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Top tectonic plate interactions: All

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Oct 21 2010
1 New Zealand's Alpine Fault is another active transform boundary. 42215
2 The Himalayas 8869
3 The Andes orogenic belt is the latest of a series of pre-Andean orogenies along the western margin of the South American Plate. 6509
4 The San Andreas Fault in California is an active transform boundary. The Pacific Plate (carrying the city of Los Angeles) is moving northwards with respect to the North American Plate. 4400
5 The Caucasus 4173
6 The Pyrenees 2851
7 The Mid-Atlantic Ridge system separates the North American Plate and South American Plate in the west from the Eurasian Plate and African Plate in the east 1315
8 The Pacific Plate is being subducted under the Eurasian and Philippine Sea Plates, the latter subduction zone forming the Mariana Trench. 731
9 The East African Rift (Great Rift Valley) in eastern Africa 470
10 The Southern Alps of New Zealand 422
11 The Indonesian Archipelago 390
12 The Cascadia subduction zone is where the oceanic Juan de Fuca, Gorda and Explorer Plates are being subducted under the continental North American plate. 312
13 The East Pacific Rise, extending from the South Pacific to the Gulf of California 286
14 The Karst Plateau of the Balkan Peninsula 252
15 The Red Sea Rift 105
16 The Baikal Rift Zone in eastern Russia 98
17 The Dead Sea Transform (DST) fault which runs through the Jordan River Valley in the Middle East. 86
18 The Gakkel Ridge is a slow spreading ridge located in the Arctic Ocean 85
19 The Queen Charlotte Fault on the Pacific Northwest coast of North America 79
20 The Juan de Fuca Ridge off the northwest coast of North America 63
21 The Sunda Plate is subducting under the Philippine Mobile Belt at the Negros Trench and the Cotobato Trench. 57
22 The Explorer Ridge off the northwest coast of North America 55
23 The Gorda Ridge off the northwest coast of North America 45
24 The Carlsberg Ridge in the eastern Indian Ocean 45
25 The Chile Rise off the southeast Pacific 42
26 The Motagua Fault, which crosses through Guatemala, is a transform boundary between the southern edge of the North American Plate and the northern edge of the Caribbean Plate. 39
27 The Aden Ridge along the southern shore of the Arabian Peninsula 19
28 The Carpathians 6
29 The oceanic Nazca Plate is being subducted under the continental South American Plate at a rate of 10 cm per year, forming the Peru-Chile Trench. < 5
30 The Apennines < 5
31 The Dinarides < 5
32 The Zagros < 5


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