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Zone of the Enders was initially shipped in 2001, packaged with a demo version of Metal Gear Solid 2. A sequel, Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, was released in 2003. A Game Boy Advance game, Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars was also released in 2001, shortly after the original PlayStation 2 title. All three games were developed and published by Konami.

Following the release of the three games, two anime series were produced: one was a film direct-to-video story entitled ZOE 2167 IDOLO, which is set just prior to the events of the first game at an event called the Deimos Incident (It was initially released as part of a premium for the Special Edition release of the first ZOE game, and to supply some of the game's back story.) Another one was a 26-episode TV series in which it is called ZOE Dolores, i. The anime series were done by Sunrise, an animation studio best known for its Gundam franchise.

All three games, and both anime series have been commercially released outside of Japan.

While ZOE focuses mostly on the loss of innocence of a child faced with having to kill to survive, IDOLO and The Fist of Mars explore issues surrounding colonialism, independence, political and personal power and ambitions, and revenge -- many of the same themes explored in the various Mobile Suit Gundam series. Dolores, i adds the emotional conflicts and tensions of a family, split by distance and circumstance, as they try to come together to overcome their differences in the face of an impending conflict.

It must be noted that Dolores, i and Fist of Mars are officially regarded as part of the ZOE history (with Kojima's consent).

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