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This category is for articles either included in the 2006 Wikipedia CD Selection or intended to be included in the next version. Anyone is free to add articles here. Articles and sections will be removed from the actual edition if, when the next run is done, they are not in a fit state at that point.

The cat is added to the Talk page.

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  • Talk:"Weird Al" Yankovic (album)


  • Talk:$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)


  • Talk:'Round Springfield


  • Talk:(Drawing) Rings Around the World


  • Talk:...Baby One More Time Tour


  • Talk:1 Thing
  • Talk:10 Hygiea
  • Talk:10 metre air pistol
  • Talk:100,000-year problem
  • Talk:100th Infantry Division (United States)
  • Talk:102nd Intelligence Wing
  • Talk:104th Infantry Division (United States)
  • Talk:108 North State Street
  • Talk:10th Mountain Division (United States)
  • Talk:11th Airborne Division (United States)
  • Talk:11th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
  • Talk:12 Monkeys
  • Talk:130th Engineer Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:1346
  • Talk:152 mm howitzer M1943 (D-1)
  • Talk:15th Sustainment Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:16 Cygni
  • Talk:16 Cygni Bb
  • Talk:166th Aviation Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:16th Sustainment Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:172nd Infantry Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team (United States)
  • Talk:174th Infantry Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:1755 Cape Ann Earthquake
  • Talk:17th Airborne Division (United States)
  • Talk:1821 Norfolk and Long Island hurricane
  • Talk:1851 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1852 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1872 FA Cup Final
  • Talk:1873 FA Cup Final
  • Talk:1874 FA Cup Final
  • Talk:1877 FA Cup Final
  • Talk:1878 Wallingford tornado
  • Talk:188th Infantry Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:1899 New Richmond tornado
  • Talk:189th Infantry Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:18th Engineer Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:18th Military Police Brigade (United States)
  • Talk:1904 Chappaqua tornado
  • Talk:1904 FA Cup Final
  • Talk:1910 Cuba hurricane
  • Talk:1915 Singapore Mutiny
  • Talk:1918 flu pandemic
  • Talk:1924 Cuba hurricane
  • Talk:1925 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1926 Lithuanian coup d'état
  • Talk:1936 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1937 Social Credit backbenchers' revolt
  • Talk:1938 Polish ultimatum to Lithuania
  • Talk:1939 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1939 California tropical storm
  • Talk:1939 German ultimatum to Lithuania
  • Talk:1939 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1940 Soviet ultimatum to Lithuania
  • Talk:1941 Texas hurricane
  • Talk:1943 Mazatlán hurricane
  • Talk:1947 Sun Bowl
  • Talk:1947 Sydney hailstorm
  • Talk:1948 Ashes series
  • Talk:1949 Florida hurricane
  • Talk:1952 Groundhog Day tropical storm
  • Talk:1954 Orange Bowl

1 cont.

  • Talk:1956 Winter Olympics
  • Talk:1959 Mexico hurricane
  • Talk:1964 Gabon coup d'état
  • Talk:1966 Liberty Bowl
  • Talk:1968 Liberty Bowl
  • Talk:1970 North Indian Ocean cyclone season
  • Talk:1970 Tonghai earthquake
  • Talk:1973 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1973 Mountjoy Prison helicopter escape
  • Talk:1973 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:1975 Pacific Northwest hurricane
  • Talk:1978 January subtropical storm
  • Talk:1979 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season
  • Talk:1980 Azores Islands earthquake
  • Talk:1981 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1981 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1981 Peach Bowl (January)
  • Talk:1982 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1982 Florida subtropical storm
  • Talk:1982 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1983 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1984 Independence Bowl
  • Talk:1984 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1985 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1985 Rajneeshee assassination plot
  • Talk:1986 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1986 New York Giants season
  • Talk:1986 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1986 Peach Bowl
  • Talk:1986 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season
  • Talk:1987 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:1987 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season
  • Talk:1988 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:1989 Northeastern United States tornado outbreak
  • Talk:1990 New York Giants season
  • Talk:1990 Strangeways Prison riot
  • Talk:1991 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:1991 unnamed hurricane
  • Talk:1992 April subtropical storm
  • Talk:1992 Nicaragua earthquake
  • Talk:1992 Queensland storms
  • Talk:1993 Bishopsgate bombing
  • Talk:1993 Independence Bowl
  • Talk:1993 child sexual abuse accusations against Michael Jackson
  • Talk:1994 Gator Bowl
  • Talk:1994 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:1994 Pacific typhoon season
  • Talk:1995 American League West tie-breaker game
  • Talk:1995 British Grand Prix
  • Talk:1995 Sugar Bowl (December)
  • Talk:1996 Orange Bowl (December)
  • Talk:1996 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:1997 European Grand Prix
  • Talk:1997 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:1997 Red River Flood in the United States
  • Talk:1997–98 Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team
  • Talk:1998 Comfrey – St. Peter tornado outbreak
  • Talk:1998 Gator Bowl
  • Talk:1998 Music City Bowl
  • Talk:1998 North Indian Ocean cyclone season
  • Talk:1998–99 NBA lockout
  • Talk:1999 South Dakota Learjet crash
  • Talk:1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (United States)
  • Talk:1st Brigade, 7th Infantry Division (United States)
  • Talk:1st Sustainment Brigade (United States)


  • Talk:2 Become 1
  • Talk:2 Hearts

2 cont.

  • Talk:2 Pallas
  • Talk:2000 Football League Second Division play-off Final
  • Talk:2001 (album)
  • Talk:2001 Atlantic hurricane season
  • Talk:2001 Avjet Aspen crash
  • Talk:2001 Gator Bowl
  • Talk:2002 Gator Bowl
  • Talk:2002 Oman cyclone
  • Talk:2002 Pacific hurricane season
  • Talk:2002 San Francisco Bowl
  • Talk:2002 UEFA Cup Final
  • Talk:2003 Chicago balcony collapse
  • Talk:2004 Istanbul summit
  • Talk:2005 Qeshm earthquake
  • Talk:2005 Texas vs. Ohio State football game
  • Talk:2005 UEFA Champions League Final
  • Talk:2005 USC Trojans football team
  • Talk:2006 ACC Championship Game
  • Talk:2006 Kolkata leather factory fire
  • Talk:2006 Lebanon War
  • Talk:2006 New Jersey State Government shutdown
  • Talk:2006 New York City plane crash
  • Talk:2006 Nova Scotia tropical storm
  • Talk:2006 Oklahoma Sooners football team
  • Talk:2006 Riga summit
  • Talk:2006 UEFA Champions League Final
  • Talk:2006–07 Toronto Raptors season
  • Talk:2007 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Talk:2007 Balad aircraft crash
  • Talk:2007 Bernard Matthews H5N1 outbreak
  • Talk:2007 Canadian Grand Prix
  • Talk:2007 French Grand Prix
  • Talk:2007 Groundhog Day tornado outbreak
  • Talk:2007 Hawai'i Bowl
  • Talk:2007 Major League Baseball All-Star Game
  • Talk:2007 Malaysian Grand Prix
  • Talk:2007 Mogadishu TransAVIAexport Airlines Il-76 crash
  • Talk:2007 NBA betting scandal
  • Talk:2007 Texas Longhorns football team
  • Talk:2007–08 Pittsburgh Penguins season
  • Talk:2007–2008 Ethiopian crackdown in Ogaden
  • Talk:2008 Astana season
  • Talk:2008 Bahrain Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Barack Obama assassination scare in Denver
  • Talk:2008 Barack Obama assassination scare in Tennessee
  • Talk:2008 Belgian Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Chinese Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Chino Hills earthquake
  • Talk:2008 French Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Georgia sugar refinery explosion
  • Talk:2008 German Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Giro d'Italia
  • Talk:2008 Italian Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Maryland Terrapins football team
  • Talk:2008 Mumbai attacks
  • Talk:2008 NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse Championship
  • Talk:2008 NHL Winter Classic
  • Talk:2008 Philadelphia Phillies season
  • Talk:2008 Pittsburgh Steelers season
  • Talk:2008 Sichuan earthquake
  • Talk:2008 Spanish Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak
  • Talk:2008 Tanana Valley flood
  • Talk:2008 Turkish Grand Prix
  • Talk:2008 attacks on North Indians in Maharashtra
  • Talk:2008 invasion of Anjouan
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