellow Pete, the ship's Chinese cook, who leads a mutiny and is killed by Syn. 63
44 Andrew Murray - is the idealistic Jacobite turned pirate, working in partnership with the decidedly not idealistic Captain Flint, who in A. D. Howden Smith's Porto Bello Gold (1924) captures from a Spanish galleon - and secretly buries - the same treasure which would a generation later be recovered with considerable trouble by the protagonists of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic "Treasure Island". 59
45 The Corsairs of Umbar - of whom no personal name is given, who have a strategic role on the enemy's side in the later part of the war in J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. 57
46 Tom Ayrton's former crew of pirates and their pirate captain Bob Harvey who sailed on their pirate brig the Speedy in The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne. 47
47 Sea Hawk - is a pirate and anti-hero from the TV series She-Ra: Princess of Power. He was originally a transporter for the Evil Horde, but later defects to The Great Rebellion when persuaded by Princess Adora/She-Ra. 23
48 Piet Piraat ("Pete the Pirate") - a good-natured adventurous pirate in a Flemish children's program [link]. 11
49 Cannonball (Transformers) - is a decepticon space pirate. 9
50 Ker Karraje - (a.k.a. Count d'Artigas) is a sophisticated and ruthless pirate of Malay origin, using state-of-the-art technologies of the late 19th Century, notably a submarine, in Jules Verne's "Facing the Flag". 8
51 Painty the Pirate and Patchy the Pirate are pirates that appear on the animated comedy SpongeBob SquarePants. Painty is a pirate captain in a painting that sings the theme song along with an unseen group of children, while Patchy is a live-action character who hosts many of the show's "special episodes". 6
52 Revy, the gunslinger. 6
53 Atomsk - is the alien pirate king in the anime FLCL. 5
54 Morgan Adams - is the captain of the Morning Star, played by Geena Davis in the film Cutthroat Island. < 5
55 Pirate Pimm - is the central figure of the Pirate Pimm films and the self proclaimed "Greatest Pirate of Them All" < 5
56 Franky, the shipwright < 5
57 Mary "Jacky" Faber - is the protagonist the series by L.A. Meyer, Bloody Jack. < 5
58 Captain Samuel Salt - was the pirate captain of his magic pirate ship and his crew of pirates sailed through sea and air to Nonestic Ocean (which surrounds the continent Oz is on) in Pirates in Oz and Captain Salt in Oz at the Oz books created by L. Frank Baum and written by Ruth Plumly Thompson. < 5
59 Dutch, the Lagoon's captain. < 5
60 Captain Jack Dancer - is the skipper of the Red Wench and the hero of "The Red Seas", an ongoing feature in the British comic book series 2000AD. < 5
61 Captain Spade was the henchmen pirate captain of Ker Karraje in Jules Verne's "Facing the Flag". < 5
62 Sanji, the chef < 5
63 Captain Horatio McCallister - or The Sea Captain, is a character from the animated TV series The Simpsons, admits in one episode that he is not actually a sea captain, but he is still known for his frequent, pirate-like "Yarrr!" < 5
64 Brook, the musician < 5
65 Ragnar Danneskjöld - is a Norwegian 20th Century ideological pirate, completely dedicated to promoting the ideology of Capitalism and unrestrained Free Market by force of arms on the high seas, in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. < 5
66 Kaptain Skurvy - is a secondary villain of the Donkey Kong Country cartoon series. < 5
67 The Pirates - are a band of nameless and hapless pirates that appear as a running joke in almost all of the Asterix adventures. < 5
68 Cervantes de Leon - the former captain of the Adrian, is a Spanish ghost pirate who possesses Soul Edge in Namco's Soul series of fighting games. In later games, he loses Soul Edge and instead wields a longsword and pistol sword. < 5
69 Captain Blubber - and Captain Blackeye - are two (fairly pathetic) pirates from the Banjo-Kazooie series. Blackeye's drunken comments and the furnishings of his room strongly suggest that he may have been a key aspect of the game's scrapped "Stop 'n Swop" feature. < 5
70 Maxi - an Okinawan pirate from the Soul series of video games who wields nunchaku. Unlike Cervantes de Leon from the same series, Maxi does not resemble stereotypical depictions of pirates. His ship is a playable stage in Soulcalibur IV. < 5
71 One-eyed Willy - is the pirate whose "rich stuff" the kids set out to find in The Goonies < 5
72 Ridley - is a member of the Space Pirates in the Metroid series of video games. < 5
73 Captain Walker D. Plank - is a villain in the animated TV series James Bond Jr.. He fits the traditional stereotype to the extent that even his parrot has an eyepatch and a wooden leg. < 5
74 Benny, the technician and computer hacker. < 5
75 Black Vulmea - is the nickname of Terrence Vulmea, a swashbuckling hero of the Spanish Main created by Robert E. Howard. Vulmea's adventures are collected in Black Vulmea's Vengeance. < 5
76 Captain Crook - was the pirate who sailed the sea to find the dish of the Filet-O-Fish in McDonaldland, at McDonald's fast food restaurants < 5
77 Robert the Terrible was the hideous veggie pirate character who sailed for revenge of his brother the king for the thorn of his brother kingdom with technology in The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie. < 5
78 Maquesta Kar-Thon - is the pirate captain of the Perechon who attempted to provide passage to the Heroes of the Lance in the Dragonlance novel, Dragons of Winter Night. < 5
79 Captain Kennit - is a pirate from Robin Hobb's The Liveship Traders trilogy, who - while far from being a paragon of virtue - has many redeeming features. < 5
80 B. Jenet - is the female leader of the Lilian Knights (a band of modern pirates) in the King of Fighters universe. < 5
81 Russell, a friendly sea otter pirate and a character from Happy Tree Friends. < 5
82 One-Eared Pirate - was a pirate in Robert Arthur's book The Three Investigators The Mystery of the Talking Skull. The Legend says that he stole money and before they caught him, he put all of the money into the geyser. After many years there stayed only a few coins. < 5
83 Captain Thomas Bartholomew Red - is a character from the Roman Polanski film Pirates. He is played by Walter Matthau. < 5
84 Nancy Kington and Minerva Sharpe - are the protagonists of Pirates! by novelist Celia Rees. < 5
85 Balthier - is a sky pirate in the video game Final Fantasy XII. < 5
86 Minerva Sharpe and Nancy Kington - are the protagonists of Pirates! by novelist Celia Rees. < 5
87 Usopp, the marksman < 5
88 Captain Jack Sparrow - is a protagonist from Walt Disney Pictures' Pirates of the Caribbean film series. He's Captain of the Black Pearl, although he had lost her for ten years to Captain Barbossa. He's a trickster, and very witty as well. < 5
89 Jamie Waring - is the swashbuckling hero of "The Black Swan" 20th Century Fox's film adaptation of Rafael Sabatini's novel played by Tyrone Power < 5
90 Captain Syrup - is a female pirate captain and the main antagonist of video games Wario Land and Wario Land 2. < 5
91 Captain Levasseur - is a dashing French Buccaneer who briefly partners with Captain Blood , played by Basil Rathbone in the film. Levasseur and Blood fight a duel to the death over the fate of Arabella Bishop. < 5
92 Captain Red Ned Lynch - and his crew of the Blarney Cock are pirates in the romantic adventure film Swashbuckler (1976). < 5
93 Captain Tempest - is from two classic novels by Emilio Salgari: Il capitano Tempesta (1905) and Il leone di Damasco ("The Lion of Damascus", 1910.) < 5
94 Captain Michael K. DeMillzy - is one of the pirates that appear in some episodes of the Internet comedy series The Lord Mike Saga. < 5
95 Captain Kevin Garrigan - is the captain of the famous Slocum Creek Pirates, a ferocious pirate gang that pillaged the Atlantic Coast. < 5
96 Ragnar Danneskjöld is a fictional pirate in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, whose activities are motivated by radical pro-capitalist ideology. < 5
97 Rokuro "Rock" Okajima, the negotiator and interpreter. < 5
98 Wolf O'Donnell who happing to be a space pirate in the Star Fox series, who got his techno eyepatch. < 5
99 Searats - antropomorphic rats engaged in piracy, often appeaing as villains in the Redwall series of books by Brian Jacques. Noted ones are the highly intelligent Cluny the Scourge, the insane Gabool the Wild and the opportunistic Ripfang. < 5
100 Vikram Szpirglas - is an airship pirate and antagonist in Airborn. < 5
101 Captain Broom - is a pirate in the novel Pirates! by Celia Rees < 5
102 Captain Carryall - (aka Theodore Maltatlas the Second Son's Brother's Friend) commanded the much-feared Bread Pirates on the world of food, Pinfoot, in the novel Bubblegum Wishes by J.S. Longstreet. < 5
103 Nami, the navigator < 5
104 Captain Scratch - is the evil captain of the Bloody Hand in Sid Fleischmann's The Ghost in the Noonday Sun. Scratch hires a young man he believes can see ghosts to help him find the treasure of a dead pirate. < 5
105 Captain Feathersword - is a character in the stage and television shows of the popular children's troupe, "The Wiggles". He is played by played by Paul Paddick. < 5
106 Bêlit - is the name of a female pirate captain who is one of the main protagonists along with her partner Conan of Cimmeria in the story "Queen of the Black Coast" by Robert E. Howard. < 5
107 Antonio Bongo - is a pirate that starts a journey to find the six magical keys with his friends Cadman Thomas, Jerry King, Gunter Hilton and his father Amen Bongo. He was created by Conor James Cid-Fuentes Deely. < 5
108 Skull Pirates - from the Legend of Zelda - series are a group of undead skeleton pirates, found most prominently in the Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons games. < 5
109 Roronoa Zoro, the swordsman < 5
110 Nico Robin, the archeologist < 5
111 Captain Barrett - or "The Hook", is a comic villain of the 1944 Bob Hope film "The Princess and the Pirate" Played by Victor McLaglen < 5
112 Captain Mutiny - was one of the main villains on Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. In Japan, he was known as Captain Zahab (a play on Captain Ahab) and was the primary villain of Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, the series that became Lost Galaxy in America. < 5


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