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Top political scientists: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Woodrow Wilson - Former Professor of Politics at Princeton University and former U.S. President 13167
2 Henry Kissinger - Former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to President Richard M. Nixon. 7988
3 Condoleezza Rice - Former National Security Advisor, former Secretary of State. Professor at Stanford University. 5356
4 Karl Popper - Theorist who invented the Open Society 3077
5 Fareed Zakaria - International Relations Expert 2752
6 John Rawls - Political philosopher. 2690
7 Ambedkar - Jurist, Economist and Chairman of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution of India 2456
8 Hannah Arendt - An influential German Jewish political theorist whose work deals with the nature of power, and the subjects of politics, authority, and totalitarianism. 1832
9 Elinor Ostrom - Specialist on common pool resources, and winner of 2009 Nobel Prize for Economics. 1484
10 Samuel P. Huntington - Author of "Clash of Civilizations" and a noted comparativist. 1469
11 Herbert Simon - Nobel Prize winning professor at Carnegie Mellon. A founder of artificial intelligence research, he received his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago 1315
12 Francis Fukuyama - International political theory and biopolitics. 1278
13 Anthony Giddens - Noted political sociologist originator of the Third Way. 1158
14 Norman Finkelstein - Author on political science, notable for "The Holocaust Industry" 1103
15 Hans Morgenthau - Noted realist, international relations specialist. 745
16 Robert D. Putnam - Social capital theorist, author of Bowling Alone. 686
17 John Mearsheimer - Noted international relations theorist and national security expert. 656
18 Jack Layton - Leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada, has a Ph.D in Political Science. 600
19 Robert A. Dahl - American politics specialist, author of On Democracy (Yale University Press) 546
20 Marquis de Condorcet - 18th century mathematician and philosopher who contributed the often used Condorcet criterion and devised the concept of a Condorcet method. 523
21 Joseph Nye - "Soft power" international security specialist; Kennedy School Dean. 470
22 Michael Walzer - International relations, just war theory 408
23 Douglass North - Nobel laureate 407
24 Harold Lasswell - Political communications, pioneered early efforts to establish the policy sciences and influential contributor to the Stages Heuristic 395
25 Ramon Llull - Discoverer of Condorcet Criterion and Borda Count 395
26 Charles Tilly - Professor at Columbia University, his work includes contentious politics and evolution of modern states 346
27 Amy Gutmann - political theory expert; (2004-present) President of the University of Pennsylvania 341
28 Alexander Wendt - Social constructivism proponent 336
29 Robert O. Keohane - Interdependence theory author. 312
30 Stephen Walt - International relations specialist. 304
31 Danny Williams - Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador. 291
32 Larry Sabato - University of Virginia professor, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics, and popular political analyst. 288
33 Robert Axelrod - Expert on game theory and complexity theory, wrote extensively on the Prisoner's Dilemma, former president of American Political Science Association. 266
34 Michael Parenti - Political Scientist and Author 253
35 James Q. Wilson - Former President of the American Political Science Association 246
36 Chalmers Johnson - Comparative theorist. 244
37 Mancur Olson - International political economy specialist. Expert on collective action problems. Taught at the University of Maryland, College Park. 241
38 Ian Bremmer - Political risk specialist. 236
39 David Easton - Originator of systemic theory 234
40 James C. Scott - political economist, Southeast Asia area specialist 232
41 Seymour Martin Lipset - Renowned political theorist on democracy and development and parties. Taught at Stanford University. 226
42 Theda Skocpol - Comparative sociologist, former president of American Political Science Association, (Harvard University) 202
43 Bruce Bueno de Mesquita - Pioneering game theorist with applications to international relations, author of selectorate theory, seminal book "The War Trap". 196
44 Arend Lijphart - Originator of consociationalism. 166
45 Will Kymlicka - Originated the theoretical foundations of multiculturalism. 161
46 Eric Voegelin - Major work, "Order and History" in five volumes, he rejected the notion that political science should become a positivistic social science. 155
47 Stephen D. Krasner - International regimes author, Director of Policy Planning under Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, and professor at Stanford University. 154
48 Robert Jervis - International security specialist. 154
49 Daniel Drezner - Professor at Tufts University, specializing in international politics 150
50 Jon Elster - Norwegian social and political theorist authored works in the philosophy of social science and rational choice theory and a notable proponent of Analytical Marxism. 149
51 Anthony Downs - has contributed to democratic theory, elections studies. 147
52 Susan Strange - British expert in international relations, taught at the London School of Economics 136
53 Robert Gilpin - International political economy specialist. 136
54 Karl Deutsch - Political scientist, focused on political communication. 132
55 Maurice Duverger - French lawyer and sociologist responsible for Duverger's law. 131
56 David Nolan (libertarian) - founder of the United States Libertarian Party 130
57 Adam Przeworski - Democratic transitions theorist, author of Democracy and Development. Member of the September Group. 123
58 Dan Lipinski - US House of Representatives (IL-D, 3rd) 122
59 Partha Chatterjee - Indian postcolonial critic, political and social scientist 120
60 Michael W. Doyle - International Relations theorist, author of "Empires". 117
61 Giovanni Sartori - Comparativist, expert on constitutional theory and party systems; author of Parties and Party Systems. 116
62 Jean Bethke Elshtain - American political philosopher focusing on gender, ethics, American democracy, and International Relations. 113
63 James Morrow - International relations expert and game theorist. 112
64 Benjamin Barber - proponent of participatory democracy and local governance teaching at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy at the University of Maryland College Park. 112
65 Thomas Barnett - security strategist 109
66 Seyla Benhabib - Turkish Jewish professor of political science and philosophy at Yale, director of their program in Ethics, Politics, and Economics, and a well-known contemporary philosopher of critical theory and feminist theory. 109
67 Susan Moller Okin - Feminist political theorist, author of Women in Western Political Thought (1979). 105
68 Ira Carmen - Co-founder of the social science subdiscipline of genetics and politics. 105
69 Cynthia Enloe - International Relations scholar focusing on Feminism in international relations, editor for such scholarly journals as Signs and the International Feminist Journal of Politics. 100
70 John G. Stoessinger - International relations theorist, author of "The Might of Nations: World Politics in our Time". 100
71 John Ruggie - International relations theorist, social constructivist. 99
72 Peter D. Feaver - International security expert. 99
73 Thierry Meyssan - Political theorist of anti-imperialism 98
74 Kancha Ilaiah - Dalit scholar and social scientist 94
75 Sidney Verba 93
76 James H. Fowler - Expert on political participation, the evolution of cooperation, and social network theory (UCSD) 90
77 Bertrand de Jouvenel - French political scientist. Co-founder of Mont Pelerin Society 90
78 Zeev Sternhell - Theorist, political historian of political ideology. 89
79 Gar Alperovitz - political economist 87
80 Juan Linz - Democracy specialist 87
81 Beth Simmons - Prominent international relations scholar focusing on human rights. 85
82 Andrew Moravcsik - Professor at Princeton University, noted liberal IR theorist, specialist on European Union politics. 82
83 William H. Riker - 20th century political scientist who applied game theory to political science. 78
84 Aaron Wildavsky - Author of "Risk and Culture" 75
85 Morris P. Fiorina American Politics. Proposed retrospective vote theory. 74
86 John DiIulio - American politics expert at the University of Pennsylvania; first director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Groups 73
87 Thomas R. Dye - Elite theory vs. Pluralism; author of The Irony of Democracy and Who's Running America? 72
88 Louis Hartz - American author of The Liberal Tradition in America (1955). 69
89 David Butler, pioneer of modern British political science, invented the concept of swing. 68
90 Jean Edward Smith - political economist, biographer, international relations, constitutional law. 66
91 Richard Fenno - Congress scholar, author of Home Style: House Members in their Districts 64
92 David Miller - Political Philosopher specialized in theories of social justice 64
93 Michael McFaul - Russia specialist, professor and director of the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law at Stanford University 64
94 Franz Leopold Neumann - known for analysis of National Socialism. 63
95 J. Ann Tickner - Feminist international relations theorist and current president of the International Studies Association (ISA). 61
96 Ahron Bregman - Expert on the Arab-Israeli conflict. 60
97 Gad Barzilai - Law and Politics, Human Rights and Politics, Communities and Law at University of Washington . 60
98 E.E. Schattschneider - Early political parties expert, author of Party Government and The Semisovereign People: A Realist's View of Democracy in America 59
99 Larry Diamond - Comparative democratization specialist. Professor at Stanford University. 59
100 Gary King - Professor at Harvard, political methodologist. 57
101 Thomas Pangle - Political theorist at University of Texas at Austin 56
102 Jean-Charles de Borda - 18th century mathematician who devised the Borda count. 55
103 Grayson L. Kirk - Specialist in international relations and President of Columbia University 54
104 Duncan Black - Responsible for unearthing the work of many early political scientists, including Charles Dodgson. 52
105 Jacob Hacker - Professor of Political Science at Yale University. 51
106 Thomas Ferguson - Politics and economics 50
107 Daniel J. Elazar - American federalism and political culture scholar, founder of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, political science professor at Bar Ilan (Israel) and Temple University 48
108 Pippa Norris - Harvard comparative political scientist 47
109 Samuel Finer - Academic and author on political science and history of government. 46
110 Scott Sagan - Stanford professor and notable critic of deterrence theory. 46
111 Stephen Van Evera - MIT international relations expert, known for proposing Offense-Defense theory 46
112 Jeremy Harris - American Politics Specialist 45
113 Peter Middlebrook - political economist specialising in transition economies. 45
114 Stephen P. Cohen - Middle East specialist 45
115 Mahesh Rangarajan - Indian political analyst and researcher with a focus on contemporary Indian politics and the politics of wildlife conservation in India 44
116 R. A. W. Rhodes - Public administration scholar 39
117 Murray Dry - Professor at Middlebury College, specializing in constitutional law 39
118 Stein Rokkan - Expert on political parties and movements, founder of the Institute for Comparative Politics. 38
119 James David Barber - developed a classification system of the personality types of American presidents, successfully predicted Richard Nixon's resignation from the office of the president 38
120 Roger Hilsman - JFK Aide, Columbia University Professor, and prolific author. 38
121 Jean Blondel - Comparative politics at University of Siena, emeritus at European University Institute. 38
122 Christopher J. Hill - International Relations scholar, Professor and Director of the Cambridge Centre of International Studies. 37
123 Alan Whaites - States/State-building theorist, DFID [link] 35
124 George Tsebelis - Game theorist notable for his general theory of Veto players and for describing the Robinson Crusoe fallacy. 35
125 Clinton Rossiter - American government and constitutional history theorist. 34
126 Darrell M. West - Specialist in electronic government, Brookings Institution director of Governance Studies 34
127 John Henry Whyte - Specialist in Northern Irish politics 34
128 Daniel Deudney - Writer and associate professor at Johns Hopkins University; author of Bounding Power: Republican Security Theory from the Polis to the Global Village 33
129 Michael Munger - trained as an economist, chair of political science at Duke University, running for governor of North Carolina as a Libertarian 33
130 Steven Brams - Expert on voting systems. 32
131 Dennis Thompson - Political theorist at Harvard University 32
132 Brendan O'Leary - Ethnic conflict specialist 32
133 Herbert Kitschelt - author on new radical right parties 32
134 Alfred Stepan - Comaparativist, Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government at Columbia University 32
135 Philip Converse - Public opinion scholar, author of "The Nature of Belief Systems in Mass Publics." 31
136 Jouke de Vries - Frisian politician and professor at the university of Leiden. 31
137 Harry Harding - China specialist. 31
138 Stephen Skowronek - Presidency and American political development scholar (Yale University) 31
139 Michael Steed - British political scientist, developed the concept of "Steed swing" as distinct from "Butler swing" 31
140 Thomas Diez - Chair in International Relations at the University of Birmingham 31
141 Thomas Hare - Devised Single Transferable Vote (also known as Hare's method). 30
142 Clyde Coombs - Voting systems expert, designed "Coombs' method" 30
143 Ian Lustick - State territioriality ethnic conflict and computer modelling in political science; University of Pennsylvania 30
144 Rein Taagepera - Comparativist, expert on electoral systems and history of government. 30
145 A.F.K. Organski - Developed power transition theory in his 1958 book "World Politics". 29
146 Samuel L. Popkin - Early expert on rational choice theory. 29
147 Alan Abramowitz - Expert in American politics, political parties, ideological realignment, elections, and voting behavior. 29
148 Austin Sarat - Public law specialist 28
149 David Samuels - Comparativist scholar of Brazilian politics and political institutions. 28
150 Jason A. Johnson - Campaign management 27
151 Richard Ned Lebow - Noted constructivist, Cold War expert, author of "Tragic Vision of Politics". 27
152 Gleb Pavlovsky - Russian political scientist. 26
153 Philip Cowley - Author of "Revolts and Rebellions". 26
154 Dennis Kavanagh 26
155 Thomas Holbrook - Public Opinion and Elections Research, author Do Campaigns Matter? 26
156 Richard Rosecrance - International relations and political economy expert. 26
157 Richard Rose - American political scientist, Professor of Politics at the University of Aberdeen 26


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