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Wikipedia requested photographs in Maine is a way for an editor to ask others to provide location specific photographs for an article. If the photo request is for a known specific location in Maine, please use {{WikiProject Maine|imageneeded=yes|in=specific county name County, California}} in the article talk page, substituting the subcategory county name in place of "specific county name". For geographic map location of each Maine county relative to the other Maine counties, see Table of Maine counties. For images of Maine, see Category:Images of Maine.

United States Free image sources for the United States
Source License Tag
Wikimedia Commons (Cat:United States) Various N/A
Historic American Buildings Survey ([1]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-Interior-HABS}}
Historic American Engineering Record ([2]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-HAER}}
Historic American Landscapes Survey P.D {{PD-USGov-HALS}}
National Park Service ([3] and [4]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-Interior-NPS}}
U.S. Coast Guard ([5]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-DHS-CG}}
Library of Congress - American Memory ([6]) P.D. {{LOC-image}}
Library of Congress - Prints and Photographs ([7]) P.D. (not all) {{LOC-image}}
NOAA ([8]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-DOC-NOAA}}
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ([9]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-Interior-FWS}}
Creative Commons (by,sa) on Flickr ([10][11]) C.C. {{cc-by-2.0}}{{cc-by-sa-2.0}}
U.S. Department of Agriculture ([12]) P.D. {{PD-USGov-USDA}}
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  • Talk:A. A. Garcelon House
  • Talk:Adams-Pickering Block
  • Talk:Alfond Arena
  • Talk:Alfond Stadium
  • Talk:Alls Souls Church
  • Talk:Alna Meetinghouse
  • Talk:American Eagle (schooner)
  • Talk:Andover Earth Station
  • Talk:Andover Public Library (Andover, Maine)
  • Talk:Androscoggin County Courthouse and Jail
  • Talk:Androscoggin Mill Block
  • Talk:Atkinson Building
  • Talk:Auburn Public Library


  • Talk:Baker Mountain (Piscataquis County, Maine)
  • Talk:Baldpate Mountain (Maine)
  • Talk:Barker Mill
  • Talk:Barncastle
  • Talk:Bear Island Light
  • Talk:Becky's Diner
  • Talk:Bell Hill Meetinghouse
  • Talk:Benjamin Cleaves House
  • Talk:Bergin Block
  • Talk:Beth Eden Chapel
  • Talk:Big Moose Mountain
  • Talk:Big Spencer Mountain
  • Talk:Bingham Free Meetinghouse
  • Talk:Black Nubble (Redington Township, Maine)
  • Talk:Boundary Bald Mountain
  • Talk:Boundary Peak (Maine)
  • Talk:Bradford House (Lewiston, Maine)
  • Talk:Brighton Plantation, Maine
  • Talk:Burnham Tavern
  • Talk:Burnt Coat Harbor Light


  • Talk:Camp Arcadia
  • Talk:Capt. George Scott House
  • Talk:Capt. Josiah E. Chase Octagon House
  • Talk:Captain Holland House
  • Talk:Caribou Mountain (Franklin County, Maine)
  • Talk:Carriage Paths, Bridges and Gatehouses
  • Talk:Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Portland, Maine)
  • Talk:Center Meeting House and Common
  • Talk:Central Congregational Church (Eastport, Maine)
  • Talk:Central Parish Church
  • Talk:Centre Street Congregational Church
  • Talk:Charles A. Jordan House
  • Talk:Charles L. Cushman House
  • Talk:Chestnut Street Methodist Church
  • Talk:Christ Church (Dark Harbor, Maine)
  • Talk:Christ Episcopal Church (Gardiner, Maine)
  • Talk:Church of Our Father
  • Talk:Church of the Advent (Limestone, Maine)
  • Talk:Church of the New Jerusalem (Fryeburg, Maine)
  • Talk:Coastal Volcanic Belt
  • Talk:Coburn Mountain (Maine)
  • Talk:College Block-Lisbon Block
  • Talk:Columbia Union Church
  • Talk:Congregational Church of Edgecomb
  • Talk:Congregational Church of Medway
  • Talk:Continental Mill Housing
  • Talk:Cony High School
  • Talk:Cornish, Maine
  • Talk:Cousins Island Chapel
  • Talk:Cowan Mill
  • Talk:Crawford, Maine
  • Talk:Cushnoc Archeological Site


  • Talk:Dalton Holmes Davis Memorial Library
  • Talk:Damariscotta Baptist Church

D cont.

  • Talk:Daniel Coit Gilman Summer House
  • Talk:Deer Isle, Maine
  • Talk:Deering Memorial United Methodist Church
  • Talk:Dexter Universalist Church
  • Talk:Dixmont Corner Church
  • Talk:Dominican Block
  • Talk:Dorothy Walker Bush
  • Talk:Doubletop Mountain (Maine)
  • Talk:Doubling Point Light
  • Talk:Dr. Louis J. Martel House
  • Talk:Dr. Milton Wedgewood House
  • Talk:Drew Plantation, Maine
  • Talk:Dunstan Methodist Episcopal Church


  • Talk:E. B. White House
  • Talk:East Harpswell Free Will Baptist Church
  • Talk:East Raymond Union Chapel
  • Talk:Eastbrook Baptist Church and Eastbrook Town House
  • Talk:Ebenezer Knowlton House
  • Talk:Edward Little House
  • Talk:Edwin Arlington Robinson House
  • Talk:Elan School
  • Talk:Elder Grey Meetinghouse
  • Talk:Elephant Mountain (Oxford County, Maine)
  • Talk:Elephant Mountain (Piscataquis County, Maine)
  • Talk:Elijah Kellogg Church
  • Talk:Ellsworth Congregational Church
  • Talk:Elm Street Congregational Church and Parish House
  • Talk:Engine House (Auburn, Maine)
  • Talk:Evergreen Cemetery (Portland, Maine)


  • Talk:Finnish Congregational Church and Parsonage
  • Talk:First Baptist Church (East Lamoine, Maine)
  • Talk:First Baptist Church (Portland, Maine)
  • Talk:First Baptist Church (Sedgwick, Maine)
  • Talk:First Baptist Church (Waterboro, Maine)
  • Talk:First Baptist Church (Waterville, Maine)
  • Talk:First Baptist Church of Bowdoin and Coombs Cemetery
  • Talk:First Baptist Church, Former (Skowhegan, Maine)
  • Talk:First Callahan Building
  • Talk:First Congregational Church and Parsonage (Kittery Point, Maine)
  • Talk:First Congregational Church and Parsonage (Kittery, Maine)
  • Talk:First Congregational Church of Buxton
  • Talk:First Congregational Church, Former (Wells, Maine)
  • Talk:First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ
  • Talk:First McGillicuddy Block
  • Talk:First National Bank (Lewiston, Maine)
  • Talk:First Parish Church (Brunswick, Maine)
  • Talk:First Parish Church (Portland, Maine)
  • Talk:First Parish Congregational Church
  • Talk:First Parish Meetinghouse
  • Talk:First Parish Meetinghouse (Standish, Maine)
  • Talk:First Universalist Church (Auburn, Maine)
  • Talk:First Universalist Society of West Sumner
  • Talk:Fort Edgecomb
  • Talk:Fort Halifax (Maine)
  • Talk:Fort Kent (fort)
  • Talk:Fort Kent Railroad Station
  • Talk:Fort Knox (Maine)
  • Talk:Fort Mountain (Maine)
  • Talk:Fort Western
  • Talk:Frank L. Dingley House
  • Talk:Free Baptist Church
  • Talk:Free Will Baptist Church (Former)
  • Talk:Free Will Baptist Church and Cemetery
  • Talk:Free Will Baptist Meetinghouse
  • Talk:Friends Meetinghouse (Casco, Maine)


  • Talk:Gay-Munroe House
  • Talk:German Church and Cemetery

G cont.

  • Talk:Gerrish Warehouse
  • Talk:Gilead Railroad Station, Former
  • Talk:Goodall Park
  • Talk:Goose Eye Mountain
  • Talk:Governor's House (Togus, Maine)
  • Talk:Grace Bailey (schooner)
  • Talk:Grace Episcopal Church (Robbinston, Maine)
  • Talk:Grand Trunk Railroad Station (Lewiston, Maine)
  • Talk:Gray Memorial United Methodist Church and Parsonage
  • Talk:Great Duck Island, Maine
  • Talk:Green Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church
  • Talk:Griffin House (Portland, Maine)
  • Talk:Gustaf Adolph Lutheran Church


  • Talk:Hamilton House (South Berwick, Maine)
  • Talk:Hamlin Peak
  • Talk:Hammond Street Congregation Church
  • Talk:Hampden Academy
  • Talk:Hampden Congregational Church
  • Talk:Hanover, Maine
  • Talk:Harbor Lane-Eden Street Historic District
  • Talk:Harpswell Meetinghouse
  • Talk:Harriet Beecher Stowe House (Brunswick, Maine)
  • Talk:Harrington Meetinghouse
  • Talk:Haystack Mountain School of Crafts
  • Talk:Healey Asylum
  • Talk:Hebron, Maine
  • Talk:Hiram Ramsdell House
  • Talk:Holman Day House
  • Talk:Horace Munroe House
  • Talk:Horatio G. Foss House


  • Talk:Indian River Baptist Church (Addison, Maine)
  • Talk:Isaac H. Evans (schooner)


  • Talk:J. & E. Riggin (schooner)
  • Talk:James C. Lord House
  • Talk:Jesse Lee Church
  • Talk:John D. Clifford House
  • Talk:John Sedgley Homestead
  • Talk:Jonas Cutting Edward Kent House
  • Talk:Jonesboro Union Church


  • Talk:Kate Douglas Wiggin House
  • Talk:Kennebago Divide
  • Talk:Kennebec Arsenal
  • Talk:Kent Burying Ground
  • Talk:Kibby Mountain
  • Talk:Kora Temple
  • Talk:Kyle Jones


  • Talk:Lamoreau Site
  • Talk:Larry Bliss
  • Talk:Lewis R. French (schooner)
  • Talk:Lewiston City Hall
  • Talk:Lewiston Public Library
  • Talk:Lewiston Trust and Safe Deposit Company
  • Talk:Liberty Hall (Machiasport, Maine)
  • Talk:Limestone, Maine
  • Talk:Limington Academy
  • Talk:Lincoln Street Historic District (Brunswick, Maine)
  • Talk:Lincolnville Center Meeting House
  • Talk:List of Portland, Maine schools
  • Talk:Little Red Schoolhouse (West Farmington, Maine)
  • Talk:Loudville Church
  • Talk:Lovell Village Church
  • Talk:Lower Lisbon Street Historic District
  • Talk:Lyceum Hall


  • Talk:Mahoosuc Range
  • Talk:Main Street Historic District (Auburn, Maine)
  • Talk:Main Street-Frye Street Historic District
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