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Top locations of the DC Universe: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Los Angeles, current home base of the hero, Manhunter and former home base of Blue Devil. 37825
2 Chicago, former home base of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and the second Blue Beetle. 37279
3 New York, home base to many heroes over the years. 35089
4 San Francisco, current home base of the Teen Titans. 22382
5 Seattle, former home of Green Arrow and Black Canary. 16231
6 Detroit, former home base of the Justice League and Firestorm, hometown of Lady Shiva. 13507
7 Dallas, home to the third Air Wave. 11378
8 Pittsburgh, home for several years to the original Firestorm. 11185
9 San Diego, half of this city was submerged under the ocean due to an earthquake, becoming Sub Diego. The outlying suburbs are home to Animal Man. 10751
10 Denver, former homebase of The Martian Manhunter. 10197
11 Phoenix, home to Starman Will Payton. 7972
12 The Antimatter Universe of Qward 5133
13 Purgatory, an afterworld where souls atone for their crimes. 4846
14 Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane. Located in Gotham City. 3743
15 Mount Olympus, home of the Greco-Roman gods. 2992
16 Gotham City, home of the Batman. 2725
17 Sherwood Florist, originally in Seattle and now in Star City, the business operated by Dinah Laurel Lance, the Black Canary. 2626
18 Justice Society Headquarters. Current version built on the foundation of the former brownstone headquarters and museum. The former headquarters located in Gotham City, the latter in Manhattan. Sometimes called Dodds Mansion. 2412
19 Scylla, space of the Triarch. 2369
20 Topeka, Kansas, destroyed via explosion in an alien invasion. 1926
21 Asgard, home of the Norse gods. 1683
22 Krypton, homeworld of Superman (destroyed). 1120
23 Karna, Gordanian homeworld. 1058
24 Fortress of Solitude, an Arctic fortress used by Superman as a secret lair. Located near the North Pole. 959
25 Apokolips, homeworld of Darkseid and his minions. 935
26 Kandor, Kryptonian city shrunk by Brainiac. Now residing inside a bottle in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. 753
27 Ungara, Abin Sur's home planet. 719
28 Siegelville, where Clark, Lana, T.J. White, and Lex attend Shuster University. Located in Florida. (Superboy (TV series)) 682
29 The Multiverse, formerly infinite, now a series of 52 parallel Earths. 635
30 The Speed Force, which all speedsters tap into. 630
31 Metropolis, home of Superman. 624
32 Batcave, headquarters of Batman. Located directly beneath Wayne Manor. 614
33 Daily Planet Building, home office of the Daily Planet, Metropolis' main newspaper. 592
34 The Phantom Zone, prison realm created by the Kryptonians. 556
35 Project Cadmus, an experimental genetics lab. Located in Metropolis. 527
36 Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island, home of Wonder Woman and the Amazons. 419
37 Wayne Manor, ancestral home of Bruce Wayne. Located outside Gotham City. 392
38 Corto Maltese, a wartorn island featured in The Dark Knight Returns, Batman, and Smallville. 352
39 Wayne Enterprises - Waynetech, Wayne Industries and many companies incorporated with philanthropist Bruce Wayne. 340
40 Oa, homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe. 332
41 New Genesis, homeworld of the New Gods who are led by Highfather. 311
42 The Fourth World 309
43 Metropolis, Illinois, celebrates Superman the fictional character, exists in the DCU as celebrating real Superman. 309
44 Mogo, a sentient planet who is also a member of the Green Lantern Corps. 295
45 Destiny's Garden, an endless misty pathway of possible histories. 276
46 * The Source Wall, the supposed edge of reality itself. 247
47 Vulcan, Green Lantern Saarek of Vulcan. 240
48 Zamaron homeworld of the Zamarons and the Violet Lantern Corps. 231
49 Mars, former homeworld of Martian Manhunter and the White Martians. 215
50 Daxam, sister planet of Krypton, and homeworld of Lar Gand (also known as Mon-El or Valor). 207
51 Hall of Justice, one-time home base of the Justice League. A version of this is the headquarters of the Justice League in the animated series Superfriends. 191
52 Thanagar, former homeworld of the Thanagarian race, Hawkman (Katar Hol) and Hawkwoman; destroyed during the Infinite Crisis. 177
53 Gaolus, maximum security prison planet. 173
54 Hypertime, the interconnected web of divergent timelines. 170
55 House of Mystery, extradimensional structure presided over by Cain. 170
56 Dinosaur Island, an isle lost in the mists of time. 158
57 Coast City, home of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Located in California. 156
58 LexCorp - Located in Metropolis to further technological advancements. 151
59 House of Secrets, extradimensional structure presided over by Abel. A version is also headquarters of the Secret Six. 144
60 Danny the Street, a sentient street and member of the Doom Patrol 144
61 Venus, former homeworld of Mister Mind. 142
62 Star City, home of Green Arrow. 132
63 S.T.A.R. Labs - Labs for scientific research on metahuman studies located in various facilities. 131
64 Hell, afterworld of the damned. 131
65 Gateway City, former home of Wonder Woman. Located in California. 130
66 Argo City, Kryptonian city, home of Supergirl. It was blasted into space when Krypton was destroyed, but managed to survive due to an atmospheric dome installed over the city. 129
67 Warworld, artificial planet of the Warzoons. 124
68 Colu, homeworld of Brainiac and Brainiac 5. 121
69 The Vegan star system, a neighboring Star system of twenty-five planets which are home to many races including the Omega Men. 121
70 Skartaris, a savage magical dimension "within" the Earth. Current home of Travis Morgan, the Warlord. 115
71 Belle Reve, a high security metahuman prison. Headquarters of the Suicide Squad. Located in Louisiana. 112
72 Earth 110
73 Azarath, home of Raven. 108
74 Pytharia, an earth-like realm resembling prehistoric history. 104
75 Atlantis, the legendary sunken continent. Ruled by Aquaman. 103
76 The Bleed, a void between dimensions of the Multiverse. 101
77 Tamaran, homeworld of Starfire. 98
78 Korugar, homeworld of Sinestro, Katma Tui, and Soranik Natu of the Green Lantern Corps. 88
79 Bana-Mighdall, is a fictional Amazon nation located in the Middle East. 88
80 Titans Tower, headquarters of the Teen Titans, originally located in New York City. Currently located in San Francisco. 86
81 Rann, adopted homeworld of Adam Strange. 85
82 Maltus, original homeworld of the Guardians of the Universe, Zamarons and Controllers. 84
83 Limbo, the void between realities. Former prison of the Justice Society. 80
84 planet J586, Green Lantern homeworld. 79
85 Saturn, orbited by the lunar homeworlds of the Faceless Hunter, Jemm, and the White and Red Saturnian races. 75
86 Suicide Slum, a dangerous part of Metropolis. 73
87 The Solar System 66
88 Central City, former home of the second Flash (Barry Allen). 65
89 Kryptonopolis, capital city of the planet Krypton. 65
90 Superbia, a mobile city-state which initially floated above the radioactive ruins of Montevideo, Uruguay. 62
91 Keystone City, home of both the original and current Flashes: Jay Garrick and Wally West, as well as Jakeem Thunder. 60
92 Vathlo Island, a location on the planet Krypton. 57
93 Biot, a Manhunter manufacturing facility and planet. 50
94 Nanda Parbat, mystical city hidden in the mountains of Tibet. 50
95 Gemworld, a mystical realm ruled by gem-based royal houses. 50
96 Kasnia, a fictional Balkan country. (DC animated universe) 49
97 Titan, a moon of Saturn and homeworld of Imra Ardeen (also known as Saturn Girl), and Saturn Queen. All Titanians possess telepathy. 49
98 Bialya, former Mid-Eastern refuge of super-villains. Mostly destroyed by Black Adam. 48
99 The Silver City, abode of the angels and afterworld of the blessed. 47
100 Flash Museum, a memorial to the Flash (Barry Allen). Located in Central City. 43
101 Sub Diego, submerged part of San Diego and home of Aquaman. Located off the coast of California. 41
102 Fawcett City, home of Captain Marvel, the Marvel Family, Bulletman, Ibis the Invincible, and several other characters formerly associated with Fawcett Comics. 40
103 Takron-Galtos, an artificial prison world built to contain the worst super-criminals. 39
104 Qurac, a fictional Middle Eastern country. 39
105 Queen Industries - Location run by the business entrepreneur Oliver Queen. 35
106 Opal City, home of Starman. 35
107 Pokolistan, nation which now occupies the site of former Modora. Once ruled by General Zod. 34
108 Kahndaq, a fictional Middle Eastern country, home of and formerly ruled by Black Adam. 32
109 Happy Harbor, location of the Secret Sanctuary of the JLA, and former home of Lucas "Snapper" Carr. Located in Rhode Island. 32
110 Braal, homeworld of Cosmic Boy and his younger brother, Magnetic Kid. Braalians possess the power of magnetism. 32
111 Shanghalla, a planetoid that serves as a burial place for the galaxy's greatest heroes. 31
112 Orando, medieval homeworld of Princess Projectra (also known as Sensor Girl). 31
113 Midway City, former home of Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and the Doom Patrol. 31
114 Faerie, mystical realm of the legendary Fair Folk. Ruled by Auberon and Titania. 30
115 Poseidonis, a major Atlantean city. 30
116 Xanthu, homeworld of Star Boy and Atmos (comics). 25
117 Markovia, home of Terra and Geo-Force. 25
118 Jejune Realm, a land of comical lesser gods from Vext. 24
119 Santa Prisca, Caribbean island homeland of Bane. 22
120 Weber's World - an artificial planet that serves as the home of the United Planets. 19
121 The Oblivion Bar, an extra-dimensional bar that only magically-talented persons can access. Headquarters of the Shadowpact. 19
122 Blue Valley, birthplace of the third Flash (Wally West) and home of Stargirl. Located in Nebraska. 19
123 Tropidor, a fictional Central American country. 18
124 H'lven, homeworld of Ch'p and B'dg of the Green Lantern Corps. 17
125 Czarnia, homeworld of Lobo (destroyed). 14
126 Vlatava, homeland of Count Vertigo, destroyed by The Spectre. 14
127 Umec, is a fictional Middle Eastern country. 13
128 The Timestream, a dimension where time is expressed spatially. Home of the Timepoint, also called Vanishing Point, headquarters of the Linear Men. 12
129 Santa Marta, Hollywood wannabe city all but destroyed by Major Disaster. Located in California. 12
130 AmerTek Industries - A military arms dealer previously located in Washington DC. 12
131 Netherworld, a fictional area of the city of Chicago. 8
132 Transilvane, artificial planet. 7
133 Underworld, a place in Metropolis's sewers which is rejected by society where the Warworlders took control of. 6
134 Legion Academy, training school for the Legion of Super Heroes. Located in Metropolis in the 31st century. 6
135 Dos Rios, home of the second El Diablo. Located in Texas. 6
136 The Dreaming, realm of the sleeping mind. Ruled by Dream of the Endless a.k.a. The Sandman. 5
137 Syraq, is a fictional Middle Eastern country. 5
138 Thronn, homeworld to the Honor Team. < 5
139 Viceroy, home of Resurrection Man. Located in South Carolina. < 5
140 Tront, the Green Lantern Eddore was from there. < 5
141 Ovacron Six - Hannu's planet. < 5
142 Garon, homeworld of the Headmen. < 5
143 Blackgate Prison located near Gotham City, a prison known to house mostly non-metahuman criminals for Gotham. < 5
144 Kor, the fictional African kingdom of Doctor Mist. < 5
145 Criq, Driq's planet. < 5
146 Empire City, home of the second Manhunter (Paul Kirk). < 5
147 Tokyo, Japan, home base for the Super Young Team and Big Science Action < 5
148 The Antimatter Earth, homeworld of the Crime Syndicate. < 5
149 Boston, former home base of Wonder Woman. < 5
150 Darkworld, birthplace of the Atlantean gods. < 5
151 Vanity, home of Aztek. Located in Oregon. < 5
152 Metropolis University, the main university in Metropolis. < 5
153 Rexulus system - star system of Setag Retss. < 5
154 Mosaic World, a chaotic place on Oa where Appa Ali Apsa transported various cities from different galaxies. < 5
155 The Lexcorp Towers complex, former headquarters of Lex Luthor. Located in Metropolis. < 5
156 Ysmault, Guardian sealed home for the Empire of Tears and the location of the Red Lantern Corps Power Battery < 5
157 Pax Dimension, dimension of where the Bloodline Parasites come from. < 5
158 Washington DC, current home base of Alpha Centurian and the Freedom Fighters < 5
159 Southern Goldstar, Green Lantern Olepet's homeworld. < 5
160 Peña Duro, also called Hard Rock in English is once prison of the villain Bane, located in Santa Prisca. < 5
161 Citadel homeworld < 5
162 Kord Industries - Industrial firm founded by Ted Kord, the Blue Beetle. < 5


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