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Top nontraditional bagpipe usage: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 American punk rockers Flatfoot 56 (formed 2000) use Highland bagpipes in many of their songs. 299170
2 The German medieval metal/industrial metal band Tanzwut uses bagpipes. 95641
3 On Eminem's album Relapse on the song "Bagpipes from Baghdad." 94251
4 Paul McCartney's song "Mull of Kintyre" (1977) with the band Wings, made strong use of bagpipes for a characteristically Scottish sound. 45563
5 New Zealand/New York based musician David Watson released a new music composition for pipe bands on the Midwest Label in 1996. A release from 1998 entitled Wax and Wane featured his bagpipe played in context with NYC downtown musicians like Ikue Mori, and turntablist Otomo Yoshihide. He also released the all bagpipe CD Skirl in 1999 featuring a variety of different percussion players, such as Cyro Baptista, and jazz drummer Tony Buck. 42215
6 The Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie use Galican bagpipes, played by Sevan Kirder (2003–2008), and Päde Kistler (2008-) in all their music. 38851
7 Madonna used bagpipes on her Re-Invention World Tour in 2004 when Lorne Cousin performed onstage individually and with her as part of "Into the Groove". 22956
8 Muse had a bagpipe accompaniment at one of their shows in Scotland, whilst performing one of their songs. 22308
9 Scorpions, a German heavy metal group, used bagpipes to open their song "Wild Child" on their album Pure Instinct, released in 1996. 7930
10 Sting used Northumbrian smallpipes, played by Kathryn Tickell, on his hit song "Fields of Gold," from his 1993 album Ten Summoner's Tales 7837
11 Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk to Me," from his 1992 album Us, features an opening passage played by bagpipes. He also incorporates bagpipe-like synthesizer effects on his track "Biko" from his third self-titled album. 6962
12 On Van Morrison's 1982 album Beautiful Vision, Sean Folsom played uilleann pipes on the song "Celtic Ray"; the song was later re-recorded with The Chieftains. 6569
13 Nightwish, a Finnish symphonic metal band, on their Dark Passion Play album, used Uilleann pipes on several songs, most notably Last of the Wilds. 5956
14 Dropkick Murphys, a Boston, Mass. Irish-American punk band use bagpipes in many of their songs. 3857
15 The Animals, a British rock band from Newcastle upon Tyne, featured Highland bagpipes on their 1968 anti-war song "Sky Pilot," released in the UK on The Twain Shall Meet album, and as a hit single 45 record in the USA. 3528
16 Don Henley, on his 1982 CD I Can't Stand Still, makes use of the uillean pipes on two tracks: "L'Eile" (a short solo instrumental by Paddy Moloney) and "Lilah",(a vocal number with Moloney playing backup). 2955
17 Lacuna Coil, an Italian Gothic rock band from Milan, featured Highland bagpipes on their 2006 song "Virtual Environment" released on their album Enjoy the Silence. 2608
18 Neutral Milk Hotel utilized uilleann pipes on track 10 (often referred to as the Untitled Track) of their album In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. 2357
19 Slade mimicked the bagpipe sound in "Run Runaway" with electric guitars played in harmony, rather than actual bagpipes. 2253
20 Steve Earle's "Copperhead Road", released in October 1988, makes use of bagpipes throughout the song played through a keyboard. 2068
21 Glen Campbell Featured and played Bagpipes on Bonaparte's Retreat a single released in July 1974 2005
22 The Darkness used bagpipes in the song "Hazel Eyes" on an album released in November 2005. 1951
23 Part of Orbital's single, "Style", includes a remix with (probably synthesized) bagpipes called "Big Pipe Style". The original was played with a Stylophone. 1337
24 Neurosis have used bagpipes on their albums Through Silver in Blood (April 1996) and Times of Grace (May 1999). 1243
25 Wizzard, a UK rock band, featured bagpipes on their 1974 single "Are You Ready to Rock." 398
26 Worldbeat ensemble Afro Celt Sound System have a signature sound that highlights the uilleann pipes in its fusion of traditional Celtic and African musical textures. 322
27 Dispatched used bagpipes on their album Terrorizer: The Last Chapter... released in 2003. 97
28 Paddy Moloney of The Chieftains played uilleann pipes on British progressive rock musician Mike Oldfield's album-length work Ommadawn. 95
29 Seven Nations, an American Celtic-rock band, features Highland bagpipes and shuttle pipes in many of their songs. Band member Scott Long plays pipes. 63
30 Dave Kelly Scottish singer/guitarist in his 1980 album "Crowning of a Simple Man" featured a bagpipe solo blended in with Celtic fiddle and penny whistle on the song "Ballad of J.C." 56
31 In 1987, Ron Wilson of the Surfaris, the drummer famous for the surf rock song "Wipe Out," recorded the song "Louie, Louie" with Sean Folsom on Highland bagpipes, as well as the song "Moonshine" with Sean on the uilleann pipes. The album is called Lost It in the Surf. 36
32 Artefact used bagpipes on the song "Blizzard Dwarf Army" from the album Magic Spellcraft released in May 2006. 35
33 Mark Saul is a Celtic fusion musician from Melbourne, Australia who plays the Great Highland Bagpipes, wooden flute, and tin whistle, in addition to creating the electronic aspects of his music. 27
34 Peter Bennink, a Dutch saxophonist and the brother of drummer Han Bennink, also uses bagpipes in a jazz context. 16
35 Dixebra, a Spanish rock band, uses bagpipes in almost all of their songs. The Asturian bagpipe has been replaced by an electronic bagpipe in later years. 12
36 The Australian folk/rock band Brother often pairs bagpipes with the didgeridoo in their songs. 5
37 Bob Weir & Rat Dog, the ex-Grateful Dead rocker featured American champion piper Jori Chisholm live in concert and on a live concert recording. [link] < 5
38 The nu metal band KoЯn often uses bagpipes in their songs (played by vocalist Jonathan Davis). Korn used bagpipes in the soft, restrained opening of "Shoots and Ladders" from their self-titled debut album. It marked the first time that bagpipes were included by Korn on a song. Other KoRn songs that include bagpipes are: "Lowrider" from Life is Peachy "My Gift to You" from Follow the Leader, "Dead" from Issues, "Let's Do This Now" from Take a Look in the Mirror, and the first 11 seconds of I Will Protect You from Untitled uses bagpipes. Also "Liar", "Seen It All", "10 or a 2-Way" all end off with bagpipes playing and are all on See You on the Other Side. < 5
39 The Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart used bagpipes on their version of Tim Rose's "Morning Dew" (1968) featured on the album Truth. < 5
40 Dutch black metalers Black Nocturnal Darkness also incorporated bagpipes, specially in their early years. Also the folk metal of Magnor (a side project of Black Nocturnal Darkness) makes use of this instrument. < 5
41 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, a Scottish group which featured the bagpipes in their 1974 single "Anthem." < 5
42 The Battlefield Band, while playing mostly traditional Scottish music, has a tradition of ending their first set with one or another of Creedence Clearwater Revival's hit songs. < 5
43 Latvian folk black metal band Skyforger uses bagpipes. < 5
44 British progressive rock musician Kate Bush featured Davy Spillane performing on uillean pipes during the title track to The Sensual World, released in October 1989. < 5
45 Ryofu [link], a band from northeast England, use the Northumbrian smallpipes to play rock, nu metal and heavy metal; this has caused some controversy amongst Northumbrian folk musicians [link] < 5
46 Prydein, an American Celtic Rock band consists of a traditional 3-piece rock band combined with the bagpiping prowess of Iain MacHarg to form what they call "Bagpipe Rock". < 5
47 The punk rock cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes feature a purposely horrible bagpiper in the song I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry. < 5


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