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Top people from Michigan: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Eminem, rapper (born in St. Joseph, Missouri; raised in Warren) 94251
2 Madonna, singer (born in Bay City; raised in Pontiac and Rochester Hills) 22956
3 Thomas Edison, inventor, entrepreneur (born in Milan, Ohio; later settled in Port Huron) 17032
4 Kristen Bell, Actress (born in Huntington Woods) 15811
5 Malcolm X, Civil Rights Leader (born in Omaha, Nebraska; raised in Lansing) 14781
6 Rosa Parks, civil rights activist (born in Tuskegee, Alabama; moved to Detroit) 11816
7 Aaliyah, singer and actress (born in Brooklyn, New York; raised in Detroit) 11423
8 Mike Posner, synthpop and electropop singer-songwriter (born in Detroit) 11376
9 Henry Ford auto maker (born in Dearborn) 10126
10 Stevie Wonder, singer, musician, songwriter and winner of 24 Grammy awards (born in Saginaw) 9760
11 Alice Cooper, musician (born in Detroit) 9742
12 Insane Clown Posse - hip hop group (begun in Detroit) 9519
13 "The White Stripes", minimalist blues-rock duo (begun in Detroit) 9470
14 Sufjan Stevens, folk musician (born in Detroit) 8528
15 Dita Von Teese, Internationally known Burlesque dancer (born in West Branch, Michigan) 7556
16 Kid Rock, musician (born in Romeo; raised in Mount Clemens) 7553
17 Iggy Pop, rock musician (born in Muskegon) 7204
18 Maynard James Keenan, frontman of Tool and A Perfect Circle (born in Ravenna, Ohio, raised in Scottville) 6156
19 Aileen Wuornos, murderer made famous as the subject of the 2003 film "Monster" starring Charlize Theron (born in Rochester) 5676
20 Diana Ross, lead singer of The Supremes and solo artist (born in Detroit) 5576
21 Anthony Kiedis, lead singer, Red Hot Chili Peppers (born in Grand Rapids) 5559
22 Michael Moore, filmmaker and writer (born in Flint, Michigan) 5242
23 Daniel Ellsberg, military analyst and political activist best known for gathering the Pentagon Papers (raised in metro Detroit) 5192
24 Francis Ford Coppola, film director, screen writer, publisher and vintner, three-time Academy Award winner for Best Picture, first director to have two films competing for Best Picture at the same time -- The Conversation and (The Godfather, Part II (born in Detroit) 5041
25 Aretha Franklin, singer known as "The Queen of Soul" (born in Memphis, Tennessee; raised in Detroit) 4902
26 Sam Raimi, director most known for movies The Evil Dead, Spider-Man, and producing Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys TV series (born in Royal Oak) 4767
27 George Armstrong Custer, US General—born in New Rumley, Ohio; moved to Monroe) 4763
28 Ted Nugent, musician (born in Detroit) 4759
29 Jack Kevorkian, physician infamous for assisted suicides (born in Pontiac) 4754
30 Charles Lindbergh, pioneer aviator (born in Detroit) 4658
31 Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO and first person to be worth over a billion dollars based on stock options received as a corporate employee (born in Detroit) 4426
32 The Temptations, Motown group that won three Grammy awards with 14 number one hits (begun in Detroit) 4407
33 Bob Seger, rock singer (born in Dearborn ; raised in Ann Arbor) 3859
34 Jamie Hyneman, film special effects expert on MythBusters television show. (born in Marshall) 3545
35 Jerry Bruckheimer, movie and TV producer (born in Detroit) 3525
36 Sonny Bono, singer, record producer and California politician (born in Detroit) 3465
37 Selma Blair, Actress (born in Southfield) 3124
38 Craig Owens, vocalist of the band Chiodos (from Davison) 3028
39 Jim Bakker, scandal-ridden televangelist (born in Muskegon) 3025
40 Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts, and 2008 president candidate, (born in Detroit). 2901
41 Al Green Soul & Gospel Singer, & Pastor; grew up in Grand Rapids. 2836
42 Jason Newsted, bassist for Metallica (born in Battle Creek) 2798
43 The Stooges, rock band (begun in Ann Arbor) 2708
44 Kem, R&B/soul singer (raised in Detroit) 2565
45 Casey Kasem, radio personality host of American Top 40 (born in Detroit) 2538
46 Sid Meier, "father of computer gaming", created the groundbreaking computer game Civilization among others (born in Detroit) 2526
47 Jonas Salk Head of Epidemiology at the University of Michigan 2483
48 Uncle Kracker, rock musician (born in Mount Clemens) 2386
49 Smokey Robinson, Motown era singer (born in Detroit) 2315
50 Michael Porter, economist and author (born in Ann Arbor) 2178
51 Christie Brinkley, model (born in Monroe) 2167
52 Mike Ilitch, owner and founder of Little Caesars Pizza, owner of Detroit Red Wings and Detroit Tigers (born in Detroit) 2152
53 Suzi Quatro, singer, bassist, and actress (born in Detroit) 2028
54 Anita Baker, jazz and R&B singer (born in Toledo, Ohio; raised in Detroit) 1965
55 Sojourner Truth (lived in Battle Creek) 1872
56 Joseph Bruce, co-founder of Psychopathic Records, hip hop singer and professional wrestler (born in Wayne) 1856
57 Roger Corman, director and producer (born in Detroit) 1810
58 "MC5" - groundbreaking protopunk band (begun in Detroit) 1807
59 Twiztid, hip hop group (begun in Eastpointe, Michigan) 1798
60 Chad Smith, drummer, Red Hot Chili Peppers (raised in Bloomfield Hills) 1782
61 The Black Dahlia Murder, a melodic death metal/metalcore band (begun in Detroit) 1780
62 Jackie Wilson, R&B singer (born in Detroit) 1734
63 McG, film director (born in Kalamazoo) 1683
64 Glenn Frey, founding member of rock band The Eagles (born in Royal Oak) 1633
65 John Dingell, longest serving member of the US House of Representatives (born in Colorado Springs, Colorado; raised in Detroit) 1621
66 Betty Ford, former First Lady, and advocate of breast cancer early detection and chemical dependency treatment 1616
67 D'arcy Wretzky, bass player for The Smashing Pumpkins (born in South Haven) 1548
68 Ed McMahon, Tonight Show announcer and sidekick to Johnny Carson (born in Detroit) 1518
69 Sandra Bernhard, comedian (born in Flint) 1456
70 Lee Iacocca 1423
71 Florence Ballard, Motown era singer, original lead singer of The Supremes, (born in Rosetta, Mississippi; raised in Detroit) 1337
72 Ivan Boesky, inside trader (born in Detroit) 1331
73 Joseph Utsler, co-founder of Psychopathic Records and hip hop singer (born in Wayne) 1330
74 John Lautner 1256
75 David S. Goyer, comic book writer and filmmaker, best known for authoring almost 50 issues of Justice Society of America for DC Comics and comic-based films including The Crow: City of Angels, Dark City, Blade, and Blade II. He both wrote and directed ZigZag and Blade: Trinity as well as being the co-writer and story creator of Batman Begins (born in Ann Arbor) 1232
76 Eero Saarinen 1189
77 Edsel Ford auto maker (born in Detroit) 1163
78 The Spinners, R&B group (formed in Ferndale) 1118
79 Del Shannon, early rock singer and guitarist (born in Coopersville) 1116
80 James Lipton, host of the Bravo cable TV series, Inside the Actors Studio, writer and poet (born in Detroit) 1107
81 Wallace Fard Muhammad, founder of Nation of Islam (birthplace debated; moved to Detroit and founded his first mosque there) 1094
82 "The Verve Pipe", post-grunge band (formed in East Lansing) 1093
83 Leon Czolgosz, assassin of President William McKinley (born in Detroit) 1086
84 Esham, rapper (born in Long Island, New York; raised in Detroit) 1056
85 William Hewlett, co-founder of Hewlett-Packard, (born in Ann Arbor) 1050
86 Ellen G. White, founding member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (born in Maine, settled in Battle Creek with husband James) 1013
87 Bill Haley, early rock musician most known for his Rock Around the Clock (born in Highland Park) 1004
88 The Romantics - New Wave rock band (begun in Detroit) 930
89 Terry Nichols, Oklahoma City bombing co-conspirator (born in Michigan) 919
90 Father Charles Coughlin, notoriously anti-Semitic, pro-Hitler priest of the interwar years (born in Hamilton, Ontario; moved to Birmingham) 894
91 Albert Hughes and Allen Hughes, film directors, producers, and screenwriters (born in Detroit) 881
92 Stephen Lynch, comic musician (born in Abington, Pennsylvania; raised in Saginaw) 870
93 Robert Shiller, economist, academic, author (born in Detroit) 867
94 Greg Mathis, Judge and later TV Judge (born in Detroit) 864
95 Glenn T. Seaborg, chemist, Nobel prize winner (born in Ishpeming) 862
96 Edgar Bergen, ventriloquist and actor. (born in Chicago, raised in Decatur) 845
97 Carl Levin, US Senator (born in Detroit) 841
98 Leo Burnett, advertising firm founder 830
99 Jennifer Granholm, Governor of Michigan, (born in British Columbia; raised in California; Northville resident at time of her election) 823
100 Alvin Plantinga, philosopher of religion, (born in Ann Arbor) 820
101 Pontiac, Native American chief and war leader (born near the Detroit River) 803
102 John List, mass murderer (born in Bay City) 763
103 Preston Tucker, automobile designer, entrepreneur (born in Capac) 718
104 Paul Schrader, film director (born in Grand Rapids) 717
105 Bill Joy, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and its former chief scientist (born in rural Michigan) 709
106 Charles Cooley, sociologist, best known for his concept of the looking glass self (born in Ann Arbor) 707
107 Anna Sui, fashion designer (born in Detroit) 697
108 Taproot, nu metal band (begun in Ann Arbor) 695
109 Minoru Yamasaki, architect, best known for designing the World Trade Center. (Born in Seattle, later moved to Grand Rapids) 689
110 Anybody Killa, rapper (raised in Detroit) 665
111 Eddie Slovik - last U.S. soldier executed for desertion (born in Detroit, raised in Dearborn) 660
112 Ralph Bunche, 1950 Nobel Peace Prize winner; the first ever won by an African American (born in Detroit) 658
113 Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen, murderer (and first criminal to be captured with the aid of wireless communication (born in Michigan, caught in England) 638
114 Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino's Pizza (born in Ann Arbor) 637
115 Blaze Ya Dead Homie, rapper (raised in Romeo) 633
116 Henry Ford II auto maker (born in Detroit) 629
117 John Conyers, second-longest serving member of the US House of Representatives (born in Detroit) 602
118 John Sinclair, political activist, writer, musician (born in Flint) 596
119 Edwin Starr, soul music singer, best known for his anti-war number one hit "War" (born in Nashville, Tennessee, raised in Cleveland, Ohio, lived in Detroit 591
120 Donald Byrd, jazz trumpeter (born in Detroit) 590
121 Isamu Noguchi 584
122 Andrew "Andy" Beal, businessman banking and real estate, founder and chairman of Beal Bank and Beal Aerospace Technologies (born in Lansing) 559
123 William Clay Ford auto maker (born in Detroit) 551
124 Geoff Johns, comic book writer, known primarily for his work with DC Comics (born in Detroit) 550
125 Tom Hayden, social and political activist, politician (born in Detroit) 543
126 Samuel C. C. Ting, Nobel Prize- winning physicist (born in Ann Arbor) 537
127 Mary Wells, Motown era singer best known for her song My Guy which hit number one (born in Detroit) 525
128 John Mitchell, conspiratorial Attorney General during Watergate under President Richard Nixon (born in Detroit) 518
129 Potter Stewart, US Supreme Court justice (born in Jackson, Michigan) 502
130 Steve Phillips, former ESPN baseball analyst (from Detroit) 499
131 Bob Schneider, Texas-based rock musician and former boyfriend of Sandra Bullock (born in Ypsilanti) 492
132 George Winston, Grammy Award-winning new age pianist (born in Michigan) 492
133 Sponge, post-grunge band ( formed in Detroit) 489
134 Amy Robach, MSNBC news anchor (born in Michigan) 483
135 Gregg Alexander, singer and songwriter (from Grosse Pointe) 481
136 The Purple Gang, 1920s organized crime group in Detroit 481
137 The Von Bondies, indie rock/alternative band (from Detroit) 478
138 The Marvelettes, Motown era group whose "Please Mr. Postman" went number one (formed in Inkster) 454
139 Alice Coltrane, jazz keyboardist, harpist and composer (born in Detroit) 453
140 Richard DeVos, founder of Alticor and former president of Amway (born in Forest Hills in metro Grand Rapids) 446
141 William C. Durant, automobile industry pioneer (born in Boston, Massachusetts; moved to Flint and later Pontiac) 445
142 Will Keith Kellogg, founder of Kellogg Company (born in Battle Creek) 444
143 Veronica Webb, model, Revlon spokesperson (born in Detroit) 443
144 Sonny Stitt, jazz saxophonist (born in Boston, Massachusetts; raised in Saginaw) 432
145 Winsor McCay, pioneer film animator (born in Spring Lake) 432
146 Ron Carter, jazz bassist and member of the Miles Davis Quintet (born in Ferndale, Michigan) 418
147 George W. Romney, Governor of Michigan, former chairman of American Motors, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, (born in Chihuahua, Mexico, raised in Salt Lake City, moved to Detroit) 416
148 Debbie Stabenow, US Senator (born in Gladwin) 412
149 Earl Klugh, Grammy Award-winning jazz guitarist (born in Detroit) 410
150 Stephen M. Ross, born in Detroit, founder and CEO of The Related Companies real estate firm, helped to establish the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan which bears his name, 95% owner of Miami Dolphins. 407


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