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Top tautological place names: All

Rank Topic Wikipedia views
Oct 21 2010
1 Milky Way Galaxy (Milky Way milky way — Greek; for this reason some scientists, such as the late Isaac Asimov, have argued that the Milky Way should be renamed the "Home Galaxy" or some such.) 11792
2 Mississippi River, United States, and Mississippi River, Ontario, Canada (Big River River - Algonquin) 11273
3 Faroe Islands, sometimes Faeroe Islands, also Faroes or Faeroes (, , , , ), North Atlantic (Sheep Islands Islands - Faroese) — It is the -oe part of Faeroe that means 'islands' (, , , , ); the first part of the name (Før- or Fær-) is thought to mean 'sheep'; see History of the Faroe Islands. 7883
4 Sahara desert, Africa (Deserts desert - Arabic) 7151
5 East Timor (East east - from the Malay word timur) 6801
6 Mongibellu, Sicilian name of the volcano Etna, in Sicily, Italy (Mountain Mountain, from Romance monte and Arabic žabal). 5024
7 Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California (Lake the lake - Washo Native American Tribal language) 3244
8 La Brea Tar Pits, California (The Tar Tar Pits - Spanish) 2001
9 Connecticut River, United States (Long Tidal River River - Algonquin) 907
10 Cuyahoga River, Ohio ("Cuyahoga" means "crooked river" in a Native American language.) 874
11 Mount Katahdin, Maine (Mount The Greatest Mountain - English/Penobscot) 843
12 Cartagena, Spain - (New New City - from Latin Carthago Nova, 'New Carthage'; but Carthago itself is from Phoenician , 'New City') 788
13 Lake Chad, Chad (Lake lake - Bornu word tsade: "lake") 690
14 Dodecanese Islands, Aegean Sea (Twelve Islands Islands - Greek; usually called just Dodecanese) 652
15 River Tyne, England (River River - Brythonic) 632
16 Schuylkill River, eastern Pennsylvania (Hidden River River - the suffix kill in Dutch meaning "river") 588
17 River Humber, England, and Humber River, Ontario, Canada (River River - Brythonic) 559
18 Canvey Island, UK (Cana's island island - Anglo-Saxon) 515
19 Lee Mead - (Meadow Meadow) 450
20 Carmarthen, Wales (Welsh : Caerfyddin) - (Fort fort by the sea - "Caer"/"Car" = Welsh for fort (from Latin castra), "marthen"/"m(f)yrddin" is Welsh name derived from Latin Moridunum, which itself derived from Brythonic "môr" (sea) and "din"/"dun" (fort)) 426
21 Isle of Sheppey, UK (Island of sheep island - Saxon) 416
22 Río Guadalquivir, Spain (Great River River - from Arabic al-wādi al-kabīr 'The Great Valley (or River)'. 390
23 Moorestown Township, New Jersey 354
24 Nathu La Pass, Indo-China border, (Listening Ears Pass Pass- Tibetan) 342
25 Paraguay River, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina (From the Great River River - Guaraní Language) 341
26 Uruguay River, Uruguay and Argentina (River of the painted birds River - Guaraní Language) 308
27 Kaieteur Falls in Kaieteur National Park, Potaro-Siparuni Region, Guyana - (Kai falls Falls - Patamona language) 297
28 Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England. (Hill Hill Hill) - "Pen" -(Cumbric language) and the suffix "dle" from the Old English language. 274
29 Dal Lake, Kashmir (Lake Lake - Balti) 267
30 Laguna de Bay, Philippines - also referred to as Laguna Lake (Lake Lake - Spanish) 255
31 Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota (Waterfall Falls - Lakota) 215
32 Val d'Aran, Spain (Valley Valley - Gascon and Euskara (Basque)) 172
33 Gili Islands, North-west of Lombok, Indonesia (Small Island Islands - Sasak) 162
34 Mount Maunganui, New Zealand (Mount Mount Big - Māori) 156
35 Wast Water, England - 'water's valley water' from Old Norse "vatns dalr" (= Wasdale) and Old English "wæter" 149
36 Mount Lushan, Jiangxi, China: Mount Lu Mountain. 146
37 River Avon, various in England and Scotland (River River - Brythonic (spelled Afon in modern Welsh), or Goidelic abhainn) 118
38 Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota, USA (Thousand Lakes Lake - French) 108
39 Río Guadix, Spain (River River River - Río is "river" in Spanish, guad comes from Arabic wādi 'valley' or 'river', and ix is "river" in Phoenician) 105
40 Glendale - Anglicisation of the Gaelic Gleann Dail. Gleann simply means "valley", and dail is a borrowing from the Norse for "valley", which in Gaelic specifically means a valley containing fertile arable land, or any low-lying farmland. The anglicised form appears more tautological as the word dale in English is used to describe any valley. 97
41 Ochil Hills, Scotland (Hill hills) 92
42 Walney Island, UK (British island island)- Old Norse 85
43 Lake Lagunita, Stanford, California (Lake Little Lake - Spanish) 72
44 Lagos Lagoon, Nigeria - 'lagos' is Portuguese for 'lakes', and 'lagoon' derives from Latin 'lacus' "lake, pond" 55
45 Torpenhow Hill, England (Hill Hill Hill Hill - SW-British (Tor) / Brythonic (pen = "head") / Anglo-Saxon hōh = "spur of high ground" / English (hill)) (disputed ) 51
46 Lake Rotorua, New Zealand (Lake Lake Second - Māori. Many other New Zealand lakes have the tautological "Lake Roto-" form) 45
47 Bredon Hill, England (Hill Hill Hill - Brythonic/Old English/Modern English); compare Bredon and Brill (Hill Hill - Brythonic/Saxon) and Breedon on the Hill (Hill Hill on the Hill - Brythonic/Saxon/Modern English) 42
48 Hatchie River, United States (River River - "hatchie" meaning "river" in Muskogean languages) 36
49 Vignemale, Pyrenees: Went Mal 'mount mount' 36
50 Motutapu Island, New Zealand (Island Sacred Island - Māori) 34
51 Walla Walla River, Washington, United States (Little River River; Walla means "river" in Sahaptin, repeated to express the diminutive ("little river")) 34
52 Nesoddtangen, Norway - (The Cape cape cape, Norwegian, from nes (promontory or cape), odde (promontory or cape) and tange (promontory or cape)) 32
53 Montcuq, Lot, France: Mont Kukk 'mount mount' 30
54 Fishkill Creek, New York, USA (small waterway small waterway - "kil" meaning "small waterway" in Dutch) 30
55 Slieve Mish Mountains and Slieve Bloom Mountains, Ireland - (Mish Mountain Mountains, Bloom Mountain Mountains - from sliabh, the Gaelic word for mountain) 28
56 Lake Ellesmere, New Zealand (Ella's lake lake - Old Norse. Several English lakes, such as Windermere, are often incorrectly referred to using the incorrect "Lake -mere" form, but New Zealand's has this form as its official name) 28
57 Molopo River, South Africa (River River) - Setswana 27
58 Filefjell, Norway (The mountain mountain - Norwegian) 23
59 Laguna Lake, California (Lake Lake - Spanish) 20
60 Loughrigg Tarn, from Gaelic loch, plus Norse "ridge", and "tarn" meaning a body of water 20
61 Lake Hayq, Ethiopia - hayk Amh. means lake. 18
62 Hayle Estuary, Cornwall (Estuary Estuary - Cornish Heyl "estuary") 16
63 Nyanza Lac, Burundi - ("Nyanza" and "Lac" are the Bantu and French words for "lake" respectively. Interestingly, Nyanza Lac is not a lake - it's a city) 15
64 River Awbeg, County Cork, Ireland (Small River River - Irish: Abhainn Beag) 15
65 Skookumchuck River, Washington, United States - the suffix chuck in Chinook Jargon meaning "river" 14
66 Trendle Ring earthwork in Somerset, England (Circle Circle) 13
67 Col de Port, Ariège, France (Pass Pass - French and Occitan) 12
68 River Avonmore, County Wicklow, Ireland (Big River River - Irish: Abhainn Mór) 12
69 Summit Peak, New Zealand (Peak Peak - both English) - also the U.S. has five hills called Summit Peak. 11
70 Gaube Lake, Hautes-Pyrénées (Lake Lake - French and Gascon) 11
71 Chejudo Island, South Korea (Cheju Island Island). 9
72 Loch Watten, Scotland, from Gaelic loch, plus Norse vatn 8
73 Te Rere Hau Wind Farm, New Zealand (The flowing wind wind farm - Māori/English) 8
74 Eizmendi: Haitz Mendi 'mount mount' (Euskara) 7
75 River Avonbeg, County Wicklow, Ireland (Small River River - Irish: Abhainn Beag) 6
76 Beechhurst Holt Wood, England (beech wood wood wood - Anglo-Saxon) < 5
77 Picacho Peak (Arizona, U.S.) (Peak Peak - Spanish) < 5
78 Timor-Leste, East Timor, (East East - Indonesian/Malay, Portuguese) - Note: this is the eastern half of an island that is the easternmost major island in its chain. < 5
79 Šešupė River, Lithuania (Sixth River River - Lithuanian) </ref> < 5
80 Jiayuguan Pass - (Jiayu Pass Pass - Mandarin Chinese) < 5
81 Gobi Desert, central Asia (Very large and dry desert, Gobi means 'very large and dry' in Mongolian) < 5
82 Table Mesa, Colorado (Table Table - Spanish) </ref> - also Table Mesa, Arizona < 5
83 Eas Fors Waterfall on the Isle of Mull in Scotland (waterfall waterfall waterfall) < 5
84 Rillito River, southern Arizona, United States (Little River River - Spanish) < 5
85 Knockhill, a common placename in the Scottish Lowlands, deriving from either Scottish Gaelic, cnoc meaning a "hill" or a similar word originating in either Danish or one of the West Germanic languages that predated Old English. < 5
86 Ardtornish Point, Scotland (High/Heights Tor Point Point) - "Aird" from Gaelic, "Nish" from the Norse Ness and Point from English - all referring to some form of cape, point or headland). < 5
87 Côtes-d'Armor, Brittany, France (Coast of Coast - French and Breton) < 5
88 Orkney Islands, UK, (Boar Island Islands), suffix ey means island < 5
89 Djebel Amour, Algeria: (Arabic & Tamazight) < 5
90 El Camino Way in Palo Alto, California (The way way - Spanish) < 5
91 Pic de la Munia in Piau-Engaly, France: Pic Muño (Romance & Euskara) < 5
92 Lake Issyk-Kul, Kyrgyzstan (Lake Hot Lake - Kyrgyz) < 5
93 Fjällfjällen, Sweden (The mountain mountains - Swedish) < 5
94 Vaslui River, Romania - uj meant "body of water" in Cuman < 5
95 Ch-teaudun, France (Castle Stronghold - French and Gaulish) < 5
96 Østensjøvann is a Norwegian lake name that concatenates sjø ("lake that is not as narrow as a fjord") and vann ("lake"). Similarly Møsvann in Telemark, Norway combines mjøsa meaning lake with vann meaning lake. < 5
97 Kymijoki, Finland (River River) < 5
98 El Puente de Alcántara, Toledo, Spain, (The Bridge of the Bridge - Puente from Spanish, Alcántara from Arabic al-qanṭara<sup>ht</sup> 'the bridge') < 5
99 Bergeberget, Norway (The Hill Hill - Norwegian) < 5
100 Lundy Island, UK (puffin island island - Norse) < 5


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