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Top people from Hamilton, Ontario: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 Neil Peart (1952- ), drummer and lyricist for the progressive rock band Rush. </ref> 3867
2 Caribou (1979- ), stage name of Daniel V. Snaith, electronic musician, born in Dundas, Ontario 2385
3 Martin Short (1950- ), Actor, writer, and producer best known for his comedy work, particularly on the TV programs SCTV and Saturday Night Live. </ref> 2374
4 Eugene Levy (1946- ), actor, television director, producer and writer. Best known internationally for his role as the father in the American Pie movies. </ref> </ref> 2339
5 Kathleen Robertson (1973- ), actress. She was cast in Beverly Hills, 90210, where she remained until 1997. </ref> 1760
6 Ray Emery (1982- ), NHL hockey goalie, currently playing for the Philadelphia Flyers. 1580
7 Daniel Lanois (1951- ), a solo artist in his own right and producer for U2, lived in Hamilton and recorded at Grant Avenue Studios. </ref> 1321
8 Cathy Smith, convicted of manslaughter in death of John Belushi. Sang background vocals for The Band, Gordon Lightfoot and Hoyt Axton. Met John Belushi on the set of Saturday Night Live when The Band was musical guest (October 30, 1976). Injected Belushi with a fatal 'speedball' (heroin and cocaine combo) in Los Angeles (March 5, 1982) Co-authored the book 'Chasing the Dragon' about her life experience with drugs (1984). Charged with murder - pled guilty to lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. She sang and played guitar at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. In a jealous rage Lightfoot hit her and broke her cheekbone. One of Lightfoot's best known songs, 'Sundown,' is loosely based on his relationship with her. </ref> 1092
9 Devan Nair, 4th President of Singapore who moved to the United States after his presidency, but later moved to Hamilton, where he died in 2005. </ref> 1045
10 Ivan Reitman (1946- ), Slovakian-born, Canadian-raised film actor, producer, and director. He is most remembered for directing and producing a string of comedies, mostly in the 1980s and 1990s (Meatballs, Stripes and Ghostbusters). A founder of the McMaster Film Board at McMaster University. </ref> 926
11 Ashley Leggat (1986- ), actress who is known for her role as "Casey" in the Disney Channel series Life with Derek. </ref> 912
12 Tim Horton (1930–1974), retired NHL hockey defenseman, opened his first Tim Hortons Donut Shop in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. </ref> 897
13 Jason Jones, senior correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. </ref> 807
14 Troy Hurtubise (1963- ), Inventor of prototype for a lightweight armour shell (for military purposes) that conjures up an image of a Star Wars Imperial stormtrooper. </ref> 761
15 Graham Greene (1952- ), TV and movie actor who was born on Six Nations reserve and lived in Hamilton as a young adult, Greene has appeared in The Green Mile, on the Red Green Show, L.A. Law and the New Beachcombers. </ref> 722
16 Brian McGrattan (1981- ), NHL hockey player for the Phoenix Coyotes. NHL enforcer. 618
17 Dave Thomas (1949- ), Hamilton native, McMaster alumnus, and SCTV member, before leaving for movies and Grace Under Fire. </ref> 606
18 Torri Higginson (1969- ), actress. She is most well-known for her roles in the TekWar movies and series, The English Patient and Stargate Atlantis. (Burlington, Ontario) </ref> 591
19 Ken Dryden (1947- ), retired NHL hockey goalie, elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1983. 571
20 Pat Quinn (1943- ), retired NHL hockey player, and former head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks, Los Angeles Kings and the Philadelphia Flyers. 570
21 Michael Lee-Chin (1951- ), CEO of AIC Diversified Canada Split Corp. and The National Commercial Bank of Jamaica. </ref> 550
22 Sir William Osler (1849–1919), 1st Baronet, the Father of Modern Medicine. (Dundas, Ontario) </ref> 543
23 Nicole Appleton (1974- ), singer, born in Hamilton but raised in Toronto, Nicole is one of two Canadian members of the British pop group All Saints which disbanded in 2001. Nicole and her sister Natalie later formed a second British-based pop group named Appleton which has enjoyed moderate success. </ref> 543
24 Stan Rogers (1949–1983), folk singer. </ref> 496
25 Wendy Crewson (1956- ), actress. </ref> 462
26 Dominic Zamprogna (1979- ), actor, plays James "Jammer" Lyman on TV's Battlestar Galactica. </ref> 418
27 Marty McSorley (1963- ), retired NHL hockey player infamous for his assault of Donald Brashear in a game on February 21, 2001. 395
28 Jonathan Frid (1924- ), is a noted theater, television and movie actor. He is most famously known for the role of Barnabas Collins - a vampire - on the first incarnation of the Gothic TV serial Dark Shadows. </ref> 370
29 Threat Signal is a Thrash metal/Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore band. </ref> 369
30 Karen Kain (1951- ), principal dancer for the National Ballet of Canada. </ref> 359
31 Junior Boys, indie techno-pop band. </ref> 292
32 Bertram Brockhouse (1918–2003), Nobel prize-winning physicist. </ref> 289
33 Steve Smith (1945- ), main actor and writer on The Red Green Show, a Canadian television series. </ref> 288
34 Jack Kent Cooke (1912–1997), was one of the most widely-known executives in professional sports who at one time owned the NHL's Los Angeles Kings, The NBA's Los Angeles Lakers and the NFL's Washington Redskins. </ref> </ref> 281
35 Steve Mann, a Canadian-born inventor of wearable computers who teaches electrical and computer engineering at the University of Toronto. </ref> 275
36 Patrick McKenna (1960- ), is a comedic and dramatic actor. He is best known for the television series The Red Green Show and Traders, and the Trudeau miniseries. </ref> 268
37 Adam Mair (1979- ), NHL hockey player. 265
38 Floria Sigismondi (1965- ), Artist (born in Pescara, Italy, but raised in Hamilton). Apart from her art exhibitions she is best known for directing music videos for Christina Aguilera, Muse, Interpol, The White Stripes, David Bowie, Sigur Rós, Sheryl Crow, The Cure, Björk, Amon Tobin, Marilyn Manson and Incubus. </ref> 258
39 Steve Staios (1973- ), NHL hockey defenseman. 247
40 Dave Sim (1956- ), comic book writer and artist. </ref> 244
41 Gema Zamprogna (1976- ), actress, played the role of Felicity Clark on Road to Avonlea. (1989–1996) </ref> 243
42 Currie Graham (1967- ), stage, film and television actor. Graham is best known for playing Lt. Thomas Bale in the TV program NYPD Blue. </ref> 227
43 Wade MacNeil (1984- ), guitarist and vocalist for the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire and frontman of The Black Lungs. 219
44 Dewey Robertson (1939–2007), "The Missing Link" ex-Pro Wrestler. </ref> 219
45 Sheila Copps (1952- ), PC, HBA, LL.D (hc), journalist and former politician. Copps is a second-generation member of a political family that has dominated Hamilton-area politics on the municipal, provincial and federal levels. </ref> 218
46 Brenda Russell (1949- ), is an African American singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Known for her eclectic musical style, her recordings have encompassed several different genres, including pop, soul, jazz and adult contemporary. As well as composing her own material, Brenda's songwriting talents are often in demand by many other artists who, over the years, have included Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin and Sting. </ref> 211
47 Del Lord (1894–1970), was a film director and actor best known as a director of Three Stooges films. (Grimsby Ontario) </ref> 209
48 Ian Thomas (1950- ), singer/songwriter known for the 1973 hit "Painted Ladies"; brother of Dave Thomas. </ref> 196
49 Keith Primeau (1971- ), retired NHL hockey player. Born in Toronto, grew up in Hamilton. 195
50 Florence Lawrence (1890–1938), was an inventor and silent film actress, who is often referred to as "The First Movie Star." She was also known as "The Biograph Girl" and "The Girl of a Thousand Faces". During her lifetime, Lawrence appeared in more than 270 films for various motion picture companies. </ref> 193
51 Dave Andreychuk (1963- ), retired NHL hockey player. </ref> 178
52 Ron Joyce (1930- ), was Tim Horton's partner and first franchisee for his donut chain. </ref> 172
53 Iron Mike Sharpe Jr., ex-Pro Wrestler. The self-proclaimed "Canada's Greatest Athlete". </ref> 168
54 Jordan Hastings (1982- ), drummer for the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire, as well as The Black Lungs and former band Jersey, born in Hamilton but raised in Burlington, Ontario. 159
55 Rocco Perri (1887–1944), 1920s-Gangster/ bootlegger. 154
56 Rick Campanelli (1970- ), He was a MuchMusic Video Jockey, currently works for ET Canada. </ref> 148
57 Teenage Head, 1980s punk/new wave group. </ref> 145
58 Gordon Michael Woolvett (1970- ), actor, plays Seamus Harper on TV's Andromeda. </ref> 144
59 Bob Young, founder of Red Hat 1996, started a self-publishing web-site that claims to be the world's fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books at He currently owns the Hamilton Tiger Cats of the CFL. (Ancaster, Ontario) </ref> 142
60 Ron Lancaster (1938–2008), Former football player, coach and general manager in the Canadian Football League (CFL) and sports announcer for CBC Television. </ref> 135
61 Syl Apps (1915–1998), Toronto Maple Leafs captain who lead the Leafs to 3-Stanley Cups. 1936-37 Calder trophy winner (Top NHL rookie), 1941-42 Lady Byng Trophy winner. McMaster University Alumni. (Paris Ontario). </ref> 129
62 The Reason, rock/punk band. </ref> 128
63 Dick Wilson (1916–2007), actor, whose claim to fame was working for over 21 years on 504 Charmin toilet paper TV commercials. Also made acting appearances on Bewitched, Hogan's Heroes and The Bob Newhart Show. </ref> 125
64 Tonya Verbeek (1977- ), Silver medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in women's wrestling in the 55 kg category - Canada's first woman to medal at the Olympics in wrestling. At the 2008 Summer Olympics, she won Canada's third medal overall, and third Canadian medal ever in women's wrestling, CBC Television, Olympic Late Night, 16 Aug 2008</ref> by winning a bronze in the 55kg class. </ref>(Grimsby ON) 120
65 Toller Cranston (1949- ), figure skater who won the Olympic bronze medal in 1976. </ref> 117
66 Sarah Taylor, MuchMusic VJ, Sarah now co-hosts many of MuchMusic's popular shows, including Combat Zone, MuchOnDemand and Take Over. </ref> 115
67 Brian Melo, winner of Canadian Idol season five. Worked as a construction worker. </ref> </ref> 114
68 Johnson Aziga (1956- ), notable as the first person to be charged with first-degree murder in Canada for spreading the HIV virus, after two women whom he had infected without their knowledge died. </ref> 107
69 Greg Sutton (1977- ), Canadian International Soccer Goalkeeper (Toronto FC). </ref> 105
70 John Charles Fields (1863–1932), was a mathematician and the founder of the Fields Medal for outstanding achievement in mathematics. the Fields Medal, is considered by some to be the Nobel Prize in Mathematics. </ref> 103
71 "Big John" Quinn (1944- ), is a retired professional wrestler who competed in North American regional promotions including NWA All-Star Wrestling, Pacific Northwest Wrestling and Stampede Wrestling during the 1960s and early 1970s. Cousin of former NHL coach and Hamiltonian, Pat Quinn. </ref> 102
72 Angelo Mosca (1938- ), was a Canadian Football League player between 1958 and 1969 with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, but he was better known for his pro wrestling career. </ref> 100
73 Johnny K-9 (1965- ), Ion William Croitoru, 4-years in the WWF including match against Hulk Hogan. </ref> 98
74 Nicole Arbour, is a stand-up comedian. She bills herself as "North America's Sexiest Comedian." </ref> 96
75 David Braley, CFL B.C. Lions owner since 1996-97, Hamilton businessman who owns Orlick Industries Limited. </ref> 95
76 Russ Jackson (1936- ), Canadian Football quarterback, 3 Grey Cups with the Ottawa Roughriders. </ref> 94
77 Steve Paikin (1960- ), Journalist, film producer and author, best known for hosting TV Ontario's newsmagazines Studio 2 and Diplomatic Immunity. </ref> 94
78 Crowbar, rock band, probably best known for their 1971 hit "Oh, What a Feeling". </ref> 92
79 Lincoln Alexander (1922- ), served as the 24th Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario from 1985 to 1991. Alexander is a Governor of the Canadian Unity Council. He became Canada's first black Member of Parliament when he was elected to the Canadian House of Commons in 1968 as a member of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada. Expressway on Hamilton mountain named after him; "Lincoln Alexander Parkway." </ref> 90
80 Bryce Davison (1986- ), figure skater, competes in the pairs event with Jessica Dube. Member of the Hamilton Skating Club. </ref> 88
81 Harry Crerar (1888–1965), was a general and the country's "leading field commander" in World War II. </ref> 88
82 Robert Beatty (1909–1992), actor who worked in radio, film and television for most of his career and was especially known in the United Kingdom. </ref> 87
83 Jonathan Hale (1892–1966), actor. Best known as Mr. Dithers in the Blondie movies. He committed suicide in Hollywood at the age of 74. 86
84 Frank Scarpitti, is Mayor-elect of Markham, Ontario. He was elected in 2006 to replace the retiring Cousens as mayor. </ref> 85
85 Jeff Joslin (1975- ), Mixed Martial Arts Fighter. </ref> 84
86 Dick Irvin Sr. (1892–1957), NHL hockey player. Former head coach of Toronto Maple Leafs & Montreal Canadiens. 84
87 Jesse Lumsden (1982- ), is a running back with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League and McMaster University alumnus. </ref> 82
88 Michael DeGroote (1932- ), Billionaire, best known as a major private donor to McMaster University. </ref> 80
89 Kazzer, born: Mark Kasprzyk, hip hop-influenced alternative rock musician and auto sports television personality. (Binbrook, Ontario) </ref> 80
90 John Sopinka (1933–1997), Supreme Court Justice described as the heart of the court, he was raised in north Hamilton and died unexpectedly in 1997. Hamilton's courthouse is named for him. </ref> 79
91 Bob Bratina, radio personality. Elected City Councillor for Downtown Ward 2. </ref> </ref> 79
92 Douglass Dumbrille (1889–1974), was an actor and one of the Canadian pioneers in early Hollywood. </ref> 76
93 Jimmy Nicholl (1956- ), Northern Irish Football player, 73 International caps. </ref> 75
94 Alex Bunbury (1967- ), Played 4 seasons with the Hamilton Steelers (CSL) 1987-90, Voted Best Foreign Player in the Portuguese first division club Maritimo in 1994-95 season where he scored 12-goals. Canadian Soccer Hall-of-Fame inductee in 2006. </ref> 74
95 Brian Williams, sportscaster who is best known for his coverage of the Olympic Games. (Born in Winnipeg, raised in Hamilton). </ref> 73
96 Charles Stewart (1868–1946), was a politician who was Premier of Alberta from 1917 to 1921. (Wentworth County, ON) </ref> 70
97 Paul Popowich (1973- ), actor. Beside his theatre appearances, he has performed in many television series (such as Beverly Hills, 90210) and features. </ref> 69
98 Brian Linehan (1944–2004), television host, best known for his celebrity interviews on City Lights, a program produced by Citytv in Toronto. </ref> 67
99 Evelyn Dick, committed infanticide and was convicted, then acquitted, of having murdered her husband. </ref> 65
100 Danny Syvret, 1985- ), NHL hockey defenseman, who spent his junior career with the London Knights of the OHL, eventually being named team captain. In his final year of junior hockey, he was Captain of a powerhouse team that broke numerous junior hockey records and won the 2005 Memorial Cup. (Millgrove, ON) </ref> 63
101 Jim Young (1943- ), former pro American football and Canadian football player. </ref> 61
102 George Klein (1904–1992), often called; "The most productive inventor in Canada in the 20th century"; electric wheelchairs, microsurgical staple gun, the ZEEP nuclear reactor and the Canadarm. </ref> 60
103 Ellen Fairclough (1905–2004), was the first female member of the Canadian Cabinet. The Ellen Fairclough Building in Hamilton named after her. </ref> 58
104 Bernie Faloney (1932–1999), was a star quarterback football player in the United States and Canada. </ref> 58
105 Dave Dryden (1941- ), retired NHL hockey goalie, 201-NHL games for Buffalo, Edmonton, Chicago and NY Rangers. Also serves the distinction of creating (as well as being the first goaltender to employ) the modern day goaltending mask consisting of a fiberglass mask with a cage. 57
106 Tom Wilson, rock musician. 57
107 Elizabeth Bagshaw (1881–1982), physician and birth control activist. </ref> 55
108 Tony Gabriel (1948- ), Canadian Football Pass Receiver; inducted into Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1985 (from Burlington ON). </ref> 54
109 Johnny Powers (1943- ), ex-Pro Wrestler. 2-time NWF World champion, 1970, 73. </ref> 52
110 Steve Christie (1967- ), ex-placekicker in the NFL, who holds a Super Bowl record for longest field goal kicked at 54 yards. </ref> 51
111 Mike Morreale (1971- ), award winning receiver in the Canadian Football League. </ref> 51
112 Barry Taylor, On-air DJ for The Edge102 Toronto. </ref> 50
113 James McMillan (1838–1902), was a U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan. </ref> 50
114 Haydain Neale, musician (jacksoul). 50
115 Harold A. Rogers (1899–1994), was the founder of Kin Canada. (formerly the Kinsmen and Kinette Clubs of Canada) is a non-profit service organization that promotes service, fellowship, positive values, and national pride. </ref> 49
116 Doug Saunders (1967- ), well-known Canadian journalist, European Bureau Chief for the Globe and Mail. </ref> 49
117 Melville Marks Robinson (1888- ? ), founder of the Commonwealth Games. </ref> 48
118 William W. Cooke (1846–1876), was a military officer in the United States Army during the American Civil War and the Black Hills War. He was the adjutant for George Armstrong Custer and was killed during the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Buried in Hamilton Cemetery. 48
119 Junkhouse, alternative rock band of the 1990s. 47
120 George Hamilton (1788–1836), settler and city founder. </ref> 46
121 Bruce Kuwabara (1949- ), architect; (Kitchener City Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario Phase III). </ref> 45
122 John Weir Foote (1904–1988), military chaplain and Ontario cabinet minister. Canadian recipient of the Victoria Cross. The James Street Armoury where the RHLI is now based, along with 11th Field Hamilton-Wentworth Battery, was renamed the John W. Foote VC Armoury in his memory. </ref> 45
123 Joanne Malar (1975- ), Former freestyle and medley swimmer, who competed in three consecutive Summer Olympics. </ref> 44
124 Skip Prokop (1946- ), drummer and band leader for Lighthouse + The Paupers. Also worked with Cass Elliot, Janis Joplin, Al Kooper and Carlos Santana. </ref> 43
125 Jean Adair (1873–1953), actress. Although she worked primarily on stage (sometimes billed as Jennet Adair), she made several film appearances late in her career, most notably as one of the misguided murdering aunts of Cary Grant in Arsenic and Old Lace. </ref> 42
126 Colin Cripps (1961- ), musician and record producer. </ref> 41
127 Allan Bester (1964- ), retired NHL hockey goalie, Toronto Maple Leafs. </ref> 40


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