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Top irredentist claims or disputes: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 French claims before World War I of Alsace-Lorraine. 94964
2 Japan's Kuril Islands Dispute with the former Soviet Union (now Russia), most recently over the loss of the southern four islands in the Kuril Islands chain in the closing days of World War II under the Treaty of San Francisco. The Ainu, a people indigenous to Japan, had been the sole inhabitants of the islands for thousands of years until ethnic Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians began to settle there and displace them. 73813
3 Spanish claims to Gibraltar which was ceded in perpetuity to Britain in 1713 under the Treaty of Utrecht; Spain has argued its case at the United Nations, claiming its territorial integrity is affected. 64857
4 Italian claims to all of Dalmatia after the First World War. More recently, Italian far-right movements have made claims of Istria. The whole establishment of Italy originally, however, involved much irredentism, as it unified areas belonging to various states one-by-one with the growing proto-Italian state. 64419
5 Irish nationalists, including republicans, and originally the Irish State itself, have long laid claim to Northern Ireland, also known as Ulster, which is currently part of the United Kingdom. 43978
6 Pakistani claims on behalf of the Kashmiris to Jammu and Kashmir (on grounds of ethnic and religious affiliation) 43158
7 The People's Republic of China claims to the territories under the control of the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan). 41392
8 Romanian irredentists before World War I claimed in addition to today's Romania Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and Southern Dobrudja. The goal was achieved in 1918, but those territories were lost again in 1940. More recently, the goal of Romanian irredentism is the re-establishment of Greater Romania as advocated by the Greater Romania Party, thus claiming territories from Ukraine, Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova. 35719
9 Argentina's claims to the Falkland Islands as the Malvinas. 34630
10 Greece's claims of areas of the ex-Ottoman Empire. After World War I, Greece claimed what is now the Aegean coastline of Turkey, because of the predominance there of Greeks since antiquity, and former rule by the Byzantine Empire. Other Greek irredentist claims under the "Greater Greece" policy called Megali Idea included south Albania, (Northern Epirus) and Cyprus. 29973
11 Croatian claims to parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina (sometimes to the whole country); parts of Western Vojvodina (currently in Serbia), and the Sandžak (currently divided between Serbia and Montenegro). 23632
12 Portugal claims the territory of Olivença. 23421
13 Bulgarian irredentists have claimed the Republic of Macedonia based on the idea that the Macedonians are actually Bulgarians; this was an important factor in Bulgarian foreign policy between Bulgarian independence and World War II. 22360
14 Nazi Germany's claims of Alsace-Lorraine, areas of Poland, Lithuania, Austria and the Czech Sudetenland. 21087
15 Morocco's claims, initiated in 1963 by King Hassan II, to a claimed "Greater Morocco" (an area comprising Morocco, parts of Algeria, Western Sahara, Mauritania, part of Mali the Spanish cities of Ceuta and Melilla). This led to a border war with Algeria and the Moroccan military annexation of Western Sahara in 1976 & 1979. 20818
16 Venezuelan claims to most of Guyana west of the Essequibo River as Guayana Esequiba. 18408
17 Bolivian claims to coastal regions of Chile annexed after the War of the Pacific. More recently, president Evo Morales has expressed his disgust with the secession of Acre (1902), which later become a Brazilian state, saying that the Brazilians provoked the unrest and later paid Bolivia only "a horse's price" for the priceless land. 16347
18 Iraqi claims to Kuwait before the Gulf War 15862
19 Albanian claims to Kosovo, which Serbia asserts is a province of Serbia, and which the Kosovar government insists is an independent country, as well as to parts of the Montenegro, the Republic of Macedonia (on grounds of ethnic affiliation) and Greece. Some of these areas were previously part of a short-lived independent (but with lack of strong central organization) Albania, which was attacked by Montenegro, Greece and Serbia all at the same time during the Balkan wars after it had already been hurt by fighting with the central government in Istanbul, which it broke from when Istanbul refused to recognize Albanians as a distinct community. Other areas were taken earlier by Christian states in the late 19th century (such as the Berlin conference's award of Montenegrin land around Ulcinj). 14848
20 Guatemalan claims to Belize and parts of Mexico, both nullified in 1995. 14395
21 Within Somalia, the self-declared Puntland and Somaliland conflict over Sanaag and Sool, based on the Puntland desire to unite areas of the Darod clan. 13574
22 Cambodia has claimed parts of the Mekong Delta that lie in present day Vietnam on the basis that the area, which was formerly part of the Khmer Empire, was artificially carved up by the French during the Colonial Period and given to South Vietnam upon French withdrawal. The area still is home to at least one million ethnic Khmers (the Khmer Krom) who claim to be persecuted by the Vietnamese. 13549
23 The Republic of China's claims to mainland China ruled by the People's Republic of China, and most of the PRC's territorial claims. 12746
24 Palestinian claims to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, captured by Israel during the 1967 Six-day war. Hamas and other Palestinian factions claim the entire territory of the state of Israel. Palestinian claims to all of Jordan . 3501
25 Bosniak claims to Sandžak. and large areas of Montenegro due to large historical Muslim populations. 1568
26 Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (Japan) 877
27 Pan-Slavism 545
28 Greater China 451
29 Greater Syria 409
30 Serbian claims to large areas of Bosnia, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia and Montenegro (on grounds of ethnic affiliation). 330
31 Pan-Turkism 316
32 Greek Great Idea 286
33 The English Democrats Party are irridentist in regards to Monmouthshire) (since 1974 part of Wales). </ref> 285
34 Greater Romania 279
35 Greater Albania 241
36 Greater Israel 211
37 Ingush (currently under Russian rule, though with the rest of the Caucasus, they have never viewed themselves as being even remotely "Russian") claims of the eastern part of the Prigorodny District in North Ossetia as part of Ingushetia. This had been Western Ingushetia until the mid-19th century, when, during the Caucasian Wars, Ossetian expansion was encouraged by Russia, and the Ossetes took over the region, killing many Ingush. Since then the region has been traded between Ingush and Ossetes many times. During a decade in the early 20th century, the capital of Ingushetia was located on this land. However, it was awarded to Ossetia in 1944, prompting numerous conflicts. See Ingush-Ossetian conflict 198
38 Greater Armenia 177
39 Greater Netherlands 167
40 Greater Somalia 166
41 Hungarian claims of parts of the neighboring countries inhabited by the ethnic Hungarians (including parts of Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, etc.). The claim is based on historic criteria for some regions (such as Transylvania, where Hungarians are a majority in two out of sixteen counties), and ethnic for other regions. Hungary actually lost 2/3 of its territories under the Treaty of Trianon in 1920. Today, Hungarian irredentism is divided between the (very small) group that advocate the restoration of all of the lands of St. Stephan's Hungary, and the other group that only wishes to reclaim areas populated by ethnic Hungarians. Even this group is divided between those who only wish to claim those areas that could be reasonably contiguously connected in a Hungarian ethnic nation-state (i.e. Southern Slovakia, Southwestern Zakarpatti Oblast of Ukraine, North/Central Vojvodina of Serbia, and a string of areas near the border of Western Transylvania in Romania) and those who wish to connect to the large Hungarian pocket in Southeastern Transylvania (including all the other ethnic Hungarian territories mentioned above), which would require incorporation of a large area of Romanian-majority areas to connect to it. 134
42 Greater Mongolia 130
43 Greater Italy 129
44 Greater Finland 126
45 Greater Croatia 124
46 Greater Nepal 118
47 Greater Lebanon 104
48 United Macedonia 89
49 Some Scottish nationalists have also laid claim to the former burgh of Berwick-upon-Tweed, which is on the border between Scotland and England. </ref> Berwick was in Scotland until the 16th century when it was seized by the English. 71
50 Greater Bulgaria 70
51 Greater Morocco 69
52 Greater Portugal 66
53 Undivided India 47
54 Greater Bosnia 28
55 Greater Yemen 18
56 Syrian claim for the remaining portion of the Golan Heights, captured by Israel in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war and later annexed. 8
57 Greater Korea 7
58 Greater Switzerland 7
59 Greater Britain 6
60 Greater Mexico 5
61 Ethiopian's claims, initiated in 1891 by Menelik II, to a claimed "Greater Abyssinian Empire" (an area comprising Ethiopia, Somalia, Ogadenia, parts of Kenya, parts of Uganda, Eritrea, Djibouti and Parts of Sudan). This led to a border wars and crisis in the Horn of Africa, that is with Ogadenis, Somalia, Sudan and latter Eritrea. < 5
62 Gabriele D'Annunzio's occupation of Fiume (now Rijeka) from 1919–1921 — proclaimed as the Italian Regency of Carnaro, the original irredentist dispute (when the term was first popularized). < 5
63 Greater Germany; see also Kommissarische Reichsregierung with respect to claims of the continued existence of the German Empire < 5
64 Greater Austria < 5


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