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Top serial killers by country: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Jack the Ripper: murdered prostitutes in the East End of London in 1888 19794
2 Zodiac Killer: operated in northern California during the 1960s; five known victims; claimed to have killed as many as 37 people 6639
3 Smiley face murder theory: theoretical serial killer(s) thought by some sources to have drowned college-aged young men across the northern part of the country since 1997; most experts suggest that the deaths were accidental 5624
4 Claremont serial murders: murders of two young women and the disappearance of a third in 1996 and 1997 2505
5 Andrei Chikatilo: AKA "The Rostov Ripper"; killed 52 women and children throughout the Soviet Union; arrested, convicted and executed in 1994 2064
6 Gilles de Rais: 15th century satanist and child killer (400 killed) 1795
7 Tsutomu Miyazaki: AKA "The Otaku Murderer", "The Little Girl Murderer" and "Dracula"; killed four preschool-age girls and ate the hand of a victim; executed in 2008 1587
8 Luis Garavito: AKA "The Beast" admitted to murder and rape of 140 young boys. 1264
9 Boston Strangler: 1960s deaths of 13 women (five young, eight older), mostly with their own stockings as ligature. Albert DeSalvo confessed to the murders, but was never indicted, and DNA evidence has suggested his innocence in one of the cases 1258
10 Cleveland Torso Murderer: AKA the "Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run"; responsible for 12–13 murders in the Cleveland, Ohio area in the 1930s 909
11 Marc Dutroux: child molester and killer 781
12 Grim Sleeper: one man has been charged after DNA evidence linked him with ten murders in Los Angeles since 1985 720
13 Alphabet murders: murders of three young girls in the Rochester, New York area during the early 1970s 690
14 Darya Nikolayevna Saltykova: 18th century noblewoman who tortured and killed serfs on her estate 615
15 Alexander Pichushkin: AKA "The Chessboard Killer"; convicted of 48 murders; confessed to killing 63 575
16 Servant Girl Annihilator: AKA the "Austin Axe Murderer"; responsible for at least seven murders in Austin, Texas between 1884 and 1885 564
17 Yang Xinhai: confessed to killing 65 people between 2000 and 2003; executed in 2004 531
18 Original Night Stalker: killer and rapist who murdered six people in Southern California from 1979 through 1986 462
19 Bible John: thought to be responsible for the deaths of three women in Glasgow, Scotland in the late 1960s 454
20 Serhiy Tkach: convicted of raping and murdering 36 women, but claims the total is 100 454
21 Charles Sobhraj: killed at least 12 Western tourists in Southeast Asia during the 1970s 445
22 Jack the Stripper: responsible for the London "nude murders" between 1964 and 1965 439
23 Vladislav Volkovich and Vladimir Kondratenko: AKA the "Nighttime Killers"; charged with shooting, stabbing and bludgeoning 16 victims to death in Kiev between 1991 and 1997; Kondratenko committed suicide in prison during the trial; Volkovich was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment 423
24 Giancarlo Lotti and Mario Vanni: AKA "The Monster of Florence"; convicted of eight murders of couples in a series of 16 between 1968 and 1985 417
25 Fritz Haarmann: preyed on young men and boys; executed in 1925 408
26 Javed Iqbal: believed to have killed 100 boys 390
27 Daniel Camargo Barbosa: AKA "The Sadist of El Charquito", who is believed to have raped and killed over 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador during the 1970s and 1980s. 380
28 Miyuki Ishikawa: murdered an estimated 103, but could have been up to 169 infants in the 1940s 354
29 Raya and Sakina: Egypt's most famous serial killers and the first Egyptian women to be executed by the modern state of Egypt 335
30 Anatoly Onoprienko: AKA "The Terminator"; murdered 52 people from 1989 until his capture in 1996 330
31 Peter Stumpp: self-proclaimed werewolf who killed 16 people during the 16th century 323
32 Phantom Killer: believed to have committed the Texarkana Moonlight Murders in Texas between February 23 and May 4, 1946 322
33 Axeman of New Orleans: killer of at least eight people in the New Orleans area from May 1918 to October 1919 316
34 Jack Unterweger: author and sexual sadist; convicted of 10 murders; believed to have killed 12 women 307
35 Baseline Killer: one man has been charged with nine murders attributed to the Baseline Killer in Phoenix, Arizona 301
36 Marcel Petiot: doctor who killed 63 would-be refugees from the Nazis; executed in 1946 267
37 Dorangel Vargas: killed and cannibalized at least 10 men. 260
38 The Doodler: sketched then stabbed to death 14 gay men in San Francisco in the 1970s 255
39 Moses Sithole: AKA "ABC Killer"and The South African Strangler raped and killed at least 38 young women in Atteridgeville, Boksburg and Cleveland from 1994 - 1995. 252
40 Nikolai Dzhumagaliev: AKA "Metal Fang"; raped and hacked seven women to death with an axe in Almaty in 1980, then cannibalised them using his unusual false teeth 226
41 Waltraud Wagner and Irene Leidolf: AKA the "Lainz Angels of Death"; nurses at the Lainz General Hospital in Vienna who admitted to murdering 49 patients 224
42 Hiroshi Maeue: AKA "Suicide Website Murderer"; lured people from suicide clubs promising to kill himself with his victims 216
43 Ahmad Suradji: admitted to killing 42 women; sentenced to death and executed by firing squad on July 10, 2008 215
44 Vlado Taneski: crime reporter arrested in June 2008 for the murder of three elderly women on whose deaths he had written articles; committed suicide in police custody; suspected of killing another woman 204
45 Stoneman: responsible for 13 murders in Kolkata in 1989 202
46 Futoshi Matsunaga and Junko Ogata: AKA "House of Horror"; tortured and killed at least seven people between 1996 and 1998, including Ogata's family 200
47 Connecticut River Valley Killer: stabbed to death six women in New England in the 1980s 196
48 Cayetano Santos Godino: AKA "Petiso Orejudo" ("Big Eared Midget"); at 16, killed four children in 1912; died in prison in 1944 192
49 Joseph Vacher: AKA "The French Ripper"; 19th century serial killer of 11 people 192
50 Freeway Phantom: raped and strangled six young women and girls in Washington, D.C. in the early 1970s, dumping their bodies by freeways 191
51 Charlie Chop-off: murders of five boys in Manhattan in 1972 and 1973. A mental patient confessed to one slashing death. Four stabbings also involving mutilation remain unsolved 187
52 Marie-Madeleine-Marguerite d'Aubray, Marquise de Brinvilliers: French poisoner; executed in 1676 182
53 Vera Renczi: poisoned two husbands, one son and 32 of her suitors in the 1920s and 1930s 177
54 Francisca Ballesteros: between 1990 and 2004 killed her family and attempted to kill her surviving son 162
55 Mohammed Bijeh: AKA the "Tehran Desert Vampire"; killed at least 16 young boys near Tehran; executed in 2005 154
56 Jeanne Weber: convicted of the murders of 10 children 150
57 Lam Kor-wan: sexual sadist who murdered and dismembered four women in the 1980s; sentenced to life imprisonment 147
58 Bradford murders: one man has been charged with three murders in Bradford, England in 2009 and 2010 146
59 Huang Yong: between September 2001 and 2003 killed at least 17 teenage boys; executed in 2003 145
60 Thomas Quick: AKA "Sätermannen"; confessed and convicted of eight murders, later recanted confessions 144
61 Robledo Puch: AKA "The Death Angel" and "The Black Angel" killed 11 people before his arrest in 1972; sentenced to life imprisonment in 1980 144
62 Oakland County Child Killer: responsible for the murders of four or more children in Oakland County, Michigan in 1976 and 1977 138
63 New Bedford Highway Killer: murders of nine women and disappearance of two others between 1988 and 1989 137
64 Colonial Parkway Killer: believed to have murdered at least eight people in Virginia between 1986 and 1989; left three couples dead and one couple missing and presumed dead 135
65 Daisy de Melker: poisoner; killed two husbands and one son from 1923 - 1932. 134
66 Michel Fourniret: confessed to nine murders of young girls; allegedly killed 10 more between 1987 and 2001 133
67 Karl Denke: cannibal; allegedly killed 30–40 people in the 1920s 132
68 Genzo Kurita: killed six women and two children and engaged in rape and necrophilia 130
69 Honolulu Strangler: raped and strangled five young women in Hawaii in 1985 and 1986 129
70 Shen Changyin and Shen Changping: found guilty of the murders of 11 prostitutes 126
71 The Family Murders: murder and mutilation of five young men and boys between 1979 and 1983. Bevan Spencer von Einem was convicted of one murder. 126
72 Beer Man: murdered seven people in south Mumbai between October 2006 and January 2007 125
73 Sataro Fukiage: raped and killed at least seven girls in the early 20th century 119
74 Daytona Beach killer: murdered four, possibly five, women in Daytona Beach, Florida between 2005 and 2007 117
75 Toronto Hospital Murders: digoxin poisonings of at least eight babies at Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children in 1980 and 1981 116
76 Frankford Slasher: allegedly responsible for nine murders in the Frankford neighborhood of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Leonard Christopher was convicted of one murder; another murder was committed in same style while he was incarcerated; believed to still be at large 114
77 Yoshio Kodaira: rapist thought to have killed 11 people in Japan and Chinese people as a soldier 111
78 Matti Haapoja: convicted murderer of three people, admitted to the murders of 18 probably killed 22–25; sentenced to life imprisonment, hanged himself in a prison cell 111
79 Hiroaki Hidaka: killed four prostitutes in 1996; executed on December 25, 2006 109
80 Hwaseong serial murders: series of murders between 1986 and 1991 in Hwaseong; ten women were found raped, bound, and murdered 107
81 Joachim Kroll: claimed 13 victims over three decades 107
82 Minnie Dean: Scottish immigrant baby farmer who killed at least three children by laudanum poisoning and suffocation in the 1890s 106
83 Sergei Ryakhovsky: AKA "The Hippopotamus"; convicted of the murders of 19 people aged between 14 and 78 101
84 Cedric Maake: AKA the "Wemmer Pan Killer"; serial rapist; murdered at least 27 people from 1996 - 1997. 101
85 Dagmar Overbye: childcare provider who killed between nine and 25 children; sentenced to death in 1921 then reprieved 101
86 Alexander Spesivtsev: cannibal convicted of the murders of 19 women 99
87 Guy Georges: AKA the "Beast of the Bastille"; serving a life sentence for seven murders between 1991 and 1997 96
88 Roberto Succo: murdered at least five people, including his parents 96
89 Pierre Chanal: serial killer of 17 boys between 1980 and 1987 who committed suicide in 2003 95
90 Gong Runbo: found guilty of the murders of six children and teenagers aged between nine and 16 from 2005 to 2006 92
91 Saeed Hanaei: AKA "The Spider Killer"; killed at least 16 women around Mashhad; executed in 2002 89
92 Anna Maria Zwanziger: Bavarian poisoner; killer of four people; executed in 1811 87
93 Cincinnati Strangler: raped and strangled seven mostly elderly women in Cincinnati, Ohio between 1965 and 1966 86
94 Sergey Golovkin: AKA "The Fisher" killed 11 boys between 1986 and 1992 86
95 Gesche Gottfried: serial poisoner who murdered 15 people in Hanover and Bremen; publicly executed in 1831 85
96 Leonarda Cianciulli: AKA "Soap-Maker of Correggio"; murderess of three women 85
97 Donato Bilancia: murdered 17 people in seven months between 1997 and 1998 85
98 Maxim Petrov: AKA "Doctor Killer" and "Doctor Death"; doctor who killed 12 patients 84
99 Goleta Murders 1979, 1981: series of three home invasion attacks on couples living in a roughly two-mile-square (5 km²) area of Goleta, California 82
100 Maria Swanenburg: killed 27 with arsenic in the 1880s 81
101 Gert van Rooyen: allegedly abducted and murdered at least six girls from across South Africa from 1988 - 1989. 80
102 Lisbon Ripper: murdered three women in Lisbon between 1992 and 1993 80
103 Anatoly Slivko: convicted of killing seven young boys; executed<!-- When? --> 79
104 Seisaku Nakamura: AKA "Hamamatsu Deaf Killer", murdered at least nine people 74
105 Francis Heaulme: serving a life sentence for 20 murders between 1984 and 1992 73
106 Andrzej Nowocień: AKA the "Skin Hunters"; paramedic in Łódź who killed patients for profit 70
107 Ondrej Rigo: killed and mutilated 9 women before raping them; committed his crimes in Slovakia, Germany and Netherlands. 70
108 Arnfinn Nesset: geriatric assistant nurse who poisoned 22 dwellers at the Orkdal Alders- og Sjukeheim institution over a period of years before being convicted in 1984 68
109 Vasiliy Kulik: killed 13 people aged between seven months and 75 years; executed<!-- When? --> 68
110 David Randitsheni: AKA "Modimolle Serial Killer" raped and murdered 10 children (kidnapped and raped more) from 2004 - 2008. 68
111 Jimmy Maketta: AKA "Jesus Killer" convicted on 16 counts of murder, 19 counts of rape from 1996 - 1999. 63
112 Bowraville Murders: murders of three Aboriginal children in between 1990 and 1991 63
113 Norbert Poehlke, AKA 'The Hammer-Killer': police officer, bank robber and serial killer 62
114 Norman Afzal Simons: AKA "Station Strangler" raped, sodomised and murder 22 children on the Cape Flats from 1986 - 1994. 61
115 José Antonio Rodriguez Vega: raped and killed at least 16 women 61
116 Elias Xitavhudzi: AKA "Pangaman" murdered 16 people in Atteridgeville in the 1960s. 58
117 Lam Kwok-wai: murdered three women 56
118 Akira Nishiguchi: killed five people and engaged in fraud 55
119 Wolfgang Abel and Mario Furlan: German-Italian duo found guilty of 10 of 27 counts of murder in 1987 55
120 Lewis Hutchinson: Scottish immigrant convicted of shooting dozens of people in the 18th century; executed in 1773 54
121 Volker Eckert: accused of 19 murders between 1974 and 2006 53
122 Aleksandr Rubel: convicted murderer of six people 51
123 Charles Quansah: convicted of the strangulation deaths of nine women in Accra; suspected of killing 34; sentenced to death in 2003 49
124 Fritz Honka: murdered four women in Hamburg and kept the bodies in his apartment 48
125 Thierry Paulin: AKA the "Beast of Montmartre"; preyed on the elderly in the 1980s and Murderer of 21 old women 47
126 Sipho Thwala: AKA the "Phoenix Strangler"; raped and murdered 19 women in the sugarcane fields of KwaZulu Natal from 1996 to 1997. 46
127 Elfriede Blauensteiner: poisoner of three individuals 45
128 Metod Trobec: raped and killed at least five women; committed suicide in prison in 2006 45
129 Petr Zelenka: male nurse convicted of seven murders to "test" doctors 43
130 Antonis Daglis: AKA the "Athens Ripper"; convicted in 1997 of the strangulation murders and dismemberment of three women and the attempted murder of six others 42
131 Stephan Letter: male nurse who killed 29 patients; arrested in 2006 41
132 Paturis Park murders: AKA the "Rainbow Maniac"; series of 13 gunshot murders of gay men between July 2007 and August 2008 in Paturis Park (Parque dos Paturis) in Carapicuiba 39
133 Nicolai Bonner: killed four people in 2005 in Haifa, three of them homeless; sentenced to life imprisonment 39
134 Ann Arbor Hospital Murders: pavulon poisonings of ten patients at the Veteran's Administration Hospital in 1975 39
135 Francisco Garcia Escalero: beggar convicted of 11 murders 36
136 Westside rapist: one man has been charged with two of 17 murders after DNA evidence linked him with the series in Los Angeles 35
137 Antti Taskinen: poisoner of three men; sentenced to life imprisonment 35
138 Silvo Plut: killed three women; committed suicide in prison in 2007 34
139 Johannes Mashiane: AKA "The Beast of Atteridgeville" 13 counts of murder, 12 counts of sodomy from 1982 - 1989. 33
140 Stewart Wilken: AKA "Boetie Boer"; raped, sodomised and murdered at least 7 victims from 1990 - 1997. 31
141 Elifasi Msomi: AKA "The Axe Killer" murdered 15 people under the influence of the Tokoloshe from 1953 - 1955. 29
142 Manuel Delgado Villegas: 48 alleged murders; convicted of eight 28
143 Kaspars Petrovs: convicted of murdering 13 elderly Riga women in 2005; confessed to killing 38 26
144 Sibusiso Duma: murdered 7 people in the Pietermaritzburg area of KwaZulu Natal in 2007. 26
145 Christopher Mhlengwa Zikode: AKA "Donnybrook Serial Killer" murdered 18 people in Donnybrook KwaZulu Natal from 1994–1995. 23
146 Valeriy Asratyan: arrested in 1990 and convicted of three murders and dozens of cases of sexual abuse; executed<!-- When? --> 21
147 Samuel Sidyno: AKA "Capital Hill Serial Killer" murdered 7 people in Pretoria from 1998 - 1999. 14
148 Nicholas Lungisa Ncama: murdered 6 people in the Eastern Cape, 1997. 12
149 Female homicides in Ciudad Juárez: AKA "The dead women of Juárez"; the violent deaths of hundreds of women since 1993 in the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez 7
150 Ion Rîmaru: murdered and raped young women in Bucharest from 1970 to 1971; executed in 1971 5
151 Stanisław Modzelewski: murdered seven women in Łódź during the 1960s; executed in 1970 < 5
152 Marie Fikáčková: female nurse who was executed by hanging in 1961 for the murders of 10 babies < 5
153 Václav Mrázek: convicted of the murders of seven women; executed in 1957 < 5
154 Özgür Dengiz: serial killer from Ankara, who killed four people and cannibalized at least one < 5
155 Henri Désiré Landru: killed 11 people; inspired the character of Monsieur Verdoux played by Charlie Chaplin < 5
156 Peter Kürten: AKA the "Vampire of Düsseldorf"; executed in 1932 < 5
157 Vinko Pintarić: murdered five people, including his wife, between 1973 and 1990. Escaped from custody three times, killed in a 1991 shootout with the police. < 5

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